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Scientists Discover "The Smoking Gun," Proof Of The Big Bang Theory

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03/19/2014 6:01 pm
PopWrapped | Current Events
Scientists Discover
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Jenna Boures

Staff Writer


Yesterday the Big Bang Theory became much more than a hypothesis—scientists proved that it is actually true. The discovery is named “The Smoking Gun” after the left over cosmic microwaves caused by the Big Bang. Radio astronomists in the South Pole observed these microwaves through high-powered telescopes. explains that the scientists measured the amount of microwaves to determine that the theory was valid. Microwaves are caused by gravitational waves, or “miniature ripples in the fabric of space;” the perfect fossil to determine exactly how the universe was created. These after-effects of the creation of the universe are called “inflation,” a theory proposed 35 years ago by Stanford physicist Alan Guth. Stanford’s So Chao-Lin Kuo, a member of the team of scientists at the South Pole, broke the news to Guth and his wife. Watch his reaction and let us know what you think in the comments below! [embed][/embed]

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