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Television PopWrapped | Television

Scandal Winter Finale Recap: Where the Sun Don't Shine

Brittany Jones | PopWrapped Author

Brittany Jones

11/22/2014 3:54 pm
PopWrapped | Television
Scandal Winter Finale Recap: Where the Sun Don't Shine  | Scandal
Media Courtesy of ABC
Last night was the winter finale of Scandal and in true fashion it did not disappoint. Cyrus's sexy pics are released to the public, Mellie learns that once again she is not the only woman, and Olivia finally chooses between Jake and Fitz. If you missed last week's episode you can read the recap here. Olivia is sitting in the Oval office, in deep thought, while Jake and Fitz talk about how to track down Rowan.  We then see soldiers storming into Rowan's office and they discover the hole they keep prisoners and find Maya. Back in the bunker, they ask Maya where Rowan is and she says they don't have anything on her and if they touch her, Livie will sue them. She looks at Olivia and tells her to handle them. Olivia says they have to charge her. They should start with murder, terrorism, and treason and to lock her up. She also tells them to find her father and kill him. Huck goes to see Kim and she's furious that he has been in contact with Javi. Kim asks him if he lied to Javi about being a spy. She says the story is crap and slams the door in his face. Quinn is waiting in the car and see the whole thing.  The West Angolan Ambassador comes to see Fitz and he promises to help her. After she leaves, he tells Cyrus that they need to retaliate the bomb attack. Cyrus agrees and Fitz tells him to make a plan and come back when he's done.  Olivia is at home when she gets a call from Quinn who tells her Kubiak is dead. She tells Liv that Kubiak was working with Lizzie and reveals that she is also sleeping with the vice president. Lizzie shows up at the OPA office and says that she got a second opinion on her bugged phone and found out that Cyrus was the one that bugged it. She confronts Liv about knowing that information already and says there is a special place in hell for women that don't support other women. Olivia tells her that she knows about her sleeping with the Vice Pres., which makes Lizzie say she has more dirt on Cyrus.  Just as Olivia goes to warn Cyrus, Abby comes in and says she got a lead on sexy pics of Cyrus and a man.  Olivia tells Fitz and Mellie ab0ut not only the photos, but that the VP has been sleeping with Lizzie. Dang, Mellie's husband cheated on her and now her side piece is cheating on her too? She is still too late because the news reports about gay sex rumors between Cyrus and a male prostitute. Cyrus apologizes to Fitz for damaging his image. Abby holds a press conference and denies everything.  Cyrus confesses that when he found out Michael worked for Lizzie, he deleted all of the text messages off of his phone. Olivia works out a marriage agreement for Michael and Cyrus where Michael will get paid to be quiet and it will make what they're doing more legit. Michael agrees and Cyrus says that he is now the most famous gay hooker in history and asks why he would choose this marriage agreement. Michael says Cyrus knows him better than that, which Cyrus disagrees. Cyrus tells Olivia that he was closeted for 40 years and only slept with two men. The love of his life and a prostitute. He says he won't do the deal because he doesn't want to do that to James' memory.  A guy tries to sneak up on Jake, but Jake senses it and shoots him. He searches him and find a King of Clubs playing card with his photo on it. Jake is the prime target for B613. He heads straight over to OPA and says Rowan is cleaning house and anyone who worked with B613 is on the kill list.  Quinn goes to warn Charlie and he laughs and says she likes him. She denies it and he asks if she wants to get busy since they may die. She pushes him off of her, but end up hooking up anyway. She goes back to the office to get an update on Lizzie and Kubiak. He tells her that they last met the night the girl was killed. She says that they need to get into the law office, but Huck says it's too secure and they need a fingerprint.  This doesn't seem to be a problem for Quinn and she cuts off Kubiak's finger. She is able to see the footage of Caitlin and thinks she knew about the Vice Pres working with Kubiak and Lizzie and that's why she was killed. She calls Huck and he says he found a client by the name of Waco Ink, but they don't know what it is.  Jake sees Olivia to bring her a gun and he shows her the kill card. She says she knows how to shoot a gun, but chooses not to. She says that Rowan won't kill her and Jake thinks the same of Rowan about her. Jake wants her to kill Rowan as soon as she gets the chance to.  Jake reminds her how to shoot and she asks about a kill shot. He tells her they can get away from all of this and go back to the sun. She tells him the sun went down a long time ago and isn't coming back up.  Lizzie goes to see the Vice Prez and he asks if she's heard from Kubiak. She's says no and that Olivia has been on her ass and the Fitz still hasn't declared war. They then do it on the desk. With pressure to resign, Cyrus waits in the Oval office with his resignation letter. He tells Fitz that he is going to hand him his letter and a man will take his badge and credentials. He tells Fitz to call Abby to make a statement. He says that Fitz needs to lift himself up by knocking him down. Fitz refuses and Cyrus tells him to thank him for his service so he can leave. He is pleading for Fitz to say it and Fitz just stares at him before finally taking the letter from him. He tell Cyrus, "thank you for your service, it's been an honor." Cyrus nods and leaves the office.  David interrogates Abby about Cyrus' deleting his texts. He asks Abby if she has an alibi for March 25th. Uh oh. She says that she was with Leo Bergen. Uh Oh. David then asks her where she was with Leo Bergen and insists she answers. Abby tells him that she was at Leo's house. UH OH! He asks if she was there all night and she says yes. David ends the interview and walks away.  