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Seth Rogen Opens Up About His Familial Struggle With Alzheimer's Disease

PopWrapped | PopWrapped Author


02/27/2014 4:24 pm
PopWrapped | Celebrities
Seth Rogen Opens Up About His Familial Struggle With Alzheimer's Disease
Media Courtesy of The Guardian

Christina Dogas

Staff Writer


Known for his hilarious role in “Knocked Up” and contagious laugh, Seth Rogen headed to Capitol Hill to testify at a Senate hearing on Alzheimer’s research. Naturally, he brought his witty sense of humor with him. The actor sat beside a former congressman from Kansas who is struggling with Alzheimer’s disease. He started his heartfelt speech with a joke about his film, “Knocked Up,” and lightly chastised Senator Tom Harkin for not seeing the film. Then he began expressing an emotional connection to the disease: both of his wife's (Lauren Miller) parents are diagnosed with the disease. Rogen’s mother-in-law was only 55 when her doctors identified that she had early Alzheimer’s. When he first started dating his wife nine years ago, he was in the dark about the disease. He said at the time he thought, “Really, really old people got, where they forget where they put their keys and mismatch shoes.” But it’s more serious, his mother-in-law began forgetting about who she and her loved ones were. She forgot how to speak, feed herself, and go to the bathroom herself by the age of 60. Rogen said this opened his eyes to see what families suffer to go through. He wished he could do more but can’t because unlike any of the other top ten causes of death in America, there’s no way to prevent or even slow the development of the disease. The Knocked Up star created Hilarity for Charity, which raises money to help families struggling with the disease, and helps support progressive research. He formed this charity to do something, because young people are misinformed about the reality of Alzheimer's. Rogen started a college program that allows students to hold their own divergence for charity events. Nearly 20 schools nationwide have signed up for the event. Rogen says the outcome is shocking to him, because getting kids to stop playing videogames, and actually volunteer their time is a huge accomplishment--especially since XBOX ONE and PlayStation 4 were released earlier this year. To end his outstanding speech, Rogen expressed three reasons why he was present. One, he joked that he was a huge House of Cards fan, which got the audience to laugh; two, people need more financial assistance; and lastly, to show people that they are not alone, because so few people share their story.
ABC Entertainment News | ABC Business News The Pineapple Express star even shared a statistic about the heartbreaking disease, “In a span of 35 years, 16 million Americans will have Alzheimer's -- a disease that experts explained is the most costly disease in America, topping $200 billion for those who need care, according to the Alzheimer's Association.” “I dream of a day when my charity is no longer necessary and I can go back to being the lazy self-involved man child I was meant to be,” Seth Rogen said. This really hit home for me because my great-grandfather was diagnosed with the disease. It was hard to go to my great-grandfather’s home, knowing he didn’t know my name or who I was. My great-grandmother, his wife for 60 years, had become his caretaker. "Americans whisper the words Alzehimer's," Rogen told lawmakers. "It's needs to be yelled and screamed."

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