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Shades Of Blue: 01x02, Original Sin

Erica Rose Jackson | PopWrapped Author

Erica Rose Jackson

Staff Writer
01/18/2016 7:22 am
PopWrapped | Recaps
Shades Of Blue: 01x02, Original Sin | Shades of Blue
Media Courtesy of Peter Kramer/NBC

Here we go for round 2 of the new Jlo cop drama, Shades Of Blue!

We begin right where we left off with Woz telling Harlee how he knows there’s a rat. He gives her a speech about how long he’s known her and how he trusts her to help him find the traitor. If only he knew.

Back at the precinct, Woz is speaking with someone beside Harlee about who might be the mole. The man Woz is talking to makes Woz rethink Harlee. She knows the most and has the most to lose.

Woz sends one of his boys out before gets harassed by a man with some questions about four of his past cases. One of their frequent flyers is causing some problems and Woz sends out another team member. Looks like everyone will be scattered.

Woz goes to his office and pulls out a very old file and a very old video of Harlee. It looks like it might be from before she joined the task force when someone claimed she framed him for murder.  That’s a twist. The video makes it seem like the murderer that Harlee may have framed was the father of her daughter. Also, Harlee made Jason Bourne upset somehow.

Stahl (Jason Bourne) knows things Woz has done but he can’t trace anything to illegal activity. He meets with Harlee who threw away her surveillance piece. Harlee gets upset with Stahl and it causes him to put Harlee in cuffs to prove his point. That was very extreme to get her to do what he wants. Do we think they’ll bang before the season ends?

Stahl meets with his boss but she doubts him after Harlee gets spooked. She gives him 24 hours to get everything under control. He meets with his sudden partner after the meeting. His partner is the reason Woz found out anything but he still believes in her.

The guys bothering Woz earlier is the new ADA and he and Harlee had serious sparks over a discussion regarding bengay and a man’s junk. Chemistry can come from anywhere.  Harlee’s daughter, Christina heard came to visit and revealed a slip up in Harlee’s car story. Woz gives her money for science project supplies and tells Harlee they need to take a drive.

Woz questions Harlee about Christina’s car story and it seems like it’s ok. Before they can continue their chat, a shooter appears but Harlee has Woz’s back. After the shooting, Woz initiates a polygraph themed dinner later that night. Harlee looks a little bit nervous as she should.

Harlee goes home knowing someone is inside but it’s Stahl. She reveals to Stahl that they are having a polygraph party. Stahl is concerned now. Y’all Loman has a secret.

Harlee arrives to a quiet house where there is supposed to be a polygraph party. Don’t y’all wanna go to one of those? It’s just gonna be Harlee instead. Harlee burns herself on a hot tea kettle to beat the polygraph. Last week she wrecked a car and now she’s self inflicting wounds. Poor girl. Stahl is watching and knows she’s on her own.

Harlee calls her daughter and gets a different girl surrounded by noise. She’s at a bar! Harlee gives her some advice and it sounds like a goodbye. Harlee is scared that Woz is about to make her.

Woz is about to do it and they are joking around still. Woz interrogated her in that video from the past. Christina's father beat her.  In the present, the questions are simple. Stahl is getting nervous but she’s gonna be ok. Back in the video from the past, we learn that that was the day Woz took her in. Back in present day, Harlee passed and now she’s got business to take care of. When she leaves, Woz turns back on the video and sees that she did lie.


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