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Recaps PopWrapped | Recaps

Shadowhunters: 01x07, Major Arcana

Michelle Dawson | PopWrapped Author

Michelle Dawson

02/25/2016 3:20 pm
PopWrapped | Recaps
Shadowhunters: 01x07, Major Arcana | Shadowhunters
Media Courtesy of Freeform/John Medland

This week's episode of Shadowhunters, "Major Arcana," is hitting all the sweet spots as it ramps up the action and the more than one way! Simon is quickly losing control, Clary figured out where her mom hid the Mortal Cup and Luke is in hot water at work. So much is happening this week, so let's just cut to the chase!

Back at Magnus's place, Clary finally figures out where her mom hid the Mortal Cup: as a drawing in a set of tarot cards, the Ace of Cups. Everyone thinks Dot had the cards but as it turns out, Luke's got them safe and sound in his desk back at the police precinct. The gang hatches a plan to get into the precinct without being noticed...hopefully.

Simon and Maureen wake up in bed together. After a little pillow talk, Simon starts to hallucinate again and sees Clary in Maureen's place. Oh, Simon...Simon, Simon, Simon...this is not going to end well for you, is it? Hallucination Clary, who is actually Maureen, asks Simon when he is going to ask her to be his girlfriend....and then he calls her "Clary." Yeah, you see where this is going. Maureen gets pissed (rightfully so), Simon makes up a lame excuse and high-tails it out of there.


Freeform/John Medland

Luke takes Clary and Jace to the police precinct, telling them to wait outside while he goes in to retrieve the tarot cards. While Luke is rifling through a box of stuff from Clary's apartment, he's interrupted by Internal Affairs, demanding he turn in his badge and gun. They're going to run ballistics on his weapon and Luke is taken into custody.

Clary and Jace are getting restless outside and see him being led through the police station by Internal Affairs - Jace has a rune on his body that allows him to see long distances so he can read the officer's badges.

Alec's dad is banging on his door at the Institute but Alec isn't answering...because he isn't there. Izzy intercepts him and covers for Alec, offering to do some paperwork that Alec normally does.

Luke is in the interrogation room with the IA officer and he's shown some pictured of dead circle members. He pretends he doesn't know who they are and asks for a lawyer. The IA officer gets up and opens the door to leave and call his lawyer. Jace and Clary slip in the open door without being noticed thanks to an invisibility rune and disable the surveillance camera so they can all talk. Luke explains what's happening and then tells them where to find the cards. But he warns them not to glamour themselves because he's not the only downworlder that can see them and they could lead spies right to the Cup.


Freeform/John Medland

Back at the Institute, Alec arrives home from Magnus's place and Izzy is hurt that he won't confide in her about his personal life. He claims they only had a drink (which is true) but he won't elaborate on his feelings. Izzy confesses that she broke up with Meliorn and Alec is disappointed for her because she seems to be trying to change herself to please her parents and The Clave.


Freeform/John Medland

Jace and Clary remove the glamour rune and are visible again and Clary hatches a plan to get to Luke's desk without drawing the wrong kind of attention. Clary leads Jace into the office where Luke's desk is located and proceeds to yell at Jace, pretending he is a cheating boyfriend and she slaps him hard across the face. The police intervene and pull him away, clearing a path to Luke's desk. Clary starts going through his drawers, pretending to needs a new apartment key, when the Captain approaches and tells her IA took all of Luke's things in an evidence vault upstairs. Clary makes an excuse and slinks out again to find Jace and hatch a new plan. The Captain walks away and an officer, who is actually a demon shape-shifter, follows.

Simon is watching Nosferatu on his tablet at a coffee truck/cafe and acting twitchy. He's freaking out the nice woman who works there but she knows him and is also concerned about his behavior. He reassures her that he's fine and she walks away. He pushes the plunger down on the french press he ordered and pours himself some coffee. He takes a bite of his bagel (extra garlic) as though to test himself. Blood appears at the corner of his mouth and then he starts hallucinating again. The plunger on the french press starts to rise up, the coffee turns to blood and slowly begins to fill the pitcher.

In the break room, the IA officer encounters the Captain who is acting strangely emotionless. She demands to see a list of everything seized from Luke's desk. He leads her to his office and they encounter two cops with a K-9 police dog. The dog barks angrily and the officers quip that it's because the dog doesn't like "IA rats" but the Captain stares at the dog...and we know something bad happened.