Quinn is in bed and tells Charlie to get his phone when it starts ringing. He tells her to turn it off and when she does she sees a kill card with her picture in his bag. When he comes out of the bathroom, she confronts him about it and he says that if he doesn't kill her then someone will kill him. They fight it out with each other, literally beat each other up. Such a weird relationship I tell ya.  Jake calls Huck about where Rowan could be. Huck says that he's outside of Roanoke and they wonder if he is going to a safe house. Rowan opens a bottle of wine and we see Jake pick a lock to the door. He goes inside, but the place is empty. Olivia comes home and finds her dad at her kitchen table. He shows her a Stevie Wonder record and reminisces about the first time he played it for her.  She asks him to leave, but he tells her to sit and pulls out a gun. He reminds her that he said that he would leave her alone, but says that isn't good enough for her because she won't be happy until he's dead. She responds telling him that he was never going to leave and says he can't leaver her because he has nowhere to go. She says he's not normal and only knows how to lie and call it love. He screams that she's ungrateful and that there would be no Olivia Pope if it wasn't for him. He lays the gun down and says he's failed as a father.  He says that every chance she got she tried to kill him and that she doesn't know what love is. He continues his rant and Olivia reaches for the gun and points it at him.  She hesitates, but pulls the trigger. The gun wasn't loaded and she realizes it was a test. Rowans screams and tells her that she just shot her own father, which is something he didn't think she would do. He takes the gun away from her and goes back to the album. He tells her a story about the night before her first day of kindergarten and how he played a song for her.  He is putting his jacket on and says that no matter how hard she tries to deny it, she will miss him when he's gone. He leaves.  Charlie and Quinn are sitting on the floor, bloodied and bruised. He says he wouldn't have killed her, but she doesn't believe him. He tells her his Granny died and she apologizes. She tells him that he ruined everything and by everything she means Huck's whole life. He says that he could unruin it because he has the B613 files that he replaced with blanks.  Olivia goes to see her mom and asks her where he was. Olivia demands answers and Maya just says, "girl, you need to move on." She tells Liv that she's just like Rowan and only think about each other. She says that she is treating her just like Rowan did and asks if she's going to visit her everyday like he did. She tells Olivia that Rowan ruined her, which make Liv start crying. Her mom doesn't care about her tears. Liv leaves and goes to see Cyrus, who is leaving for Europe. He says he doesn't know who he is anymore. Olivia pulls a move out of Cyrus' book and gives him a pep talk of all pep talks. She says life is hard and tells him to grow up and stop being a little bitch baby. She says he's a pathetic shell of what he once was. She asks him who he is and he says that he is one of the most powerful men in the world. She asks if he's a bitch and he responds saying he runs this country and that he's nobody's bitch baby. She tells him to prove it and we then see Cyrus giving an interview next to Michael talking about their spring wedding. The polls love their Pretty Woman story Fitz goes to see Cyrus back in his old office and they get back to work about West Angola. They decide not to retaliate and Lizzie goes to talk to Mellie about Fitz not going to war. Lizzie is confused because she thought her and Mellie were on the same page. Mellie says that just because they're both sleeping with Andrew it doesn't make them friends, it just makes them more likely in catching the same STD.  Olivia is on her way to the Oval office, but sees Abby, Cyrus, and Fitz laughing while sharing a drink so she leaves. Meanwhile, Huck takes the B613 files to Kim and tells her to read them because he needs her to know why he's like this. He leaves her with the boxes and she opens them up.  Huck finds Quinn at the office and she says that WACO is an acronym for the West Angolan Commercial Organization. She says Winslow's firm manages their assets. At the same time, Andrew goes to see Fitz to discuss West Angola. He says that he wasn't surprised that he was attacked, but was surprised Fitz didn't retaliate. We jump back to Quinn who is looking at the bomb attack footage. It shows that Andrew knew about the explosion and moved so he wouldn't be seriously injured. Huck asks about the photos of Olivia, but Quinn is still confused about those. Back to Fitz and Andrew, he says that Fitz doesn't care about his own vice president. Olivia is at her apartment and Jake tells her that he lost Rowan. She ignores him and tells him that Rowan is gone and they need to let it go. She puts on the Stevie Wonder record her dad left her and starts dancing. He takes off his jacket and joins her on the living room dancefloor. He stops and tells her that he loves her. She says that she wants Vermont with Fitz, but she also wants the sun with him. She tells him that she not choosing either one of them and instead is choosing Olivia.  She is going to do what she wants and she wants to dance. She tells him to either join her or get off her dance floor, but she has no problem dancing alone. He kisses her and they start to take each other's clothes off. She suggest sex on the piano and he tells her that he'll get a blanket. He goes to the bedroom to take off his pants and grabs a pillow. He comes back into the living room to find her gone. Andrew asks Fitz what's the one thing he couldn't live without and the one thing he would do anything to get back. Jake sees the door open and the spilled wine glass on the couch and runs. Fitz asks Andrew what he did to her. Andrew asks him what he thinks about going to war, now.  See you in two months. In the meantime, tell us what you thought about the finale. 

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