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Get Dirty Finding Out The "Ragtag" Secrets Of The Past In This Week's "S.H.I.E.L.D."

PopWrapped | PopWrapped Author


05/08/2014 8:37 pm
PopWrapped | Television
Get Dirty Finding Out The
Media Courtesy of Credit: ABC
David Green Staff Writer


Josh Whedon, you magnificent bastard! This was amazing! Just bravo! This is the best series on TV - yes I will now even admit it is better than Game of Thrones and I don’t do that lightly!  I am so pumped for next week, but let’s recap what happened on tonight’s episode "Ragtag". We open in Plymouth Massachusetts at a Juvenile Secure Unit, we see a young man being escorted into the visitor’s hall, and then we found out is it 15 years ago. The incarcerated man is a young Grant Ward. A younger John Garrett greets him. Ward was a pyromaniac, his older brother (who we have learned through previous episodes he was not a nice person) was in the house and he is trying to get him tried as an adult and the parents are pressing charges. Garret says he will get him out if he follows him. He says you shouldn’t trust anyone, especially him. He also says it will be hard, but nobody will mess with him again. Grant agrees and as soon as he does a group of his agents burst with guns and take him out of there… *FLASHBACK* 15 years go- Ward and Garret are in the woods hunting. Garret gets in his truck to leave Ward alone. He says if he shoots it he eats it and he has to earn everything. He leaves ‘Buddy’ the dog to help and says he will be back in a couple of months. Ward is not happy. Garrett was gone for over 6 months. He comes into Wards camp and he puts a gun to Garrett head. He is upset as it was meant to only be a couple months.  Ward survived by raiding camps for anything he needed including guns, clothes and supplies. Garrett is impressed and starts to teach him how to shoot like an assassin. Ten years ago- Garrett and Ward are hanging around the campfire and Garrett, talking about Buddy the dog, says loyalty doesn’t get you anywhere. Garrett tells Ward when he got injured and radio for help, SHIELD didn’t come and he realise he was more loyal to SHIELD than they were to him. He then tells him about Hydra. Back in the hotel in the present, Deathlock is on the news for killing a drug lord with known ties to Hydra. Coulson brings the team in for a debrief. They have discovered the connecting factor is “Cybertek”. Garrett wants GH235 to develop the Centipede Project as the final ingredient. Sky says she left a ‘Trojan horse’ on the drive when she unlocked it and is slowly mapping all their systems but because of time, she needs to plug in a USB to their system to activate it. Since Cybertek is connected, they are going to infiltrate one of their offices to upload the USB. Coulson admits they have no jurisdiction to do any of this so it is strictly volunteer but the right thing to do. Garret, Ward and Deathlock are on the plane. Having fulfilled his assassination mission, Garrett allows Deathlock video time with his son. Ward is still annoyed at Garrett for what he did. Rena says they are close to replicating the drug. Back with the group, Fitz is still upset about Ward and is trying to find an excuse for his behaviour. Neither May nor Sky believe Ward was forced into this. Tripp comes in with his Howling Commando gear from his granddad and we get a cute scene where Coulson and Tripp fanboy over some of the gear such as a ‘Handheld Hypo Beam’. Now at Cybertek- Coulson and May are posing as scientists and looking nerdy. Fitz and Simmons are feeding into their ear what to say. May has a pin on her blouse and it is searching for data while Sky is monitoring, however it is not finding any. Sky finds the 4th floor is the most likely candidate. As Coulson and May get taken in an elevator, the security guard gets knocked out and they head up. They break in and there isn’t a mainframe, it is all hard copies! (By the way, I think this is a really clever idea; completely impractical and ridiculous, but clever nonetheless.) Back on the plane, Deathlock is upset with Rena as she is the one who help capture her son but through an exchange, we find out Rena is interested in Sky and she alludes she has something in common. Coulson find a cabinet with Deathlock files that go back to the 1990s and finds out Garrett was the first Deathlock (Hence why we saw he had armour on his side an episode ago). Coulson throws the cabinet out the window and thanks to Tripp they get rope slide down the building. (Small nit-pick here, if you have your entire system