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Fandom PopWrapped | Fandom

SDCC: 19 Things We Absorbed During The Walking Dead Panel

Shannon Beaty | PopWrapped Author

Shannon Beaty

07/30/2016 4:35 am
PopWrapped | Fandom
SDCC: 19 Things We Absorbed During The Walking Dead Panel | the walking dead
Media Courtesy of Shannon Beaty/PopWrapped

With the glorious event that is San Diego Comic Con upon us, the excitement level is at an all-time high... until the cast and creators of The Walking Dead come strolling into Hall H like they own the place. Little did we know, they did own the place, and gave us plenty of chewy morsels to feast on until the walkers and survivors come back into our lives this fall. We were able to be in Hall H live with the cast and here is what we were able to gather for you!

1. Kirkman promised that fans will not be disappointed with the season 6 finale cliffhanger answer. But as we all know, this can mean either something really horrible, or something worse than really horrible. Either way, grab the kleenexes.

2. The Kingdom is introduced, along with King Ezekiel. OH, and his amazing pet tiger.

3. Producers are excited to expand the world, to find more people who have been living in and trying to survive through the apocalypse, and hint that some old friends and foes may reappear.

4. Andrew Lincoln's mom gave him some acting notes after seeing the end of season 6.

5. Jeffrey Dean Morgan is "having way too much fun playing this dude", which has us simultaneously sobbing and laughing with glee.

6. While there are more than enough serious moments on the show, the entire cast and crew is really one big, happy family who get to share an emotionally crazy creative space.

7. Chandler Riggs has been dealing with Carl being down to one eye and acting like that is obviously difficult in regards to depth perception, but he loves wearing the bandage and prosthetic. Norman Reedus would constantly tap on his shoulder while on set to mess with Riggs.

8. Danai Gurira loves the vulnerability between Michonne and Rick and thinks it started in the episode titled "Cleveland". It's not only Rick that she's connected with, but Carl as well, and is glad Rick accepted her for who she is first. She's glad that the romantic relationship took as long as it did, so it had plenty of time to sprout and flourish, to make sure it feels more natural.

9. The prank war between Norman Reedus and Andrew Lincoln continues, after Reedus put a massive amount of glitter in Lincoln's air conditioning vents in his car, Lincoln fired back with some glitter at Comic Con... and the whole plan massively backfired. Lincoln ended up with more glitter on him than Reedus! Later in the panel, the host Chris Hardwick noted that the pair "looked like they made out in a Michael's".

10. Michael Cudlitz spoke very passionately about Abraham finally having something to not only die for, but even more importantly, to live for, which is something that isn't found very often in the apocalyptic world.

11. For Rosita's arc, Christian Serratos has found that just simply bonding with the cast and crew has been a huge part of her experience. She mentioned that even more so the connection with her castmates grew while filming the season 6 finale, where they allowed each other to be vulnerable and act to the best of their abilities, knowing that they could trust one another to make it the best possible scene imaginable. It's all about trust and it's a great feeling to be secure around castmates that will back up the moment. She also loves the fact that she's a part of the cosplay scene, that she nerds out a bit when she sees people dress up like her character Rosita. Christian is excited that another Latina is represented on the screen, adding more diversity that TV has so sorely needed for a very long time.

12. Ross Marquand and Michael Cudlitz have a Rocky impression exchange, and there are no words for how awesome it was:

13. Two cast members couldn't make it to the panel, Lennie James (who birthed the hashtag #MorganLives) and Melissa McBride, both of which said they couldn't wait for next season and were very sorry to miss this year's Comic-Con.

14. An audience question addressed how Michonne wasn't the sexy sidekick to Rick and how much of a political impact this had; the producers had no idea how the impact would hit, viewing the characters as just that, characters. Danai marks the writers as true storytellers, not mirroring what is happening in society, but sticking with what is organic for the character and the show. Danai took a class in college that studied racial portrayals in media, which was abysmal at the time, and she's grateful to be a part of the change taking over the media right now. She hopes that her character and storyline tied to her character will keep helping break down the barriers in media.

15. Norman Reedus did indeed love blowing up Negan's men with the rocket launcher as much as the audience loved seeing it happen. Clearly this man is pro-explosions and mayhem... which we already knew.

16. The cutest cosplayer on the planet walked up to the mic and stole our hearts as Baby Negan.

17. A zombie rights activist came to the mic and it was downright hysterical.

18. The infamous (or, not so infamous - I had no idea who she was) button lady came up and asked the British cast members about missing their homeland food... and Michael Cudlitz piped up with the perfect reply: "After that last vote they had, they're not allowed to do that."

19. The last question asked was to Chris Hardwick and if he'd make a cameo on The Walking Dead. Hardwick has been offered the part but he declined because he didn't want to take away from the episode if people noticed him in it.

The Walking Dead is set to slink back into our televisual lives on October 23rd, which seems like it's eons away. Until then, relive the magic of the San Digeo Comic Con panel with these crazy, thoughtful and wonderful cast members, and keep the teaser trailer on repeat!


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