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Television PopWrapped | Television

Seattle's Most Dramatic Hospital Staff Returns: Who Did Kepner Pick?

PopWrapped | PopWrapped Author


03/02/2014 7:33 pm
PopWrapped | Television
Seattle's Most Dramatic Hospital Staff Returns: Who Did Kepner Pick?

Tamara Sestanj Staff Writer

@TamaraSestanj In typical Grey’s fashion, Grey’s Anatomy made us wait ELEVEN excruciatingly long weeks for a new episode, but boy, was it worth it. The episode begins with a fairytale scene of Kepner and Avery running hand-in-hand out of the barn that her wedding was supposed to take place in. Immediate panic begins in me, this is Grey’s and things never end up this well – this has got be a dream sequence, they didn’t end up together did they?! But we’re quickly snapped out of the fear of fantasy as Kepner begins to do as Kepner does best, panic. Luckily, it seems that kissing Avery can solve any problem (Can we blame her? Have you seen his dreamy blue eyes?) and they drive off into happiness. But there isn’t much happiness for the rest of them; Meredith and Derek are fighting over his new job with the president, Karev blames Yang on Ross’s cockiness that almost killed his father, Arizona is upset at Callie for, as she describes it “trying to fix everything” and Bailey is mad at Warren for leaving his surgery job at the other hospital. We then see how the other side of the Avery-Kepner love affair affected Edwards. She’s obviously heartbroken, and although I want to tell the girl that she should have seen it coming, I can’t help but have some empathy for her. And soon afterwards the happiness ends for Avery and Kepner, I guess the effects of a great kiss from Jakson Avery has nothing on Kepner’s paranoia and she starts to freak out about not having a plan, and storms out of the car. We then jump three weeks ahead and everything seems to be a little better and a LOT more confusing. As Bailey describes it, “Things are topsy-turvy all over the place and I don’t understand any of it.” Arizona and Callie seem to have had some major couples therapy in that three weeks, because now they’re looking at buying a new home, and Warren and Bailey seemed to have resolved their issues, Warren has now taken Dr. Brook’s spot in the intern program. Karev is trying to deal with the impending death of his father and he meets his dad’s former girlfriend at the hospital. But there’s a catch: he got Naomi to fly to Seattle thinking that Jimmy is already dead. Even weirder, he introduces Wilson as his fiancée. Did we miss something here? Or is this another of Karev’s lies? Either way, when Naomi discovers that Jimmy is still alive she’s so angry, and believes nothing that Karev says about Jimmy being truly sorry, that she takes back her father’s guitar that Jimmy stole from her and leaves. The ER is chaotic as usual, but a little more complicated with the Avery-Kepner-Edwards not-so-love triangle. That’s right, it turns out Kepner and Avery’s fairytale didn’t last very long at all (we should have expected this, it is Grey’s after all) and now everyone’s awkwardly trying to avoid one another. Luckily for Edwards, she is temporarily distracted by a man that we will get to charmingly know as Catman. Why you ask? Well a number of piercings, tattoos and surgeries were done on this man to make him look like well… a giant Catman. The man looks like he’s right out of Ripley’s Believe It or Not! Shepherd ends up having a meeting with people from the White House so that he can continue on the president’s program, and the entire thing is pretty much a background check into his past. They ask about his relationship with Meredith while she was still a student, his sister’s drug problem and about someone named Michael Betcher. Apparently he’s been sending his mom $3,500 every month. Shepherd, you got some explaining to do. We learn that Meredith still doesn’t approve of Shepherd taking the job for the president as she has one of her classic bitching sessions with Yang. Yes, Yang and Grey are together again! Or so it seems, let’s hope it lasts. It’s very hard to like Yang without her having Grey to balance her out. And while this is all going on, we’re all wondering what the hell is going on with Wilson and Karev? Are they engaged or not? Well if you’re feeling a little lost here, don’t feel so bad, apparently Wilson is too. She starts wondering if she was drunk when Karev asked her to marry him, and then realizes that the whole speech Karev gave her before the wedding must have been his proposal. Wilson finally approaches Karev about it we learn that, yes, in fact, that was Karev’s version of a proposal. Really, Karev, REALLY?! Yes, it was sweet, but that is not a proposal - she didn’t even know she was getting proposed to! Wilson tells Karev that they can’t get married just because his dad is dying. Karev takes it as Edwards having cold feet and using his dad as an excuse. It’s miscommunication at its finest. The whole argument ends with Karev storming off and Edwards punching and breaking the glass of a vending machine. And don’t you think that there’s any drama spared for the operating room, at Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital there’s drama wherever you go. Ross ends up being able to come back to work with the board’s approval, but it doesn’t happen so easily. Chief Hunt spends every chance he’s with Ross to criticize him and be as hard on him as he can. Webber warns Hunt that he needs to be easy on Ross as he is still fragile, but Hunt doesn’t listen. In the operating room he keeps questioning him until he doesn’t know the answer to something and then begins to yell at him. When Ross apologizes Hunt says not to apologize to him but to go apologize to Jimmy, who’s heart he ripped apart and the girl at the table who is losing blood because he doesn’t know basic anatomy. And in another O.R. Avery is being humiliated in front of an entire surgery team thanks to Murphy. She