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Television / Recaps PopWrapped | Television

Season Finale Of 'Survivor: Cagayan' Surprises Everyone!

PopWrapped | PopWrapped Author


05/23/2014 1:18 pm
PopWrapped | Television
Season Finale Of 'Survivor: Cagayan' Surprises Everyone!
Media Courtesy of CBS

Jayden Sheppard

Staff Writer


The ending was on par with how the seasons rolled, we now have a very deserving winner and have watched a very exciting final episode. Back at camp with the final four, everyone knew they needed to get Spencer out once and for all.  The next morning a boat arrives at their camp, and while everyone was expecting Jeff to jump out, it was the family members.  Normally the castaways would compete for only one of them to spend a day with their loved ones, but it was more enjoyable seeing everyone get a boost from seeing a wife or sister. Onto the second-to-last immunity challenge, where for some reason, the loved ones have come to watch.  Tony, Spencer, and Woo all finished the first part of the challenge and moved on to a puzzle in decent time, while Kass was way behind, and like we have seen many times this season, she comes from behind and wins the whole thing, even when the boys had a massive lead. Once back at camp, it seemed like Tony, Woo, and Kass agreed to vote out Spencer.  Spencer being the fighter that he is, tried to convince Tony to force a tie, in an attempt to get out Woo.  It wasn’t to be, and Spencer left the game on day 37. Upon arriving at camp, the three remaining contestants were pretty down about the fact that there would be another tribal council before they faced the jury.  While Tony was away, Woo and Kass agreed to take each other to the end, meaning Tony would have to win to get himself there.  At the final immunity challenge, which was an awesome maze with turnstiles, Kass took the lead, but lost it to Woo.  Kass was able to catch up to him in the puzzle, but fell short of winning by less than a second.  Still the logical choice would be for Woo to take Kass like he promised.  However, with Woo wanting to remain loyal and stick with his buddy Tony, he wrote Kass’ name down, shocking everyone in the process. At the final tribal council, the jury came down hard on Tony, but in the end, he was crowned the winner of Survivor: Cagayan in an 8-1 vote.  It was fitting that Tony won, seeing as his crazy game play is part of this season being very well received. Survivor will be back in the fall with an all new season titled Survivor: San Juan del Sur featuring the return of the Blood Vs Water twist, but apparently will be using all new players. Keep Up With PopWrapped On The Web!



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