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Recaps PopWrapped | Recaps

Shadowhunters: 01x09, Rise Up

Michelle Dawson | PopWrapped Author

Michelle Dawson

03/28/2016 12:05 am
PopWrapped | Recaps
Shadowhunters: 01x09, Rise Up | Shadowhunters
Media Courtesy of Freeform/John Medland

This week was nothing short of intense as Shadowhunters punches us right in the feels with all the action and heartbreak we could possibly stand. Relationships are falling apart while others grow closer and lives hang in the balance! So, let's get to the recap!

Simon's on the run. Raphael goes after him and tries to calm him down telling Simon he needs to be in his new home, the Hotel du Mort. But Simon doesn't want to accept what Raphael has to say and reacts violently, attacking him before running away. 

Jace and Clary catch up with Raphael. Clary blames herself but Raphael tells her Simon won't remember how it happened because his first few minutes as a vampire will be a haze. Jace calls Alec for help but Alec is being treated for his injuries and Izzy picks up. She tells Jace what happened with the Forsaken and Jace tells Clary he needs to get back to the Institute. Clary argues that she needs to find Simon so Jace tells Clary to get Luke to help her. They share another kiss before parting ways. 

Magnus reinforces the wards on the Institute to boost their defenses. He tries to help Alec with his injuries as well but Alec pulls away.  

Shadowhunters Freeform/John Medland

Meliorn arrives at the Institute and things are tense with Izzy. Meliorn says he was asked there by the Clave to meet with them. Lydia arrives and arrests Meliorn on the spot for giving Institute secrets to Valentine but Izzy doesn't believe the charges and tries to defend him. 

Luke agrees to help Clary find Simon, recalling how Jocelyn never gave up on him when he was transformed into a werewolf and that saved his life. 

Shadowhunters Freeform/John Medland

Izzy and Alec's mom and dad are ordered back to Idris by the Clave. Alec fills Izzy in on their parents being former members of the Circle. Lydia swans in, introducing herself and immediately announces her engagement to Alec (Ugh). Jace and Izzy do not take the news well. 

Simon goes home and his mom arrives -- worried about him. She hugs him and Simon's teeth come out being close to his mother. He opens his mouth to bite but Clary arrives just in time. Simon is acting jumpy and his mom only worries more. But Clary convinces Simon to leave with her in an emotional moment with his mother. 

Alec's dad confronts him about his engagement to Lydia and Alec hits back about his history with the Circle. His dad warns him that he's making a mistake. 

Simon is with Luke and Clary, frightened about being around others without being in control of his urges. Simon believes Raphael changed him into a vampire but Clary is honest and tells him it was her choice, leaving Simon feeling betrayed. 

Shadowhunters Freeform/John Medland

Izzy tries to convince Jace that Meliorn is being railroaded. Meanwhile Meliorn is being questioned and tells Lydia that Clary has the Mortal Cup to make the point that Shadowhunters are keeping secrets from each other. 

Lydia searches the Institute for the cup and Alec issues and ultimatum to Jace, saying Clary has to turn the cup over or he will. 

Luke and Clary try to convince Simon to feed on some blood. Jace calls and tells Clary to draw a blocking rune on herself to hide from the Clave. Jace warns her that the Clave knows she found the cup and that they want it, and her, in custody. 

Clary, Simon and Luke go to the Hotel du Mort to hide out. But Raphael orders Luke stay outside because he is a werewolf. 

Lydia orders Meliorn be taken away to the Silent Brothers for more questioning. Of course, questioning with the Silent Brothers is actually torture.

Jace and Izzy try to recruit Magnus to help them steal the cup out of the Institute and he reluctantly agrees. His condition is that Alec never finds out. 

Raphael locks Simon and Clary in a cage together, taunting Simon in a skeevy way to see if he'll eat Clary. Simon struggles against his urges, telling Clary what he's going through with his bloodlust. Clary tries to explain her painful decision to turn Simon into a vampire when Simon calls out for Raphael to get him some blood. Raphael tells Clary that her relationship with Simon is over now because she's a Shadowhunter and he's a vamp. 

Shadowhunters Freeform/John Medland

Outside of Alec's room, Magnus uses magic to steal Alec's stele and Jace uses it to open the safe in the floor and retrieve the card with the cup in it. Magnus returns the stele and Alec emerges from his room. Alec thanks Magnus for helping him with his choice to follow his heart and tells Magnus he proposed to Lydia. Magnus is saddened at the news but hides it somewhat well. He walks away, leaving Alec looking upset. 

Izzy is frustrated at the situation as she and Jace are packing up gear for a rescue mission to help Meliorn.  Hodge intercepts them. They claim they are leaving to find Clary and he lets them pass. 

Alec questions Lydia's decision to take Meliorn to the Silent Brothers. Lydia peddles Alec a story about not torturing another suspect in the past and that's why her ex fiance died. Alec buys it - hook, line and sinker. And I'm liking Lydia less and less.

Simon continues to fret over being a Downworlder and Clary opens up more about her decision. Simon admits that he's angry with Clary but could never hate her. Clary explains that in spite of any divide, the two of them will not be separated. Raphael releases Clary and Simon. Jace, Luke and Izzy meet them outside and they explain what is happening to Meliorn and their plan to rescue him from the Silent Brothers. Clary recruits the vampires to help them and Luke's werewolf pack on their mission. Raphael says that if Simon pledges his allegiance, the vampires will stand with Simon. So Simon agrees, saying he has to protect the Downworlders now because it's his world. 

The assembled group head out to rescue Meliorn at the City of Bones. The werewolves and the vampires nearly brawl and Clary plays mediator. Jace does his best to reassure Clary and returns her necklace that Magnus gave her and Alec had previously confiscated. 

Izzy issues a reminder to Raphael that no one gets hurt. Clary arms up with her seraph blades and runes. Alec arrives with Meliorn as his escort and Alec senses a trap, ordering the other Shadowhunters to secure the area. Alex takes Meliorn inside and the group makes fast work of the Shadowhunter guards. Clary and Jace stop Alec, pleading with him to let Meliorn go but he refuses. Jace jumps Alec and Clary helps Meliorn escape. Jace confronts Alec about his feelings for him, saying he knows why Alec has been making the decisions he has and Alec loses it, attacking Jace. Alec nearly kills Jace but stops himself. Jace begs Alec to leave with them and fight Valentine together but Alec stubbornly refuses. Jace walks away -- heartbroken. 

Clary and Simon say goodbye. She needs to take Meliorn to the Seelies and Simon has to stay at the hotel to learn some control over his new vampiric urges.  Clary hugs Simon and he pushes her away...saying he hasn't had dinner yet. Clary leaves and Raphael welcomes Simon to his new home. 

Meliorn and Izzy share a kiss. She heads back to the Institute, leaving Meliorn with Clary and Jace. Meliorn is impressed with Clary and he offers to help her find Valentine.

And that's where we leave off. What did you think of this week's episode? Make sure you tune in next week to Freeform for more Shadowhunters at 9/8c.


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