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Serial: 02x08, Hindsight Part II

Erica Rose Jackson | PopWrapped Author

Erica Rose Jackson

Staff Writer
02/24/2016 4:51 pm
PopWrapped | Recaps
Serial: 02x08, Hindsight Part II | Hindsight
Media Courtesy of Serial

This is the second half of a two parter.  Here's a link to Hindsight  Part I if you need a refresher.  Here's what happened next.

Bowe had a breakdown while in the Coast Guard and was discharged two years before he joined the Army, so he had to be let in on special circumstances.  Should Bowe have been let in?  Sarah's source in the Psych department doesn't believe that the Coast Guard incident wouldn't have kept him out even if they had known about it.  She elaborated that the true test was in basic training which Bowe excelled in.  Sarah had another source who disagreed with this evaluation.  This doctor revealed that Bowe told him he told the Army about his breakdown because he was afraid to withhold something from the government.

Bowe reveals that in this time period he was lost in the fantasy of what type of soldier he would be.  He wanted to be a Kung Fu soldier. Bowe wanted to be a soldier from the past who believed in the cause like Captain America and not a modern soldier who just does as they are asked.  Bowe was principals driven and he would act on those whether it was the right or wrong position.  Bowe wants the Army to be better and stand for what he envisioned it stood for.

What's happening now is not what Bowe wanted for his mission.  He wanted to talk to a high up in the Army and not this huge scandal.  No one saw Bowe abandoning his post coming, however, some did see signs that things were off with him.  When we look back at his letters home, we can begin to see the wheels turning in Bowe's mind.  Hindsight is 20/20.  Bowe quoted a book where someone stopped the machine he disagreed with, which should have tipped those who knew off that Bowe was thinking of doing something about how he felt.

Back in the present, Bowe was given a psychiatric evaluation upon his return home.  He was diagnosed with a mental illness similar to schizophrenia.  This made sense when you thought of Bowe and if you did, it shows how he thought and why he did what he did.  The doctor Sarah spoke with said that symptoms of this illness get worse when the person is under stress which Bowe was very much under in Afghanistan.  The Army believes that regardless of the mental illness, Bowe should be responsible for his actions.



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