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Television / Recaps PopWrapped | Television

Scandal S4E4: Intrigue, Scapegoats And Sex Tapes Reign Supreme

Brittany Jones | PopWrapped Author

Brittany Jones

10/17/2014 2:00 pm
PopWrapped | Television
Scandal S4E4: Intrigue, Scapegoats And Sex Tapes Reign Supreme  | Scandal
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Remember how I said that whatever path Scandal was on it needed to stay on that path? Well my prayers are being answered because this week's episode was everything. The episode starts with Jake walking to his car and he notices a blinking light underneath. He walks away and when he pushes the automatic start button it blows up. He goes over to Olivia’s house for drinks and flashes back to when he had dinner with Papa Pope.   She then receives a call that makes her leave Jake at her place. She meets Quinn at a party and finds the president’s daughter in nothing but her underwear puking in a trashcan. Quinn calls Cyrus, who is currently having pillow talk with his escort, loverboy. The daughter slipped the secret service detail, in order to go to the party, and Liv calls Huck to kill the switch of all the cell phones at the party. Liv and Quinn have to sneak Karen out of the party , but she can’t walk. Two students notice her and when they try to google if it is in fact Karen they realize their phones are dead. They make it to the helicopter that is waiting for them and during the ride Olivia tells her that she is going to drop Karen off, but she won’t be going in. Olivia tells her that it is Karen’s job to go in and explain to her parents that she snuck away from her secret service detail. Karen tells her that she just wanted to have some fun without them around. When Olivia mentions that they are there to protect her Karen reminds Liv that they aren’t that good at their jobs because they didn’t even protect her brother. Someone sends Karen a message to her phone. When Olivia sees the video she quickly calls Cyrus and tells him to wake the Fitz up. Cyrus obviously tells Olivia that he won’t do that because he has an African Summit in the morning. Olivia quickly shuts down any excuse and informs Cyrus that she doesn’t give a damn because she has just seen the dirtiest sex tape and it stars the president’s daughter. Everyone, excluding Mellie, is in the Oval office trying to figure how all of this happened. Karen is still too high to care about the sex tape, which leads Fitz to ask Karen if she was raped. Karen is offended by the question. Karen has been a very bad girl, recently, and she is not ashamed of letting her dad know exactly what she has done. Overall, she is upset that the only way he thinks she could possibly have had sex is if she was raped and he needs to stop wondering what they did to her, but more about what she did to them. Olivia steps in before Fitz gets close to her and Fitz sends both Karen and Cyrus out of the room. Fitz asks Olivia if she would be the one to handle the sex tape. Cue them standing in the middle of the office staring lovingly into each other’s eyes. Don’t do it Liv. Just leave Fitz alone, girl! The next day, Abby notices Huck and Quinn and questions why they are in the White House. The two of them refuse to tell her why they are there, which of course does not go over well with Abby. Abby demands to know why they are there because the White House is her turf. Cyrus comes to the rescue and tells Abby to leave them alone. Abby confronts Cyrus about how he undermines her all of the time and keeps secrets from her. He tells her that there are things that happened in the house that she doesn’t know about and will never know about. Some of those will and do involve Olivia Pope. He tells her that he doesn’t make her feel small, her jealousy does that. He lets her know that, she is not Olivia and she will never be Olivia. Way harsh, Cy. Fitz and Karen find Mellie eating dry cereal watching tv. He says that Karen is there to spend time with him, but really she is there to meet with Olivia & Co. to narrow down potential suspects. There seems to be no hope in finding who the guys in the video were, but Karen is able to pick one of them out because she remembered that he had a tattoo. Papa Pope meets with Tom to tell him that Jake needs to go. When Papa Pope leaves, Tom is then visited by Jake. Literally, like less than minute and Jake swooped in. Jake tries to convince that Tom needs him because if Jake gets taken then he will be next. Jake leaves saying that if Tom is going to kill him then he prefers he not do it today because it’s beautiful out. Olivia goes to see Fitz in the Oval office to tell him that Karen was only able to pick out one of the guys. They talk about how Olivia left and that they all just needed some time. Fitz apologizes about Olivia’s mom, but she tells him that he doesn’t need to apologize because she ruined his family and also ruined them. David is in his office watching an interview he did when Jake comes in and tells him that if anything happens to him David needs to release the B613 files. David says no because he doesn’t want anything to do with the files. When Jake asks for the files back, David again says no because they would literally bring down the government making the American people think that their entire history was a sham. Since being nice didn’t get Jake what he wanted, he has to use force and that does work and he gets the files. And people say violence isn't the answer. Olivia is walking the halls, on the phone with Jake, when she is spotted by Mellie. She quickly tries to run away, but gets chased by Mellie who demands she tell her why she is in her house. Mellie storms into the office and again demands to know why Olivia is in the White House. Fitz tells Mellie that she should be glad that Olivia is there because she is fixing things. Offended, Mellie says that she is the mother of the family, so she is the one the fixes things and tells Fitz that he needs to get Olivia out of the house. Fitz quickly says that ever since Jerry died Mellie has been no mother. She has been drunk Mellie, cry baby Mellie, and is currently Smellie Mellie. He tells her about Karen’s sex tape and she responds saying, “she takes after her daddy then doesn’t she?” Whew, I need a commercial break and refill on my wine. Quinn goes to see Bobby, the boy who has the video, and chokes him against the dumpster. When she gets back to the office she tells them that Bobby told her the name of his Eiffel Tower partner is Donald Trip Morgan III. When Olivia meets with the Morgans they are happy to give her the video, but it will cost the presidential family $2.5 million dollars. Fitz doesn’t want to give into the blackmail, but Olivia tells him that he needs to do it for Karen because no matter what she does she will always be remembered for her sex tape. Fitz tells Olivia to never leave him again because he almost died without her. They share a steamy kiss, and Olivia stops it to tell him that she went away with Jake. Well that doesn’t make Fitz happy, as you could’ve guessed. Do you catch yourself sometimes asking, “Fitz knows he’s married, right?” Fitz makes the decision to give the Morgans the $2.5 million because that’s what his father would do, “throw money at the problem and sweep it under the rug.” Olivia goes to give the Morgans the money, but they get greedy and decide they want $3 million. Olivia calls off the deal and takes their pictures with the treat of destroying them. When Mrs. Morgan mentions Karen “whoring it up” Liv goes off. She informs them that I they release the video they will then become child pornographers. She will pay witnesses and plant stories to assassinate their character. She threatens to call all of the news organizations saying that they tried to blackmail the president and they will be blacklisted from society. And she can do that because she is the best in the world at what she does. Back at the White House, Karen is looking for her phone when Mellie comes in. Mellie says that because this was Karen’s way of grieving she gets a pass. It’s a touching moment even if Mellie was in a stinky bathrobe. Fitz is informed that Tom may not be as loyal as he thinks he is and they bring Tom in for questioning. At the same time, Jake was ready to reveal the truth to Fitz about Rowan and told Tom to strike a deal. Except Fitz didn’t want to hear anything Jake had to say. Right before Tom had the chance to tell the truth Papa Pope walks in. You see Papa Pope has evidence that Tom killed Jerry and demanded he say who gave him the order to kill the president’s son. We know who gave the order, but who did he blame… Jake. They arrest Tom and Jake, meanwhile Olivia is at home waiting for Jake. The episode is over and my wine is gone, so I’ll see you next week to bring you another recap. What did you think of last night’s episode? Let us know in the comments.

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