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Shades of Blue: 01x04, Who Can Tell Me Who I Am?

Erica Rose Jackson | PopWrapped Author

Erica Rose Jackson

Staff Writer
02/02/2016 10:52 pm
PopWrapped | Recaps
Shades of Blue: 01x04, Who Can Tell Me Who I Am? | Shades of Blue
Media Courtesy of NBC

Here’s a quick mini recap of last week’s events to get you ready for the new episode of Shades of Blue:  Basically, Woz almost caught Harlee, Tess (Drea De Matteo) got a storyline though it was not very great, Stahl sexually assaulted Harlee to get her to do his bidding, Harlee slept with the new ADA Nava, and Woz kissed a man out of nowhere, so we guess he’s in the closet.  Like, I said in week one, this show could have used a few more episodes to gain a little backstory.  On to the next one…

After Harlee slept with ADA Nava, she found Stahl waiting for her.  He wanted the tape but more likely he was jealous about her time with another man.  Harlee points out to Stahl that she doesn’t have to wear a wire anymore because she fears for her life from Woz and that is official protocol.  

Harlee’s partner Loman contemplates suicide but is forced out of it by an oncoming train.  Harlee spots a robbery in progress after her encounter with Stahl.  She gets one of the perps but the other gets the store owner.  When backup arrives, the criminals stab the owner and get away.  Well, that was mighty good police work.

Loman gets to work the next day and is made fun of for his attempted suicide that people somehow know about.  They give him a new gun since he threw his into the river and realize he went to the funeral of the man he killed.  Poor Loman is really having a rough time.   This episode did not handle mental illness, guilt or suicide well at all.  

Woz apparently got in a wreck the night before after his manly encounter and Harlee goes to see him in the hospital where he gives her an illegal job to take care of for him.  Does she not remember that the last time they saw each other, he tried to kill her?

Loman does indeed go to the funeral and when the group catches up with him.  He is literally about to confess.  They stop him and meet up with Harlee to say that he needs to be kicked off the squad or dealt with before they can continue work.  Harlee can’t stay however, because she needs to go continue Woz’s mission.  

Once Harlee arrives to do what Woz asked, she calls Stahl to clue him in.  Before Stahl gets to her and the van Woz asked her to drive, Harlee checks it out and finds a package of explosives.  She called Woz to yell at him but he claims to have no idea about.  Either he’s a good liar or he’s being worked over by his boyfriend.  

While Harlee is dealing with her stuff, the rest of the squad kidnap Loman and scare him into loyalty by threatening to shoot him.  Wow.  Back in Harlee land, she gets rid of the explosives and leads Stahl to a different location with the van then she was instructed.  

Woz gets out of the hospital and checks on Loman which doesn’t help.  Woz interrogates his boyfriend who claims that it’s all good and then he goes to Harlee, who has had a big 24 hours.  She doesn’t like the new job and thinks it's too risky but Woz explains the greater good and money involved in his plan.  

Stahl, though only led to Woz’s trailer by Harlee, finds his storage unit and the explosives.  Harlee, on the other hand is taking a turn with Loman which includes showing him that sometimes you can’t go by the book if you want to help people.  Tune in next week for more confusing/convoluted fun.  


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