on hard copies and you run a company that deals with the most advance engineering around, surely you would ensure people can’t just break in through the windows?!) Back on the Bus, Ward is angry at Garrett and Garret says stop playing the victim but then collapses. Ward rushes him to the lab and kicks everyone out. He lifts up the shirt and inserts some wires. Ward reboots his system and says that hasn’t happened in a while, Garrett says yes it has, the biomechanics are fine, it’s his organs that are failing- he is dying, he has 1-2 months left. After reading up on the Deathlock project, the team think they have found the base of operations for Hydra in Havana, Cuba. There Quinn meets Ward and Garrett. He is going to DC to capitalize on the display caused by Deathlock. Rena calls Ward down saying Garrett is not interested in special people, she found some stuff on Sky. It is clear she is manipulating Ward. She tells Ward Sky’s DNA is interesting and then relays a story about a village in China that was destroyed by monsters looking for the baby. The baby’s parents were the monsters! (I really have no idea where Sky’s story is going…is she Asguardian? Is she Kree? I really hope we get some closure this season.) Garrett and Ward don’t trust Rena but Ward does not tell him about Sky. Rena comes over and gives him a synthesised vial of GH235, it is the only one. Coulson and the team suit up ready to go. With Tripp, Coulson, May and Sky heading to the barber shop and Fitz & Simmons looking for the Bus. Before going Tripp gives Fitz a coin that is a tracking beacon and a joke buzzer that is an EMP distributor. Fitz and Simmons find the bus and Coulson tells them they are not to engage. Ward turns up and captures them. Ward takes Fitz and Simons to Garrett on the plane. Fitz activates the EMP in the joy buzzer and it affects Garrett. Fitz tells Ward to let him die but he gets them taken away as he tends to Garrett. *FLASHBACK* In the past- Ward is hunting dear with a sniper scope and Buddy goes off to get the dear once he fires the gun. Garrett tells Ward that he has been accepted to SHIELD. He says he can’t get attached to anything if he is going to work in Hydra. He says yes and then Garret says to ‘Take care of Buddy’. Ward hesitates and Garrett says, "That’s not a weakness I hope." While dying, Garrett tells him to put down Fitz and Simmons. Rena stays while Ward goes off. He tells her there is a mechanical failsafe and he opens up his armour. The centipede serum is the only thing keeping him alive (it isn’t making him strong because he is too far gone) He asks Rena to jumpstart it with the GH drug. Fitz and Simmons attempt and escape and lock themselves in a container and Ward can’t get in. Fitz is trying to understand why Ward did it. In the past- Ward is about to shoot buddy while the dog looks at him. He shoots up in the air and the dog goes running off. (I knew you couldn’t do it Josh Whedon.) Fitz won’t open the door so Ward starts activating some panels and says “I care about you, it’s a weakness”  Flashback with Buddy in the sniper scope and a bang. He presses the button and the container falls out of the plane into the ocean, with Fitz and Simmons screaming and pleading for him not to do it. The container sinks and the plane continues. (I really have to admit I did not see that coming!) Rena injects Garrett with the drug. He starts reacting. Coulson, May, Sky and Tripp are underneath the barber shop. Behind the wall is is a secret door and a computer is there. Just then a Hydra agent comes in with the Asguard Staff, and 3 centrepiece super soldiers as well. In the post credit scene, in Washington DC- Quinn is there with 2 high-ranking officers. He is showing what one super solider can do and is proposing to sell 1000 super soldiers to them. *Standing ovation* You see this? THIS is how you create a complex villain. He isn’t moustache twirling evil, Ward has layers and does care about people- he just doesn’t let it get in the way of the mission. Watching him send Fitz and Simmons to a watery grave gave me Goosebumps. Now as much as I would love to think Josh Whedon has the balls to kill them off, I suspect they will be saved next week (as Fitz still has the tracking beacon) but if they do die I will be so very VERY impressed a show had the guts to do it. We have one more episode left and Nick Fury will be making an appearance so I am super pumped to see what happens next. This episode is my first 5/5. Just amazing! Keep Up With PopWrapped On The Web!



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