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Music PopWrapped | Music

Selena Gomez Brings Her Everything With New Album, 'Revival'

Erica Rose Jackson | PopWrapped Author

Erica Rose Jackson

Staff Writer
10/15/2015 6:24 am
PopWrapped | Music
Selena Gomez Brings Her Everything With New Album, 'Revival' | Revival
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Revival is very different from Stars Dance.  It’s like an exploration and making a statement.  The album is not chock-full of poppy dance hits, but it has a refreshing sound.  I like her new sound, but it will be a few listens before I’m sold.

Some of the songs, though, are instant hits for me. I give it a solid 4 out of 5 stars. Read on for a track by track breakdown.

"Revival" - The intro to the album is a song about becoming new.  It has a different sound that I can’t really describe, but I love her lower vocals.  

Is it going to be in your head?  Probably not.  I wouldn’t say it’s single quality.

"Same Old Love" - This is a strong song.  It’s lyrically perfect and the snapping really makes it stand out.  I raved about this one in a post specifically about its release.  

The only thing missing here is a strong bridge.

"Rise" - This song is uplifting, but the verses sound a lot like Lee Ann Womack’s "I Hope You Dance." The chorus brings around a choir to join Gomez’s vocals.

"Me & My Girls" - This song has a fun sound.  It’s all about knowing the guys want you, but you are only here for your girls.  It’s got a "Come and Get It" vibe.  So far, this is the next good one on the album after "Same Old Love."

"Perfect" - This whole album has such a slow vibe.  This one is no different.  We don’t get Selena Gomez ballads often, but this is one.  And it’s good.  It’s reminiscent of Britney Spears’ "Perfume."  She sounds solid and desperate, but in such a romantically, sexy way.

"Nobody" - Another ballad.  I’ve always enjoyed Gomez’s vocals, but she really shines on this album.  She’s found her sound, and this song is beautiful.  She is a woman stating her case and that’s all she has to offer.  A man would be stupid not to say yes.

"Me & The Rhythm" - This is her latest release off the album, and it’s fun, with a slow dancy vibe.  I like the lyrics because she gets all of us. Sometimes, you just need to dance and nothing else.

"Sober" - This one harkens back to a more Stars Dance sound; it's about a love that only makes sense under the influence of something.  It has everything: a beat, a catchy chorus, and a hot bridge.  I think this might be one of my favorites.

"Good For You" - The album’s lead single doesn’t need any special words.  This has been my song all summer long.  I wish the rest of the album sounded more like this song.

"Kill Em With Kindness" - This is the mellow version of Taylor Swift’s "Shake It Off."  I don’t really have any more commentary than that.  

Oh, it has a whistle.  I’m a sucker for whistling in a song.  I’m looking at you,"Ghost Town" by Adam Lambert.

"Hands To Myself" - This is a sexy song.  This is the sister to "Good For You."  This song is so good that I have already played it 6 or 7 times tonight.  Gomez has that seductress thing going for her on this album.

"Body Heat" - This song is your "Stars Dance"/"Good For You" dynamite combo!  Damn!  I was ready to get up and dance to this one.  I want this one to be a single, because I can envision a fun video to go along with it.

"Survivors" - This is a generic tune, an anthem for getting through the tough times.  It’s not outstanding or off-putting, it just is.

"Camouflage" - This one is another ballad, but it’s strong.  Gomez trails her vocals along with the piano rifts.  She sings her heart out.

We really get to know a new version of her on this album.  She’s described the writing process in interviews, and it’s evident in the product.


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