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Television / Music PopWrapped | Television

Sex, Love And Betrayal Abound, Just "Don't Open That Door" On This Week's Nashville

PopWrapped | PopWrapped Author


10/24/2013 11:46 am
PopWrapped | Television
Sex, Love And Betrayal Abound, Just
Media Courtesy of Spoilers Guide
Ben Patton Content Editor This week got off to a good start…well, for Deacon at least. Scarlett is taken off guard when Deacon and his “lawyer” come out for breakfast; together. But Scarlett heads off to begin her media training to help mold her into the perfect little artist. Rayna is in vocal therapy to get her voice back on track so she can finish her album; or even just sing at all. She’s getting some heat from Edgehill’s new boss to release her “final” album and he’s demanding the masters; though the album in its entirety is not yet finished. He knows something was up when Rayna cancelled the tour and opted out of singing at the stockholders' concert and he’s convinced she’s never going to sing again. Juliette has begun the promotions for her tour, though her new tour buddy is already driving her a bit crazy. Juliette has a meeting with Jeff (Edgehill head honcho) to offer him a deal; give her more money for her album promotion and she’ll choose a male artist from his label to take on tour as her third act. Tandy may have bitten off more than she cares to chew with the investigation into her father. The attorney general’s office is threatening to charge her as a co-conspirator should she go against the gag order and let Rayna (or anyone else) know what’s going on. Rayna asks her dad to invest $20 million into her Highway 55 record label so she can buy herself out of Edgehill and start being her own boss. Might not be the best timing considering the investigation she’s obtusely unaware of. Gunner and Avery have struck up an unlikely friendship centered around both their first loves; music. They sound amazingggg together and they are considering asking Scarlett’s besty, Zoe, to join their little group. Sounds like a potential girl code oops. Will is the obvious choice for the male spot on Juliette’s tour, but after failing to get Gunner’s song for his first single, things have been a little sketchy with him and Jeff. But after a little prodding from the PR guy (Will’s almost kiss from episode one) Jeff decides to give him a chance. Scarlett gets some “be yourself advice” from Layla before they both hit the red carpet. Though it appears Layla may have had ulterior motives as Scarlett bombed and Jeff asked her to leave. Where’s Rayna when you need her?! Juliette asked Deacon to come back out on the road with her, but he declines since he’s not able to play at the moment. She ends up giving him his first insight into the “rumor” that Rayna may not be able to sing. He and Rayna have an emotional chat about their musical incapabilities and encourage each other to never give up…let’s hope this all turns around and they both get back on stage. Avery, Gunner and Zoe are off to a great start with their trio of talent. I’m a bit jealous I wasn’t in on the jam session to be honest. Though that jam session turned the heat up after Avery left…if ya know what I mean. Girl code, Zoe…girl code, isn’t this bad?! While Will, Layla and Juliette are playing for Luke Wheeler’s benefit show; Layla is all over Will, but he lets her know he’s not interested AND that he knows she messed with Scarlett on the red carpet. Juliette tells Layla to cut 15 minutes from her show for Will and then gets quite the surprise after her set when none other than Rayna James comes out on stage to invite her to become part of the Grand ‘Ol Opry; Congrats, Juliette!
Courtesy of the Tennessean Courtesy of the Tennessean
Things get UBER awkward when Luke asks Rayna to sing a little song for the show…just when you think she’s gonna announce she can’t sing, somehow with the help of her fans, she pulls it off! Unfortunately, while her father is taking in the show from a local club, the feds come in and arrest him for racketeering and a slew of other charges. And sadly, Rayna already stood up to Jeff and said she was turning in her buyout paperwork…Highway 55, watch out! Scarlett comes home fuming after her not-so-great red carpet performance, but Deacon calms her down with a little jam session; him on piano and her with a banjo. The duet was amazing and set the backdrop for the closing wrap up. Zoe wakes up next to Gunner, clearly (we hope) realizing her mistake; Rayna and Tandy watch the news and the controversy surrounding their father and his frozen assets (that includes Rayna’s $20 million buyout money!); Juliette seems to think Rayna is out to get her, but heads of to the Bluebird to tell Avery her big news and apologize. She offers him his job back, which he declines, so then she gives him free reign of her studio – win!; Tandy goes to visit her Dad and lets him think Teddy is the reason he’s in jail…this is not looking good for Tandy! Nashville is teeming with drama (and good music) as always friends! Check out the promo for next week’s episode and be sure to tune in!


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