blames him for not giving Edwards any heads up, and Avery admits that he had no intention on standing up at the wedding until he was already doing it. He says he keeps trying to apologize but that she keeps walking away, and now everyone’s alone and miserable. Just another heart-wrenching reminder of what almost was with Avery and Kepner. In all this dramatic chaos it’s not a surprise that Catman, with his injured hand, escaped from his room. During the six-vehicle car accident that the cat was part of, a car hit him while on a walk, he saw a little girl who hit her head. Since Callie says she can’t give out that confidential information, it can only be assumed that Catman went looking for the girl himself. Turns out he did, and he must have forgotten how freaked out a girl would be waking up to the face of Catman. The girl screams, Arizona runs in and screams, it’s all just a bunch of screaming. It ends with Catman back in his room and admitting that his decision to transform himself into a cat when he was 19 was a mistake. The man lives a lonely life, and hadn’t left his house for a year and a half, and when he finally decided to go out and take a walk he was such a distraction it caused a car accident. It seems there is one good thing Catman did bring, and that was bringing Avery and Edwards together for the first time. Too bad it’s cut short, as Edwards makes it very clear that she’s only there for business and asks Avery to help assist Catman in plastic surgery to make him not be cat but only man. Ross does exactly what Hunt told him to do, and decides to go to Jimmy’s room to apologize to him and Karev for what he had done. Unlucky for Ross, Karev does better with his fists rather than his words and seems to fly across the room and punch him repeatedly while he’s on the ground. Luckily for Ross, others come to his aid and Karev is pulled off him. Yang ends up having a good old-fashioned heart-to-heart with Ross and tells him that he did mess up extremely badly and that he deserved what he got from Karev, but she also tells him all about the good he has done and how his good actions helped to save a baby only a few weeks before. It’s the words of encouragement Ross was looking for all day. Karev spends his final hours with his dad in a little more mellow way, but not any less dramatic. He’s constantly lying to his dad about Naomi and their son, Nicky, coming to visit them, and listens to his father as he talks about how much they mean to him and how badly he wants to be able to give Naomi her father’s guitar back.  As Jimmy struggles to breathe Karev tells him that he’ll tell Nicky and Naomi just how much he loves them. He constantly repeats that he’ll tell them and that he can let go until Jimmy dies. How does Karev deal with his father’s death? By simply saying, “You son of a bitch.” Arizona and Callie are set to sign the papers for their house and as they do Callie hesitates, her and Arizona were about to break up only three weeks before and she’s afraid that Arizona doesn’t realize that even if they buy a new house that Callie is still going to be in it. Finally, Arizona, who’s had a huge problem discussing her feelings in a sensible way lately, explains to Callie that she wants a new home that won’t remind her of a hospital bed and all of the bad times that came with her losing her leg. She hopes that this new home will bring a better, brighter future for them. Finally we see Meredith and Derek have a conversation about his new president program, and it isn’t very pretty.  It has me shaking my head, come on Meredith, the president personally called your husband, I know you had this deal, but isn’t the president an exception to the rule? And Derek finally comes clean about Michael Betcher. In high school hockey Shepherd hit Betcher and he ended up having a brain bleed and has been completely paralyzed since then, so he helps his family out by sending them a cheque every month. Really, why was this all a big secret in the first place? Really Derek, it was an accident and at least still 30 years later you’re helping out. Meredith and Derek’s conversation is interrupted with an emergency board meeting. It turns out that there was three harassment complaints made against employees and human resources now suggests they implement a zero-tolerance rule on sexual relationships, unless married. I know, the hospital without sex?! It won’t last long. We can only assume that the harassment complaints were made due to a conversation Murphy had with Edwards. Edwards suggested to Murphy that it’s too hard to be around Avery and that she should transfer, and Murphy explains to her that it wasn’t only her that’s heartbroken, it’s her with Arizona and Ross and Yang too. Murphy tells Edwards that they should stop allowing themselves to be expendable to their bosses and do something about it. We end up back at home with Avery as he makes himself dinner, kind of boring and useless at first, and then he starts talking to someone. Who is it?! And this is where the big shocker of the episode comes, it’s Kepner! And she has a ring on her finger! YES, that’s right. April and Kepner are together after all! We’re brought to a flashback of when April leaves the car, and as she does Avery chases after her. Kepner’s panicking, wondering what they’re going to tell everyone, that everything’s such a question mark, did they just do this all so they can date? And then Avery, in his romantic way repsonds with, “I don’t want to just date. April, I want the whole damn thing,” and they get back into the car and ride off to get married. I have no idea how this was all fit into 40-something minutes, but Grey’s definitely gave us the drama we were craving for past eleven weeks. And the best part of it all is that they’ve promised us 12 weeks straight of Grey’s Anatomy! That’s right, no more re-runs for the next three months! I can’t wait to see what they have in store.  

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