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#Setlock Shows Sherlock Alive And Kicking At 221B

PopWrapped | PopWrapped Author


08/25/2013 11:26 pm
#Setlock Shows Sherlock Alive And Kicking At 221B


Shelby Arnold

Staff Writer


The Sherlock crew have been busy this week. They’ve been spotted on North Gower Street in Central London, near Trafalgar Square and filming vans have been seen near Arundel Street.

This is exciting.

While the premiere date for the new season has yet to be confirmed, people of Tumblr and Twitter can simply type the word #setlock and be spoiled to their little hearts content. Of course, not there are many spoilers to be had.

Here’s a breakdown of what we know so far.

A lot of the pictures have been non-spoiler-y (yay!) and have just been of between filming. One particular batch of pictures, from the 21st of this month, features Benedict Cumberbatch in sweats, a t-shirt, and nasty tennis shoes. What? This is definitely a departure from the crisp, tailored suits we’re used to seeing Sherlock wear.


Martin Freeman was spotted on North Gower Street with the dressed down Cumberbatch and it kind of looks like it’s a pick up from “The Empty Hearse” however it could be one of Sherlock’s many, many ruses or disguises because we all know he’s good at that. More pictures are from later the day and Cumberbatch is looking increasingly sexy in a crisp, blue suit. What does it all mean? Heavens, I’m already foaming at the mouth with all these pictures.

There are also pictures from earlier in the week of Amanda Abbington’s Mary Morstan walking down a darkened street with her mobile phone in hand. Of course, she looks ridiculously cute in her hat and green jacket. Take a look.



Not all that glitters is gold, though, as there have been rumblings as a few fans sent others on a wild goose chase near Hampstead Heath. Whether or not this is true remains to be seen however #setlock for that evening was a closed set so nothing is known from that particular shoot.


Tread lightly, Sherlockians. There are still spoilers in the #setlock tag. I think I may have figured out how Sherlock survived from a .gif I found. But, mum’s the word. I won’t say a thing.


Now, I leave you with a gorgeous picture of Benedict filming this week.



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