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Technology / Gaming PopWrapped | Technology

SDCC 2015 Review - Is Project Morpheus Worth It?

Tamara Fuentes | PopWrapped Author

Tamara Fuentes

07/14/2015 9:52 pm
PopWrapped | Technology
SDCC 2015 Review - Is Project Morpheus Worth It? | Project Morpheus
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f you're like any other hardcore gamer out there, you've been reading up on what's next in the future of gaming- you have heard of Project Morpheus. The virtual reality headset that is set to change the future of gaming is almost going to be in the hands of gamers all over the world. The helmet has become a must-try at different conventions and those who visited Nerd HQ at San Diego Comic-Con International were part of the lucky few who got to try it, including me.

The Project Morpheus booth was packed with many people waiting in line to try it out, even those without a reservation for the demo which was full in less than 30 minutes of sign-ups. Players had a choice of two demos, one of which is the highly talked about London Heist which has two differet demo versions. The version I tried out had you sitting in a car and shooting at enemies in a freeway.

The helmet was put on with ease, very adjustable to make it comfortable for you. Next came the headphones and while they were great to put on, they kept falling off during the demo which required me to fix it often. The controls of the game were fairly basic as the demo guy explained it to me and off I was, submerged into this game.

Honestly, it was an amazing experience. It was incredible to see the game though the helmet and yourself as the character. It was awesome to reload a gun and open a door through your motions and also seeing it happen like you were the one doing it. Being able to move your head around also provides a new kind of challenge since it is much faster that moving a camera or an entire camera around. It really felt like you were there but you knew you weren't really there.

The interesting part about it is seeing other people try it themselves. There were usually 3-4 people playing the demos at a time with 3 of the demos also being shown on a seperate screen. It was great to see a much more expereinced player complete a level like it was nothing and seeing a new gamer right next to him struggle at first but then getting the hang of it. But even with their different experience levels, they both looked kind of ridiculous doing it especially since the demo guys were trying to dodge the player's hands as they flailed around.

Overall, the game and Project Morpheus itself is something that both hardcore gamers and casual gamers will enjoy. It really brings gaming to a whole new level that we haven't seen before and it'll be interesting to see how developers use it. While it would've been awesome if the helmet had built-in headphones, it still doesn't hurt it that much.

Project Morpheus is coming and, trust me, it'll be so worth it.

(Writer's Note: The demo was only about 10-15 minutes long and that was not enough time to see if issues like motion sickness could take place. It is important to note that gamers take caution when trying virtual reality helmets like Project Morpheus and understand the risks that may come with it.)


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