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The Scorch Trials Will Not Emphasize Love Triangle

Amrita Aulakh | PopWrapped Author

Amrita Aulakh

03/27/2015 4:53 pm
PopWrapped | Movies
The Scorch Trials Will Not Emphasize Love Triangle | Scorch Trials
The Maze Runner's sequel, The Scorch Trails, is torching the love triangle story-line that was present in the book...kinda. Sort-of. From the first film alone, audiences could tell there was some sort of romantic tension between Thomas and Teresa, who are played by Dylan O'Brien and Kaya Scodelario, respectively. The film took a more subtle route in terms of portraying their relationship, but the tension is there nonetheless. In The Scorch Trails, we'll see the introduction of Brenda, played by Rosa Salazar, who sets up the love triangle that's present in the ever-popular young adult book series. The tension between Thomas, Teresa, and Brenda is bound to intensify, right? According to Rosa Salazar, not necessarily. “It’s not so much love triangle-y, but it kind of is. Like, you could describe it that way." Salazar further added, “Kaya Scodelario is like really smart and we got together with Wes, the director of that one, and we’re just like, ‘We don’t want this to be some like cheesy ass love triangle.’ Because it can be more subtle than that. Everything is described in what he chooses to do and that’s the whole point of Maze Runner and so when he chooses to come after me instead of [going] down the shaft with her, it’s already there. He doesn't need to say, ‘Ah, I’m leaving Teresa behind.’ It’s more like, he chose and then that’s where all of the feelings will come from.” I, for one, commend the film for not focusing on any sort of a love triangle. Love triangles became the new trend in films and tv shows alike. They also became the very bane of my existence. The film series, and book trilogy, focus primarily on survival and friendship. Heck, The Maze Runner's biggest strength is the bond the characters form with one another. They can't completely scrap the romantic tension but they can sure as hell be subtle about it. The first film is proof enough of that. One relationship I can't wait to see develop onscreen is that of Thomas and Newt, who's played brilliantly by Thomas Brodie Sangster. Those who have read the book know just how much their relationship shifts and evolves. Hell, I'm excited about The Scorch Trials all together! Seeing our favorite gladers again will be a joy indeed. Is it September 18th yet? The Scorch Trials unleashes its awesomeness on us on September 18th, 2015. What are your thoughts on the film's shift in romance? Let us know in the comments below!

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