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PopWrapped | Recaps
Shades Of Blue: 01x01, Pilot | Shades of Blue
Media Courtesy of Peter Kramer/NBC

Here’s the first recap of the pilot episode of Jennifer Lopez’s new drama, Shades of Blue.  Is it amazing or a let-down?  Let’s see.

Harlee (Jennifer Lopez) is making a video telling her story.  The broken-down Harlee we see here is two weeks after the show begins.  Looks like things won't be going smoothly.

We start with Harlee and her partner, Loman, checking out a drug call.  A little girl is in the hall and Harlee sends her away before they continue. She’s a softie for kids, it appears.  Loman busts through the door and  shoots the guy who was just playing a video game. Harlee  gets a lie prepared to cover for him.  Oh my God, she shot her partner to sell the potential lie.  What the hell?

The rest of the team shows up. The captain knows Harlee made a story up.  Harlee and Loman spend the car ride back practicing their stories.

Harlee stops the car when she sees her daughter’s car. The daughter thinks Harlee's off for a date with a boxer.  Harlee does go  with a boxer for a workout, but it turns into a different kind.  

Harlee heads to a bar where her crew is waiting for her in the back.  OMG, it’s a ‘Jenny From the Block’ jacket!

It's clear now that the  cops are mixed up in some bad deals.  They have some drinks after their dirty meeting and Harlee’s leaves.  Before she can pay her tab, she is stopped by a man.  Harlee doesn’t play or do witty banter; she's a cold one. Loman arrives, feeling badly, but Harlee teaches him about family.  The badge equals family and they all need to have each others backs.  The man who flirted Harlee up is watching her and Loman. That can’t be a good sign.

Harlee is with her daughter and the daughter has a solo at her fancy school!  The daughter mentions her tuition is late but Harlee says she paid even though Harlee doesn’t have the money for tuition.  When she gets to work, Woz, the captain or team lead, says she’ll have it. Harlee is being interrogated by internal affairs after talking with Woz while that guy from the bar is investigating her home.  This interrogator is tearing Harlee’s story, but she’s on top of it.  Turns out the interrogator was just playing with her.

The rest of the team is after a bad guy and they found his girl beat up. Internal Affairs cleaned Loman and Harlee.  Woz is upset about the rookie, Loman. They are on a very not-sea-friendly ship.

Looks like they have a lot of deals with bad people.  Harlee goes to meet the bookie that Waz instructed her to and she gets caught by the guy from the bar. This show probably should have given more background, because we are not 100% sure what’s going on.

Bar guy looks like Ressler from The Blacklist.  His name is Stahl. He’s been after her for over a month.  He mentions prison jumpsuits as a threat, but we all know J-Lo loves jumpsuits, thank you very much.  

Woz calls and she has to lie to him, saying her daughter got in a wreck while Stahl listens to everything, though Stahl already knows how dirty her crew is.  Stahl wants her to work with him and she'll get full immunity to turn over her team.

They want Harlee to rat out her crew.  Stahl uses her daughter to get to her.  She wants to think about it.   Stahl takes her to her daughter's school. There's a sweet mother-daughter moment before she makes up her mind. She begins to walk out to tell Stahl her decision, but she walks back in to see the recital.  Stahl follows and sits right behind her and her crew.

After the recital, Stahl wants a decision and Woz is on his way over! Harlee agrees to help rat out her crew.  We sure hope she can get away with this and not get hurt.  The badge might mean family, but family means family more.

The other team members found a suspect and it is a high-speed foot chase. The choice of music is quite great, by the way.  Woz and Harlee are on the way!  Harlee got him, badass that she is!  Earl has been captured-- he's the drug dealer they’ve been after since the opening scene.

Harlee is on her way home and Stahl calls her.  He put himself in her phone as Jason Bourne.  He is looking forward to their partnership, but Woz is coming to the house.  Woz wants to send a tow truck for her daughter’s car.  Now Harlee has to wreck the car to cover her tracks.  If nothing else, she’s committed.  Don’t cry, Harlee, we’ll cry too!

Woz has the bad guy and he is taking him somewhere--but not to the station, it would seem.  This guy knows that Harlee is lying. Woz wants to know if he told anyone, because he is going to kill him.  Anything for the family.  He sends him down into what looks like their own little prison and doesn't kill him.

Harlee gets to work and finds a check from Woz to cover the tuition for her daughter’s school.  Woz is meeting with someone who is giving him a very profitable job and Woz wants Harlee in on it to help her have more money.

Harlee is with Jason Bourne, who took her jewelry, when he was in her house earlier, to use to plant a wire on her.  Hopefully, no one notices. Jeez, this is stressful.

Harlee and her daughter are off to Woz’s for a BBQ.  Bourne is watching everything.  This is going to be one hell of a ride throughout the season.  

Woz summons Harlee.  It’s probably about the job, but she seems spooked.  Woz is going on about a betrayal.  He knows the FBI has a snitch on the team.  She grabs her gun, but he doesn’t think it’s her.  Wow!


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