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Recaps PopWrapped | Recaps

Shadowhunters: 01x04, Raising Hell

Michelle Dawson | PopWrapped Author

Michelle Dawson

02/05/2016 12:34 pm
PopWrapped | Recaps
Shadowhunters: 01x04, Raising Hell | Shadowhunters
Media Courtesy of Freeform/Sven Frenzel

First, I think we need to start off this recap with a little praise for the casting of Shadowhunters. As a fan of the books, I can't even begin to express how thrilled I am with each passing episode. At this point, I don't think we can imagine anyone else in these roles. Every week, the cast embodies the characters and takes us all into the Shadow World...and that's really all we can ask for - to be transported. They do it beautifully and I couldn't be more grateful! Anyway, enough of this sappy-syrupy stuff! Let's recap, shall we?

In this episode, Simon gets more vampy and starts losing his grip, Clary is more determined than ever to get her memories back and we get our very first taste of Malec...and it is glorious!

Clary is dreaming of the conversation she heard her mom and Magnus having about her memories and Jace is there to comfort her...well, when she wakes up, she thinks it's Jace, but she quickly realizes it's really Simon. Jace is eavesdropping as Clary tells Simon he's all she has left in the world. She tells Simon she trusts Jace but Simon is still suspicious. But Clary's convinced Jace and the others can help guide her to retrieve her memories, get the Mortal Cup and ultimately, get her mom back.

Simon confirms to Clary that it was Magnus that stole her memories; he heard it from Camille while he was being held at the Hotel du Mort. And Clary hurries off to tell Jace (much to Simon's frustration). Meanwhile Simon is starting to vamp out more and more.

Clary walks in on shirtless Jace working out and asks about Magnus. Jace is skeptical of Simon's tip about Magnus until Clary tells him about her memory fragments. And Jace tells Clary that they have to get her memories back.

Simon tries to leave The Institute and Clary does her best to stop him. But when Jace confronts him, Simon loses his temper and begins acting irrationally. Simon desperately tries to convince Clary to leave again but she refuses. And Simon walks away.

The group gets the low-down on Magnus from Hodge. They figure out Magnus is in hiding with the rest of the warlocks from Valentine and they decide to lure him out with a rave. Because there's nothing Magnus likes more than a good party and shiny baubles. Hodge gives the group a ruby necklace Magnus had once given to a former lover, Camille. It will be a bargaining chip since it's something Hodge says Magnus will want back.

Back at Chernobyl, Clave scouts find Valentine's hideout and he quickly kills them.

Luke still doesn't know where Clary is hiding or what's going on with the Mortal Cup.

Izzy loans Clary a sexy outfit for the rave they're using to find Magnus. Jace walks in when Clary is trying on the new dress and gives Clary a Seraph dagger. He tells her she'll need it and not to worry, she already knows how to use it.

Magnus is determined to go to the meeting with the Shadowhunters while one of his minions is trying to talk him out of it. He says the necklace is worth the risk and orders the warlocks to arm up in case of attack.

Alec is moody as always and convinced Clary is trouble. Izzy warns him not to bottle things up because he will eventually explode.

Simon gets home and immediately closes the blinds and collapses into bed. Maureen confronts him and his mom gets annoyed that he was out all night with Clary - which upsets Maureen. And when Simon clarifies that he's not dating Clary, Maureen (very awkwardly) says she'd like to date him. Then she trips and cuts herself and Simon is mesmerized by her blood. She leaves and he tastes a drop of her blood left behind on a broken piece of glass.

At the party, Jace and Clary meet with Magnus and he admits to taking her memories right away. Jace offers the necklace for Clary's memories but he says he no longer has her memories. He fed them to a memory demon to protect Clary and the Mortal Cup. Magnus tells Clary that Dot is dead and offers Clary his protection. He seems to genuinely care about Clary and keeping her safe, but she refuses. An arrow suddenly whizzes past Magnus and a man behind him hits the floor. He was a Circle member about to kill Magnus and Alec saved him. Magnus quickly disappears through a portal and Clary thinks her chances of getting her memories back are gone as well.

Outside, Alec is still being Alec, angry that things went wrong and still not trusting Clary or the fact that Clary's father is Valentine. His attitude upsets Jace and Clary finally yells at Alec, standing up for herself.

Jace tries to track Magnus with a button he stole but can't do it alone. Alec and Jace have to track him as parabatai to have enough power. And as Clary says, it is strangely intimate to watch them work together as bonded warriors.

They find Magnus's lair and discover someone being attacked by a circle member and Clary saves a child. Magnus does battle with a circle member and Alec assists with his bow and arrow. They have a moment and Malec is born!

Magnus is impressed that Clary risked her life for the warlock child. He agrees to help Clary and summon the memory demon. In a massive display of power, Magnus moves the entire lair, and everyone inside, to safety.

Simon calls Clary to apologize but gets her voicemail.

Magnus gives Izzy a necklace to repay them and calls Alec "pretty boy," telling him to get the team ready for the ritual. He warns Clary not to trust anyone, including him and the Clave. Clary should only trust herself. He instructs her to draw a pentagram on the floor for the ritual and tells Jace to explain what's going to happen. Jace tells Clary about the dangers of the memory demon and then painfully  draws a rune on her skin.

Magnus is impressed with Clary's drawing of the pentagram directs everyone to a point on the star. They all join hands and summon the memory demon. But the demon will require payment. The necklace Magnus gave to Izzy begins to flash and Magnus says the demon requires a beloved memory of the one they love the most from each of them. Alec suddenly gets upset and breaks the bond. They lose control, the demon grabs Jace and the team fights to pull him back. After a moment, Clary kills the demon to save Jace even though Magnus says her memories will be lost forever.

Jace is unconscious and the team is nervous, waiting for him to wake up. Alec walks away and Magnus tells him there's nothing to be ashamed of. Alec says he doesn't know what Magnus is talking about. And Magnus merely nods and walks away.

Later, Jace visits Clary in her room and reassures her that they will find her mother, even without her memories.

Clary calls Simon and he doesn't answer - he is standing outside the Hotel du Mort!

Clary sees Valentine in a vision and he demands the Mortal Cup for her to see her mother.

And that's where it ends! I need answers! Will Simon actually go into the hotel? How will Clary ever get her memories back? When will Luke finally catch up to her? Until next week, my friends!


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