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Recaps PopWrapped | Recaps

Shadowhunters: 01x03, Dead Man's Party

Michelle Dawson | PopWrapped Author

Michelle Dawson

01/28/2016 8:51 am
PopWrapped | Recaps
Shadowhunters: 01x03, Dead Man's Party | Shadowhunters
Media Courtesy of ABC Family/John Medland

It's another amazing episode of Shadowhunters this week! In Dead Man's Party, the action is only ramping up as everyone is seducing everyone for information, Jace and Alec butt heads, Simon is in some serious trouble and Clary learns more about Shadowhunter ways! Oh...and there's some Clace going on.

My only complaint is that this episode was missing my beloved Magnus Bane. And to anyone in charge who might be reading, I would like to officially request a future Magnus-heavy episode -we need to know more about this man! Anyway, enough babbling, let's get into this week's episode!

Well guys, the race for the Mortal Cup is on - but first, we gotta save Simon! 

Clary gives Alec and Izzy some serious shade for losing Simon. And rightfully so, I mean...they kept referring to him as "it" and then Alec just couldn't be bothered. Clary gets frustrated when the group would rather go to The Clave than take action for Simon. A reaction is considered an act of war on the downworlders and Clary has to do a little arm twisting to get the gang to form a rescue plan. 

Simon is being held at the Hotel du Mort by Raphael and a powerful vampire named Camille. He's nervously trying to reason with the vampires but it's not working out very well and after some intense (but ridiculously cute) babbling , Simon very impressively flings a knife ninja-style at Raphael and nails him in the shoulder.  Seriously, where did that come from?!

The gang decides they can't risk taking weapons from the Institute because the mission to rescue Simon isn't exactly sanctioned. They head to a churchyard to grab a cache of Shadowhunter weapons and Jace tries to reassure Clary that Simon's kidnapping isn't her fault. It's a very sweet, sensitive moment from Jace - showing us a softer side.

Alec tries to talk Jace out of helping Simon, accusing Jace of ignoring reason in favor of wanting a little nookie from Clary. Jace gets angry at Alec for making such an accusation and Alec later apologizes. 

Clary gets her hands on a seraph blade and really seems to dig it. And Jace gives Clary a sexy lesson in wielding the blade. "This is how you swing the blade and this is how you stab with it. Wait, I need to stand's very important." Seriously, how do we sign up for those lessons? I'd like one, please.  

Clary is well aware that Alec doesn't like her and she's afraid he won't help rescue Simon. Jace assures Clary that Alec will fight with them because they are Parabatai - bonded warriors for life who fight as one. 

Izzy pays a visit to Meliorn, a Seelie (half fairy, half demon) in an attempt to seduce some answers. It's a sexy game of cat-and-mouse-q&a as they attempt to gain information from each other. But Meliorn had an affair with Camille and as a Seelie, he can't lie.

Jace takes Clary to a biker bar where he teaches her how to see beyond, into the shadow world where a couple that appears to be making out are actually vampires snacking on each other. At least they're not eating the peanuts.  Jace challenges Clary to approach a vampire and seduce his motorcycle away from him. She turns on the giggles and he likes it a little too much. He puts her under a snake-like spell and Clary becomes all-too willing to get close. Jace steps in and smacks him down, stealing his motorcycle. The bike runs on demon energy and flies! Clary and Jace soar through the air to the hotel in a cool little moment straight out of the book!

Camille seems to have Simon under her spell and tries to get more info about the Mortal Cup. He spills everything, telling Camille that Clary doesn't actually remember anything and Camille realizes it was Magnus who erased Clary's memories. 

Alec and Hodge have a chat that seems...a little weird. Hodge tells Alec that he's in Jace's shadow and not to make the same mistakes he (Hodge) did. Not sure I trust him. Should I trust him? I don't think I should trust him. But he looks so good in those runes! Ah! Dilemma.

Alec and Izzy head into the hotel to provide the distraction.

Camille and Simon have an intense make out session and he goes to town on HER neck - it looks bloody and really disconcerting but I can't see any puncture marks so I'm not sure what's going on, exactly. He's acting drunk and a little dazed. Camille realizes the hotel has been breached and orders the vamps to action.

Jace and Clary land on the roof of the hotel and he marks her with some runes to keep her safe and quiet while they're going in. Jace assures Clary that Simon won't die. Jace still doesn't understand what all the fuss is about with Simon. And Clary accuses Jace of not understanding real friendship or love. He silently confirms that he has never actually been in love. 

Alec and Izzy argue about Alec avoiding his feelings. But feelings about what, fans? They block a door with a gang of vamps fighting to get thru and then quickly kick the crap out of all of them. Izzy is a certified badass with that whip and Alec the archer? More of that, please!

Jace and Clary make their way to the room where Simon is being held and get jumped by vamps, including the one whose bike they stole. The biker-vamp jumps Clary and she drops her blade. Things are looking bad until Alec and Izzy arrive and Alec saves Clary. She retrieves her blade and kills another vamp. She's kind of amazed that she did it and Jace tells her she should be proud.

Simon is still weirdly high from making out with Camille. Raphael says he wants to kill Simon and tells Camille he'll take care of it while she escapes. He holds a knife to Simon's throat while negotiating with Clary. Surprisingly, Raphael releases Simon to the Shadowhunters, saying he's more afraid of what Valentine will do with the Mortal Cup. Before Jace leaves, Raphael tells him to remember who his friends are. Interesting...history there? 

 Once on the roof, Simon is jittery and Clary embraces him, to the puzzlement of the shadowhunters. They still don't get it. But Simon seems indescribably sad when Clary calls him her "best friend."  

Alec and Jace argue again over Clary and after a tense moment, Alec walks away. 

Simon sees Clary's pulse in her neck and he's looking at her like she's dinner! We know what's happening and now we're freaking out!

And that's it! Holy crap, why do we have to wait another week for the next episode? Don't forget to tune in next Tuesday at 9/8c on Freeform for another new episode of Shadowhunters.


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