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See The Rise Of A "Child Star" This Week On Glee

Christa Tintelnot | PopWrapped Author

Christa Tintelnot

03/20/2015 8:57 am
PopWrapped | Recaps
See The Rise Of A
Media Courtesy of Tumblr
Hello, my Gleeks! Now that we got that AMAZING wedding out of the way, we now can focus on getting back to business with the New Directions. Unfortunately, we are also not only nearing the end of the season, but also the end of the series. These next few weeks will probably be bittersweet, but I am so happy that we can experience it together. Tonight's episode, "Child Star," is officially the beginning of the end, and here's what happened: Roderick and Spencer After being embarrassed due to his lack of athletic ability, Roderick is having a rough time in gym class. Spencer confronts Roderick in the hall and tells him to shape up...Spencer also seems to have eyes for a certain gentleman who Roderick is friends with, so he decides to train him in order to get closer to the guy, Alistair. During the training, Spencer is a bit tough on Roderick, and Roderick stands up to him, but Will overhears it. At glee practice, Will tries to get them to sing together, but it doesn't work. Sue Sue has submitted herself for Principal of the Year and she asks the superintendent to write a letter of recommendation. Before he does, however, he tells Sue that he wants the New Directions to give his nephew some pointers on a showstopper for his Bar Mitzvah. It, well, makes me a little speechless. He is essentially, a huge diva. He also asks the New Directions to be his opening act. Mason and Jane There is still somethin' going on between Mason and Jane. He actually asks her out, but Madison shows up and totally ruins it. Mason goes to Spencer and Roderick and asks how to get Madison out of his way for a bit. He wants one of them to ask her out. However, even when it comes time to choose partners to decide what song they will sing for the Bar Mitzvah, their assignment for the week, Madison immediately tells Mason they will work together, though it is obvious he wants to be with Jane. Mason finally catches up to Jane and asks her to partner with him, but she says she is going to be with Roderick. He convinces her to change partners, then tells Madison and Roderick. They are not happy, and Jane tells him it's probably best if they stick to their original partners. Rachel, Sam, Beiste, and Mr. Shue In the cafeteria, Rachel, Will, Sam, and Coach Beiste are eating lunch when Sue comes in and tells them she hasn't slept in three days because she has become the personal slave to Myron. She tells him that Sam, Rachel, Will, Beiste, and herself have to be backup dancers for the Bar Mitzvah. The Bar Mitzvah Myron has planned a great show and several glee kids sing, including Mason who sings a song that is obviously a message to Jane. After the song, Madison comes to him and admits she has gotten a bit crazy, and they make up. Myron gets caught in his stage pod, and someone needs to climb up a rope to save him. Spencer, of course, volunteers Roderick. Roderick gets him down, but Myron got so scared he had a little of course, the New Directions step up to stall and put on a performance. Afterwards, Spencer finds out that Alistair was there and he is interested in him, too. He asks him to join New Directions and they share a kiss. While getting ready for the main event, Sue and Will get into an argument. Will accuses Susie Q, as he calls her, of having a crush on the superintendent so she attacks him. The show, however, must go on and it does, without a hitch. Myron eventually comes to McKinley with Sue and she announces that Myron will be a new student because the junior high  environment is not challenging enough. Sue, of course, is not happy. She takes it out on the students, threatens Will and prepares herself to fulfill her destiny, which is to destroy Will and the New Directions. The glee club officially got two new members and they are halfway to the number they need to compete. Can they do it?


"Lose My Breath" - by Destiny's Child - Sung by Myron Muskovitz - OMG is all I am going to say. "Friday I'm In Love" - by The Cure - Sung by Spencer - It's cute, it's the Cure, I'm in. "I Want to Break Free" - by Queen - Sung by Mason - Great song, good performance. "Uptown Funk" - by Mark Ronson feat. Bruno Mars - I don't like the original, judge me if you wish, and I don't like the cover. "Break Free" - by Ariana Grande feat. Zedd - sung by Rachel, Sam, Beiste, Sue, Will and the New Directions - this is the type of number I like...everyone gets a chance to perform. It was great! "Cool Kids" - by Echosmith - sung by New Directions - Nice group number. Pretty average.

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