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Television PopWrapped | Television

Baby Made A Mess On This Week's 'Scandal'

Brittany Jones | PopWrapped Author

Brittany Jones

11/08/2014 6:10 pm
PopWrapped | Television
Baby Made A Mess On This Week's 'Scandal' | Scandal
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We only have a few more episodes left until Scandal's midseason finale, so things are starting to hit the fan in D.C.  This week we got introduced to Abby's abusive ex-husband, Huck is reunited with his son, and Quinn continues her investigation on Kaitlyn's murder and why Olivia was being followed. Sadly, with Jake away this gives Fitz an opportunity to try and woo Olivia back--and it's working. Last week, Liv told Fitz that there is still "hope" of them getting back together. That's all he seems to need because he is not afraid of a few late night phone calls. During one phone call she begins to grill him on Jake's imprisonment, but he doesn't want to talk about her other boyfriend. Fitz changes his mind and begins to tell Olivia about how many calories Jake has eaten, what he's reading, and even how much time he spends outside which makes Olivia happy. She tries to get him to talk about his suicide attempt, but he quickly changes the subject and tells her what he would do to her if she finally let him visit her.  He wants her to prove to him that there's still "hope" and the conversation evolves into some serious phone sex. Abby is no longer with Pope & Associates, but when she was we learned that she had an abusive past that caused her to have tainted relationships.  We finally meet the ex-husband who left her with a jaw wired shut because of a sex tape that hit the media and forced the current senator to resign. Fitz quickly endorses Charles Putney as his replacement.  Putney is revealed to have been the abusive ex and his presence in the White House cause problems for Abby. Putney corners Abby in a parking garage and she pulls a gun on him. Olivia tries to help Abby, but Putney has basically won the election. Which means that he will be at the White House more and also in Abby's life, again. Olivia tries to get her to come forward, but Abby doesn't want to be like Monica Lewinsky and refuses to come forward. When Putney's campaign manager, Leo Bergen, comes in to brag about the win Abby reveals their abusive history.  Later on, Bergen says that Putney's campaign is doomed because someone apparently leaked his involvement in the former senator's downfall.  Abby is shocked to find out the leak came from him and when he goes to kiss her, she doesn't resist. Uhhh Abby? You have a boyfriend.  But that ain't none of my business. Do you know who won't be attending any daddy/daughter dances any time soon? Olivia and Rowan that's who.  Rowan is waiting for Olivia when she gets into her apartment.  He is not happy that not only did she go visit Tom in jail, but she is still looking into the Jake case. One who doesn't know Rowan would just say that his anger is because he's frustrated as a parent. However, us Gladiators know what's up. He is frustrated that she is challenging him as Command.  Before he leaves he threatens her if she continues to disrespect him and tells her there will be grave consequences. After spending time with former First Lady Bitsy, Mellie is back to her old self. She decides that wants to leave her mark on the White House and is to quick to jump on the chance to "shape foreign policy'. Mellie is now on Liz's radar and she uses this opportunity to get further with her agenda.  Liz uses the info that Cyrus' boy toy tells her and she uses Mellie to tell the nation about the President's military and diplomacy plans. Cyrus seemed to know something was up and gave Michael false information, and realizes that he was tricked and his lover can't be trusted.  I hope this means we're getting cutthroat Cyrus again. Olivia is on a mission to help Jake.  She goes to visit Tom and he tells her that he understands why some of the most powerful men are going crazy over her. She is the "Helen of Troy, the face that launched a thousand ships". Tom is the one that clues her in on Fitz's suicide attempt and tells her that he had them go to Olivia's apartment after she left. She tries to get him to reveal who ordered him to kill Jerry, but he still claims it was Jake. Later, Tom is stabbed by an officer who tells him that the attack was a "message from Command".  Olivia plays a recording of her in the hospital with Tom.  Tom admits that Rowan was behind Jerry's death, not Jake.  Fitz asks Olivia how she got him to admit this, and we learn that Olivia paid the officer to stab Tom and blame Command. She says that she had to do what her father would've done, so she handled him.  The episode ends with Jake going into a room where he sees Olivia and Fitz waiting for him. Let's hope they can put the feelings aside (yeah right) and work together to take down Rowan.

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