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Recaps PopWrapped | Recaps

Shadowhunters: 01x06, Of Men And Angels

Michelle Dawson | PopWrapped Author

Michelle Dawson

02/19/2016 5:56 pm
PopWrapped | Recaps
Shadowhunters: 01x06, Of Men And Angels | Shadowhunters
Media Courtesy of Freeform/John Medland

Shadowhunters continues to up the bar this week, opting for drama over action as we learn more about the past in "Of Angels And Men." It was flashback city in this episode with glimpses into the Luke's history with Jocelyn and Valentine. We also come a little closer to better understanding the complicated relationship dynamics that exist in the Lightwood family and watch as poor Simon teeters closer to the edge of something big. Let's get to the recap, shall we?

The gang takes Luke to Magnus for treatment after the werewolf fight and Luke has a vision of Jocelyn telling him to tell clary everything. 

Maryse warns Izzy not to trust the Seelies, saying creatures who can't lie will find other ways to betray you.  

Simon tastes the blood still on his hands from the fight at the Chinese restaurant while simultaneously trying to comfort Clary. Kinda...ew. Magnus works to save Luke and sends Simon and Jace in search of ingredients for an antidote he needs. And Magnus requests Alex's presence for "virgin shadowhunter energy" to assist in his magic. 

Meanwhile, we meet Izzy and Alec's little brother,  Max for the first time and their father, Robert. Max is a little scamp and weirdly smart beyond his years. He seems to be playing his parents and fooling them into thinking he doesn't know as much as he does about runes. 

Jace calls Alec for help and Alec is resistant to helping Magnus save Luke, refusing to get involved in more downworlder business. Jace works to convince Alec that helping is the honorable thing to do. 

Magnus pulls in Clary to help save Luke, putting her to work. Luke struggles to talk to Clary but Clary begs Magnus to put him under to keep him out of pain. 

Simon and Jace continue to spar as they go in search of ingredients for Magnus. Jace taunts Simon, cruelly pointing out that Simon will never be romantically involved with Clary but gets angry when Simon turns the tables with Jace and Alec. They physically struggle and Simon puts a knife to Jace's throat. Jace flings him off and Simon apologizes for being irrational. When Jace asks what happened to Simon when he was taken by the vamps, Simon lies and says "nothing." 

Alec and his mom reminisce about his training as a child. Alec suggests going around The Clave to solve their problems. 

Magnus and Clary bond while talking about her childhood. He fills her in on Jocelyn's history with Valentine and how he seemed to change from being an optimistic shadowhunter to a murderer. He refers to Valentine as a "madman," telling her that Valentine was enraged by the magic downworlders possessed that he couldn't. 

Izzy overhears her parents talking and her father gives her a book. He tells her that if the Seelies change sides, they have no chance at defeating Valentine. He accuses the gang of going rogue, causing their family to lose face with the Clave. Izzy vows to restore their family honor but her father warns that it will require a sacrifice.  

Magnus tells Clary about the Clave ignoring the threat Valentine presented. He explains why Valentine went after the Cup: Valentine wanted to create an army - and to destroy the accords and all Downworlders in the process. He tells Clary that her mother and Luke basically saved the world from the Uprising and if it hadn't been for them, the Circle would have won. 

In a flashback we see young Luke and Valentine battle. Valentine comes close to killing Luke and Jocelyn saves his life, stabbing Valentine in the back and stealing the Cup. 

 Magnus tells Clary that to protect Clary, Jocelyn had to stop being a shadowhunter. 

Izzy warns Alec that their parents are planning to force the both of them to marry to forge political allies. Alec finally walks away, fed up with being forced to comply with all of their plans. 

Jace forces Simon to "hang back" when they arrive at a black market dealer for the ingredients. Jace walks away and Simon wanders around and begins to hallucinate, seeing his own dead body lying on the ground. Jace and Simon are attacked by some bizarre grasshopper-looking demon and Jace fights to save Simon . 

Magnus struggles to save Luke and Alec shows up, lending his strength to Magnus. Jace and Simon arrive with the ingredients to help Luke and Clary feeds him the cure, waking him up. Magnus collapses in Alec's arms. 

Izzy and her mother argue. She doesn't think Izzy understands what needs to be done the way Alec does but Izzy just wants to save Alec from a future he doesn't want. 

Clary and Alec have a moment as she expresses her gratitude and says that she's glad he made a decision for himself. And Alec almost smiles at her.  Jace and Alec hug and make up and Jace vows to always have Clary's back. 

Simon leaves and Jace tries to say something to him but can't in a moment that hints at the possibilities of future friendship. Simon is drifting further into the dark.

Izzy and her mom continue to argue about duty versus passion and you start to think more is a lot more happening with the parents than we're seeing. 

Clary and Luke finally get to talk and she asks him why they hid the truth from her. Clary asks for the whole truth and Luke says he believes that Valentine's evil is because he and Jocelyn fell in love. We find out Luke was Valentines parabatai. He thinks that because Valentine thought they were having an affair, it led him to experiment with the Cup and downworlders blood. 

Luke tells Clary that in the early days, Valentine was idealistic, charismatic and honorable. But they were losing the battle with the  demons. And that's when Valentine started experimenting. Luke blames himself but Clary tells him it was never his and Jocelyn's fault. As Valentine continued to inject himself with downworlder blood, the crazier he became. 

In flashback, we see Valentine leading Luke into the mission where Luke is turned into a werewolf. We see Valentine intentionally lock him in a barn with the pack of werewolves. Later, Valentine tries to kill Luke and that's when Jocelyn defends Luke in the fight that leads to her taking the Mortal Cup. 

Luke tells Clary that she's the only one who can find the Cup, saying  there are clues in the mundane world for her to follow. 

Izzy puts on a new dress and is the perfect reflection of her mother. 

Alec and Magnus have a drink together. And Magnus flirts pretty heavily, telling Alec he wanted to see him again. He confesses that Alec unlocked feelings for him but Alec's mom calls and saves him from having to open up himself. 

Clary gets the box she retrieved from the apartment and demands Luke tell her about it. The initials on the box, J.C., stand for Jonathan Christopher, her brother. This knowledge, as the final piece of the puzzle, causes the box to suddenly become a drawing on her paper. And Clary knows where her mother hid the Cup. 

And that's the episode! We finally got some answers about Luke and Valentine's history, got some good Malec time and a closer look at the inner workings of Shadowhunter politics. So, what's on the horizon, fans? Will Simon be pulled back from the precipice? Is Izzy about to do something she'll regret in that new dress? Will Clary get to the Cup before Valentine? Guess we'll just have to wait until next week for answers! See you then!


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