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Recaps PopWrapped | Recaps

Shades Of Blue: 01x05, Equal And Opposite, Plus Some Show News

Erica Rose Jackson | PopWrapped Author

Erica Rose Jackson

Staff Writer
02/16/2016 6:47 am
PopWrapped | Recaps
Shades Of Blue: 01x05, Equal And Opposite, Plus Some Show News | Shades of Blue
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Before we begin this week’s recap of Shades of Blue, we have some exciting news to share about the show.  It has been renewed for a second season, which means that Jenuary will continue! Looks like we’ll be following this crime drama even longer!  Now, on the what occurred in episode 5.

We begin with Tess and Harlee chasing down some bad guys and doing some legit police work.  Um, we haven’t said this before but we're loving Jlo’s hair in this show!  

Woz is having sex with his wife when a dog interrupts.  Woz brought a dog home but not his boyfriend.  When that marriage blows up, it will be huge.

Two of the guys working for Woz, team members we don’t know the names of, were being tailed, and as a result Woz is not thrilled and wants everyone to keep their guard up.  Tess suggests giving one of their bad guy friends a brick of heroin in order to make their reach longer in the crime world.  Woz suspects Tess now.  

Harlee heads home to shower and Stahl calls.  She questions him about the tail, but he says that no one is tailing her or the team today.  He then tells her to get back to the precinct even though she’s at home.  He knows where she is which means he’s watching her.  We don’t think Stahl is as good as he seems to be.  Well, he’s actually been shady the whole time.  Harlee calls Stahl’s supervisor to voice her concerns, but he doesn’t believe her.

Woz goes with Tess to trade drugs with Raul but just before they got there, Woz reveals he didn’t bring any drugs.  Woz delivers a message to Raul instead, which is that he makes the rules, not them.  Tess suggests another bad idea which makes Woz even more paranoid about her.  Good job, Tess.

Harlee needs to know if Stahl is watching her, so she gets a friend Caddie out of jail.  She takes him to Stahl’s place to have Caddie check and see if Stahl is watching her.  Meanwhile, Stahl visits Donnie (Woz’s secret boyfriend) and knows that it’s Internal Affairs watching for Donnie and he needs to call them off.  Stahl drops the knowledge that the FBI has a mole in the team.  So, now Woz won’t just be paranoid because now he’ll know for sure someone is ratting him and the team out.

Harlee’s daughter’s car gets pulled over but she’s not the driver.  The office who pulled the car over calls Harlee to the scene.  When she gets there, a young boy is driving the car and her daughter is not there.  He claims to be her boyfriend, which Harlee thinks is untrue.  But, Christina calls the boy while Harlee is standing there.  Looks like someone has a secret boyfriend.  Harlee’s daughter is a lot more like her than she previously thought.

Raul gets his revenge on Woz for the earlier bad meeting by stealing Woz’s car and parking it in front of the precinct, with gay porn scattered around inside.  Woz’s secret may not stay so secret forever.  But Woz fights back with a threat of territory revoking.  Raul better watch out.

Woz didn’t take the gay porn lightly so he brings Raul somewhere for an interrogation.  Well, Raul knows about Woz’s secret.  Woz doesn’t care because he has something else in mind for Raul.  Y’all this is awful so skip to the next paragraph if you don’t like graphic visuals.  Woz allows two gang members to come in and gang rape Raul while beating him.  Woz then exiles Raul and Tufo (the other tailed officer) does the deed.  But Donnie doesn’t just drive him to another city, he taunts him for the gang rape.  This whole portion of the show was harsh and maybe a lot unnecessary.  

Donnie reveals to Woz that he was the one having Tufo and the other guy tailed but also the new knowledge that there is an FBI informant mole on his squad.  

Harlee had her friend bug Stahl’s place, so once Harlee is home she turns on the TV to watch him.  She sees him getting ready to go out.  Harlee shuts it off just as an escort arrives at Stahl’s, she looks a little like Harlee.  She give Stahl the permission to call her any name he wants.  He picks Harlee.  OMG, this guy is so twisted!  Why is he so creepy?

Things are getting tense, and it seems like they will only continue to escalate in future episodes! What do you think will happen on next week's Shades of Blue? Let us know below!


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