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Recaps PopWrapped | Recaps

Shadowhunters: 01x01, The Mortal Cup

Michelle Dawson | PopWrapped Author

Michelle Dawson

01/14/2016 9:13 am
PopWrapped | Recaps
Shadowhunters: 01x01, The Mortal Cup | Shadowhunters
Media Courtesy of Freeform

The time has finally come! After months of waiting and vicious, vicious teases from Freeform, the premiere of Shadowhunters has finally arrived and it did not disappoint!

If you haven't already watched the show, stop reading. Stop reading right now! Because we are going to fully recap the The Mortal Cup complete with spoilery, spoilery goodness. You have been warned. 

The Mortal Cup opens with the song "Monsters" by Ruelle. Dark, moody and sexy, it's the perfect tune to invite us into this world. 

A rather unassuming, if skittish, looking man makes his way down a street at night. He stops and looks around. Is he being followed? Why, yes...yes he is.  Alec falls into step behind him and then suddenly leaps into the air, vanishing from sight. Isabelle is on a nearby rooftop and draws a shape on her wrist with her stele. She follows the stranger from above, making her way along the rooftops, always keeping him in her line of sight. The man bumps shoulders with another passerby and suddenly, he shifts, his appearance changing into the man he bumped. Our prey is a shape-shifter. He continues on his path and we see Jace stalking him from another high position. As the man continues on his way towards club Pandemonium, he bumps another stranger and shifts into a woman. The trio of hunters drop into the street behind the shifter and we know things are about to get real.

Focused on his quarry, Jace bumps into our heroine, Clary. He's surprised when she reacts and tells him to watch where he's going. After all, she shouldn't be able to see him, should she?

We jump back in time eight hours and Clary Fray is interviewing for admittance into art school. The recruiters are less than impressed with her landscape drawings but take special notice of a notebook with scribbled drawings and symbols for a graphic novel.

Clary goes to a cafe to meet her best friend, Simon. She presents him with a letter of acceptance to the art school and attributes her acceptance to the graphic novel the two are working on. A waitress serves them coffee and Clary's is served with a biscotti. She picks up the biscotti and sets it on the paper table cloth next to her cup. Clary asks why Simon isn't dating Maureen, the girl in his band. He argues there's nothing there and Clary accuses him of being blind to what's directly in front of him. It is revealed that today is Clary's 18th birthday and they are going to celebrate. The two drink coffee and Clary's biscotti mysteriously disappears, becoming a detailed drawing in the paper tablecloth.  

We meet Luke on a beach as he is investigating a murder, the body drained of all blood. Apparently, this isn't the first body drained of blood the police had been investigating. A dog is barking at him and his eyes give a flash of color, immediately silencing the dog. Luke's captain. His captain comes along and his phone rings. He rejects the call and the captain tells him to just marry Jocelyn, Clary's mother. 

Clary arrives home and greets the fortune teller that lives downstairs. The fortune teller flips over a card, the image on the card is a chalice. She presents Clary with a gift for her birthday. The fortune teller has an odd reaction when she hugs Clary.

Shadowhunters Freeform/John Medland

Clary goes upstairs to see her mom and Jocelyn presents her with a stele for her birthday. She calls it "ancient" and a "family heirloom." Her mom desperately wants to talk to Clary but Simon calls and Clary has plans. She hurries out of the room leaving her mother alone. 

Jocelyn remembers a time when Clary was a child and playing near a pond. A demon suddenly rises from the water and Jocelyn destroys it to save Clary. She takes Clary to Magnus, the Warlock. They argue over what to do and Jocelyn convinces him to remove Clary's memories. 

Luke arrives at Clary and Jocelyn's house. He is trying to convince Jocelyn to tell Clary something she needs to know but Jocelyn decides to let it be for one more night. Clary walks in before they can talk further and Luke gives her a bundle of spray paint for her birthday. Simon arrives to take Clary out for her birthday and Jocelyn makes Clary promise to have breakfast with her the next day.

During a conversation with Maureen and Simon, we learn that Clary knows nothing about her mother's family. She has no relatives that she knows of, her dad died before she was born and it is all a big mystery to her. But she believes her mother is incapable of lying to her and simply thinks she has no more family.