Jace and Clary walk outside of the police station and Jace gives Clary a hard time about slapping him saying, "I think I'll bring Alec with me next time, I don't think he's ever slapped me in the face." Alec and Izzy are waiting for them and they fill them in on everything that's happening.

Simon calls Clary. He's panicked about what's happening to him but Clary is too busy to hear him out. She's trying to explain to him what's happening as nicely as possible but Jace grabs the phone out of her hand and hangs up on Simon. Jace has a plan.

The IA officer releases Luke and he goes to visit Captain Vargas in her office. He discovers a pool of blood and finds her dead body on a shelf in a closet. He grimaces, clearly upset, and then his eyes flash blue.

The IA officer says he does't think Luke killed her but he wants Luke to come clean about whatever is going on. Alaric tells the IA officer that Captain Vargas had been dead for at least two hours but he thinks something is wrong because he spoke to the Captain less than an hour ago. When the IA officer leaves, Luke orders Alaric to check the Captain's body for demon venom so that he knows what he's looking for.

Simon is online trying to find some sort of medical explanation to find out what's wrong with him when he's interrupted by his mother and sister. Turns out, Maureen called Simon's sister about his weird behavior; they're worried he's on drugs. Simon says he thinks he might have a disease and his mom asks if he has an STD. His mom and sister start to argue and Simon gets overwhelmed and smashes his desk, worrying them even more.

Jace and  Clary head up to the evidence vault through the darkened elevator shaft, using a rune to give them night-vision.

Alec and Izzy retrieve an access key card from a police employee using Alec as a very awkward flirty distraction. Izzy uses the card to gain access to the power grid and shuts down all the power in the building.

Alaric confirms to Luke that Vargas was killed by a shapeshifting demon.

Jace and Clary find Luke's stuff and retrieve the tarot cards but Clary can't seem to get the Cup out of the card. Clary and Jace head outside to meet with Alec and Izzy. Izzy's necklace begins to flash, indicating demons nearby and they try to hurry away. Clary bumps into a sweet old lady who drops her purse...and then the old lady's face splits into the creepy demon face and roars at Clary.

Jace kills the demon and the group realizes there are many more demons around them. Clary leads them to a basement door and Alec insists he stay behind to provide cover fire for the group as they run away.

Simon tries to call Clary again but gets her voicemail. This time, he tells her that he thinks he's becoming a vampire. His hallucinations continue as he sees Camille again and she talks to him about the draw of blood. Simon thinks he sees vampire fangs in his mouth in his reflection in the mirror and he freaks, smashing the mirror.


Freeform/John Medland

Jace, Clary and Izzy make their way through the basement and Clary stops, taking the time to thank Jace for putting his butt on the line for her over and over. But is this really the time, Clary? I mean...demons and stuff? Izzy's necklace starts to pulse again and we hear demons scampering about. One leaps out of the darkness and onto Jace's face. No! NOT THE FACE!

Jace fights it off without too much trouble. But there are more and the demons are tracker demons. They need to split up to avoid getting caught and then meet up at the Institute. Clary leads a few of the demons down a blind corridor. She pulls out the tarot card and in her panic, manages to retrieve the Cup from the card. She orders the demons back...and they obey.

Simon's mom and sister are outside of his door with pasta. When he doesn't answer, they enter and discover his room is trashed and they are terrified.

Clary finds Jace and she tells him about getting the Cup and how she controlled the demons. Jace tells Clary to give him the Cup until they get back to the Institute but Clary shoves her blade through his stomach...turns out it was a shapeshifting demon and it disappears into a shower of sparks. Luke and Alec come upon Clary and she raises her blade defensively until they prove to her that they're not demons. Alec seems impressed that Clary handled herself and they head for the Institute.


Freeform/John Medland

Back at the Institute, Jace is panicked when Clary isn't there. He's in the process of putting together a plan to go and find her when she arrives. She hugs him and tells him that she got the Cup and he says he doesn't care, he was just worried about her (d'awwww). They have a moment and she plants a passionate kiss on him and Alec walks away.

Simon returns to the Hotel du Mort and breaks in, looking for answers. Camille arrives and says she was expecting him and then comes at him fast, fangs bared.

And that's the end! Such a great episode this week! Make sure you tune in next Tuesday to Freeform for an all new episode of Shadowhunters!



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