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PopWrapped | Recaps
Serial: 02x09, Trade Secrets | Trade Secrets
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What happened during this week's episode of Serial? Find out here!

This week on Serial is about Bowe’s rescue and how he felt being freed.  Bowe wanted to speak with his rescuers, but he couldn’t speak so he asked to write.  He started writing down secrets for them.  The rescue team was more worried about getting him out of there and getting him food.  Bowe understood.  We apparently negotiated with terrorists and freed 5 terrorists to free a deserter.  This fact was crazy to all involved.  

There was supposed to be something bigger involved with the mission, but it did not happen.  Back in DC, they were trying to end the war.  Hillary Clinton hired Richard Holbrook to help, and he was tenacious.  He passed away in 2010, but his journalist wife shared more about how he had felt in that time.  He wasn’t for the plan that diplomacy would end the war.  

This episode is about all the strategies proposed to end the war.  Holbrook’s death was a sad time, not only because he died but because it’s highly believed that he could have gotten the job done.  He was risky and no one else was willing to do the same thing.  Hillary Clinton gave a speech in 2011 in honor of Holbrook but she speaks on talking it out with the terrorists and it was not the popular opinion.  

The Taliban after many talks wanted 5 specific people from Guantanamo in exchange for Bowe.  We thought this might have been a great time to swoop in and finish the job, but we missed the opportunity.  Sarah spoke with a journalist about a terrifying member of the Taliban who was ready to surrender.  He had a long list of war crimes against him.  It was the only public surrender from the Taliban forces.  They wanted safe passage to where they came from.  It didn’t happen.  We didn’t keep up our piece of the deal and many of them died in a most terrible way or ended up in Guantanamo.  

Sarah goes on to list some setbacks that the Taliban talks encountered.  

And that's a wrap on this week's Serial. Let us know your thoughts on the show below!


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