Jocelyn is in the apartment alone when she removes an item from a box. With a flick of her wrist, a glowing blade appears.

Isabelle is getting ready to leave with the platinum blonde wig and a short white dress. Alec gives her a hard time about taking so long and her choice of outfit and wig color. They meet up with Jace and prepare for their mission; someone is killing "mundanes" and draining their blood. They arm up with blades that look remarkably like Jocelyn's blade.

Shadowhunters Freeform/John Medland

Simon performs a song, "Forever Young," in a club and afterwords, Clary repaints his van to show the change in band name from Champagne Enigma to Rock Solid Panda. She draws a symbol she doesn't remember painting when Jace bumps into her and we're back at the beginning.

Jace asks her if she has the sight and Clary basically mocks him. He's confused and wondering how he doesn't know who she is. From Simon and Maureen's perspective, Clary is talking to thin air. When Clary asks Simon and Maureen if they could believe his attitude, they think she's crazy because they couldn't see him.

Jace, Izzy and Alec follow the shapeshifter deep into the club where the shifter offers up mundane blood for a customer.

Curious, Clary follows Jace into Pandemonium. Simon and Maureen retreat to the bar while  Clary winds her way through the crowd, trying to keep up with Jace. Two creepy guys in suits, Circle Members, spot Clary and Magnus spots them. He inflicts some pain and quickly kicks them out.

Shadowhunters Freeform/John Medland

Clary follows the trio behind a closed curtain where they confront the shapeshifter and Jace draws a blade. Clary mistakenly tries to save the shifter and a full scale brawl breaks out. During the fray, Clary picks up a blade and accidentally kills a demon. She runs away, bumping into Magnus on the way out. 

When Clary tells her mom what happened, she starts to tell Clary the truth about her past but is interrupted by Circle members hunting for the Mortal Cup. Jocelyn gives Clary a necklace, warning Clary that she can only trust Luke. She sends her through a portal to the police station to find Luke. 

The Circle members break into the fortune teller's rooms and steal everything that looks like a chalice while Jocelyn prepares for battle and sets fire to the apartment. When confronted, Jocelyn puts up a wicked fight. It is revealed that "Valentine" is still alive and Jocelyn takes a potion to prevent him from getting the Mortal Cup. 

Clary overhears Luke talking to Circle members. He says some rather harsh things leading Clary to believe she can't trust him and she runs away.

Valentine is holed up in Chernobyl when the Circle members bring Jocelyn to him in a comatose state. When his minions mouth off about Jocelyn, Valentine becomes enraged and kills one of them without mercy.

Clary runs home to discover blood on the sidewalk outside. The apartment is wrecked and her mother is no where to be found. She comes upon the Dot who is dazed and acting strange. She questions Clary and then suddenly transforms into a demon. The demon manages to knick Clary with a venomous fang just before Jace stabs it in the back and it disappears into ash. Clary passes out and Jace takes her in his arms.

Clary wakes up in a strange room with Isabelle waiting next to her. She explains that she's never seen Jace so curious about another person. And that curiosity is a distraction and distractions are dangerous. Alec and Jace walk in and introduce themselves. Jace asks to be alone with Clary, something Alec doesn't take well. Izzy accuses Alec of being jealous and Alec simply says he's pissed because she ruined their mission.

Jace explains what they are; the existence of Shadowhunters and demons and how it's their job to fight for humanity. But Clary isn't interested, she only wants to find her mother. Simon calls, he tracked Clary's phone to an abandoned church and is waiting outside. Clary's clothes are gone but Izzy left her some of her clothing to wear. Clary spots the symbol on her neck and Jace explains the significance of Runes, symbols draws on a Shadowhunter's skin that gives them special powers. 

Clary and Jace go outside to meet Simon but Jace is invisible, thanks to a Rune. Simon had been followed by a Circle member and Jace fights him off, killing him with the words, "The is for my father." Jace removes the invisibility rune and becomes visible to Simon. Shocked, Simon tries to get Clary away from Jace. But Jace argues that he is her best chance at getting her mother back.

One of the Circle members reveals to Valentine that Jocelyn has a daughter that looks just like her. And Valentine decides he must find her.



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