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Season Finale Recap Of The Vampire Diaries: We Are Not Ready To Go "Home"

PopWrapped | PopWrapped Author


05/28/2014 12:28 am
PopWrapped | Fandom
Season Finale Recap Of The Vampire Diaries: We Are Not Ready To Go
Media Courtesy of Alloy Entertainment
Elena Butler

Staff Writer


The Vampire Diaries concluded Season 5 with two poignant deaths and quite a few triumphant returns. Last we knew, the other side was disintegrating and everyone there was in danger of getting sucked into oblivion. The fate of many was on the line during this episode, entitled “Home,” and it goes without saying that not everyone made it back from the other side. Let’s break it down and see what happened. The last episode of the season picks up with Caroline crying over Stefan’s body at the Salvatore home, as Damon assures both her and Elena that they’ll bring him back somehow. On the other side, Stefan is rescued from the darkness by Lexi, and I think this makes it clear we’ll be seeing more familiar faces during the hour. Damon and Bonnie talk about bringing Stefan back but she explains it’s not as easy as it sounds; They need a witch to perform the spell and they also need the death of a dozen travelers. Enzo appears and tells Bonnie that he’s found another traveler that can teach them the spell. Meanwhile, Caroline and Elena force Liv to help them, by killing Luke and sending him to the other side—talk about motivation! In the outskirts of Mystic Falls, Markos demonstrates how the spell works by pushing Tyler/Julian across the town’s border. The magic strips him from his hybrid state and he dies from a broken neck (which Klaus snapped back in the day). When he crosses over, we find out Tyler is back and Julian was killed in the process. Jeremy, Matt and Damon hatch a plan to kill a bunch of travelers at once. They create a gas leak underneath the Mystic Grill as Sheriff Forbes convinces Markos to gather there for a meeting. Meanwhile on the other side, Lexi chats it up with Stefan and makes it clear she’s switched sides and is no longer Team Stelena. That’s right... Lexi is totally on Team Steroline now and Stefan seems completely oblivious of Caroline’s crush. Back at Whitmore, Bonnie meets the traveler that Enzo found to teach them the spell they need... And surprise, surprise, it’s Silas. He’s doing the spell in exchange for being able to jump back to the land of the living. They head to the cemetery, where Elena arrives with Liv in tow. Later, Damon reveals that he’s the one in charge of triggering the explosion or ask we know it, he’s going to sacrifice himself for a minute. He assures Elena that it’ll be okay and he’ll come back from the other side. “What if something goes wrong?” Elena asks, basically predicting the future. As the spell is in progress, the wind picks up again and the darkness threatens to take Enzo. Bonnie is able to hold on to him but doesn't do much to help Silas. He’s sucked into oblivion and finally gone for good—maybe. Later, Grams tells Bonnie how proud she is of her and reminds her that she’s not strong enough to have so many people pass through her. Bonnie asks her to cross back but she tells her she won’t do it—she’s found peace. Meanwhile, Damon is getting ready to drive across the Mystic Falls border and straight through the Grill, when Elena hops in the car with him. They crash into the restaurant and the whole thing explodes, killing them and the travelers. Bonnie sees them all come to her at the cemetery and they begin to cross over, weakening her. When Elena and Damon cross, we see them wake up on the other side next to their bodies. Elena runs into Alaric and he tells her to go back to Bonnie while he searches for Damon. Alaric finds his BFF as he’s helping Sheriff Forbes from underneath the wreckage, and relax—Momma Forbes is okay, you guys! As Liv continues with the spell, Luke is the first person to go through Bonnie, followed by Enzo, and then Tyler. Caroline greets him with a hug and they soon discover he’s no longer a vampire. So, he’s back to being just a werewolf? Bonnie forces Elena to go through and Stefan crosses over on accident after he tries to help Bonnie from falling. Lexi fights Markos off and stops him from going through. She refuses to go before Damon and this helps her find peace. Damon and Alaric finally arrive and he crosses through before Damon. Luke knows that the spell will kill Liv if she continues. He puts an end to it, leaving Damon stuck on the other side. Bonnie tells Elena what happened and she speaks to Damon’s ghost, begging him not to leave her. Damon is just happy that he was loved by her before he died. Bonnie calls Jeremy and admits that there was never a way for her to come back. The group is reunited at the cemetery as Bonnie disappears to the other side. The episode ends with Damon and Bonnie holding hands. “Do you think it’ll hurt?” She asks. “I don’t know,” Damon answers, as the screen goes white. So, Damon is dead. Bonnie is dead. Does this mean that nobody actually died, died in this finale? We know Ian Somerhalder is coming back as a regular next season, so we’ll probably just learn that much more about this mysterious place where Bonnie and Damon were taken. Are you guys sad that The Vampire Diaries is over? Have you been enjoying it just as much as you enjoyed past seasons? Are you happy to have Alaric back? Leave us a comment below and tell us what you loved, what you hated, and how much you cried during this finale. We'll see you in the fall! Keep Up With PopWrapped On The Web!



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