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Recaps PopWrapped | Recaps

Shadowhunters: 01x10, The World Inverted

Michelle Dawson | PopWrapped Author

Michelle Dawson

03/18/2016 9:31 am
PopWrapped | Recaps
Shadowhunters: 01x10, The World Inverted | The World Inverted
Media Courtesy of Freeform/John Medland

The action is really ramping up this week in "The World Inverted" as Clary travels to another dimension to find the portal that leads to Valentine.  We see all the familiar faces without (most of) the drama in the alternate universe. The highlight of the show is likely seeing a happier Simon after so many episodes of torture for the poor boy. He seems to be coming to terms with his existence and is even exhibiting some of that Simon humor we've come to love so much! But enough chatter, let's get to the recap!

Meliorn takes Clary and Jace to the Seelie clave and explains to Clary that the reason her necklace doesn't work like a normal portal shard is because its from a portal in another dimension and not merely another portal on Earth.  

Alec is angry about everything and questions Izzy about Jace and Clary while Lydia questions a Shadowhunter who was a part of the  guard at the City of Bones about the attack. He says that the people who attacked and rescued Meliorn were Shadowhunters.

Meliorn tells Jace that only Clary can search for the portal that takes her to Valentine. Meliorn sets up a magical connection to the other dimension at a huge risk to himself. If the Seelie Queen found out he was aiding them in this way, he could be executed. Meliorn explains that the parallel universe where Clary must travel has no Shadowhunters or demons. He warns Clary not to allow the alternate version of herself consume her, causing her to become stuck in the other universe forever. 

Alaric warns Luke that he needs to focus on pack business and Simon shows up. Raphael had appointed him vampire ambassador to werewolves. But he isn't greeted kindly due to his transformation into "Nerdferatu" (easily one of the best words to hit television -- EVER). Luke brings him in and sits him down anyway. Simon explains that his training as a vampire isn't going very well and Raphael is losing patience with him. When a cute girl delivers food to the table, his fangs pop out. Luke understands Simon's plight because new werewolves experience the same problems.

The World Inverted Freeform/John Medland

Meliorn opens the door to the other dimension and Clary passes through and she's suddenly in an apartment with Valentine. Clary pills a knife and asks where her mother is but Valentine laughs it off, asking if it's something from a cosplay. Her mother walks in and the two hug and suddenly family is having breakfast like the picture of domesticity.  Apparently, in this universe, Clary, Valentine and her mom are all one, big happy family. They mention a party that night in honor of Valentine at The Institute with a Mad Hatter theme. The television is on in the background and the family pauses to watch a cheesy commercial showing Hodge and Luke as spokesmen for Magnus Bane, a tarot card reader who supplied them life-changing advice, guiding them into careers as a martial arts dojo owner and rare book seller. The commercial lulls Clary into feeling like she belongs in this universe until she finally snaps out of it and hustles out of the apartment to find the portal.

Back at The Institute, Lydia awkwardly apologizes to Alec as he walks past her and places Izzy under arrest for "high treason" against The Clave. Lydia's only evidence is that only a few people knew about the "Meliorn Op" aka the "let's take Meliorn to the Silent Brothers so they can torture information out of him until he dies" plan. Izzy accuses Lydia of being no better than Valentine and hiding behind The Clave to kill Downworlders. But Lydia claimed she is just following the law. Alec is upset because if Izzy is convicted, she'll be stripped of her runes and banished.

In the alternate universe, Clary meets up with Simon at an outdoor coffee shop where Izzy and Alec are also gathered. Alec is a party planner (working on the Mad Hatter party)  and Izzy is a hyper-intellegent techie and Simon's girlfriend. Jace is running a coffee truck called "Java Jace" and in this universe, is clearly in love with Clary, expressing his emotions easily. He pulls her away from the group and plants a steamy kiss on her, causing her to get lost in this universe for a little while until she can snap out of it and drag herself away.

Back at the Chinese restaurant, Luke and Simon are talking about the similarity between werewolves and vampires while strolling outside. They are interrupted by the Internal Affairs officer there to arrest Luke for the murders of his captain and the demon murders around town. Simon loses control and leaps at the officer. But Luke manages to catch him with his "wolf reflexes."

Jace is pacing nervously outside the portal as Meliorn is mediating. But Meliorn senses demons on the way, attracted to the other dimension because it's peaceful and uninhabited by other demons and Shadowhunters.

The World Inverted Freeform/John Medland

Clary is with Magnus and he's reading her fortune with tarot cards, basically telling her all about her relationship with Jace. Clary starts to slip again but is jolted out by Magnus's cat, Chairman Meow. Clary tells Magnus that she knows he's a warlock and that she's a Shadowhunter. He's skeptical and she tries to prove it by showing him her runes but of course, she doesn't have them in this dimension. She draws a picture of a demon to convince Magnus to help her but his magic is basically gone, having not practiced in so many years. 

Lydia is in the training room when Alec comes to see her. She thinks he is breaking off the engagement but instead, tells her that Jace, Clary and werewolves and vampires were also at the City of Bones. Alec offers up the Mortal Cup in exchange for Izzy's freedom. Lydia is a little too excited about the prospect of finding out where The Cup is located. Alec opens the cubby to show her but finds that The Cup is missing and knows Jace is to blame.

Magnus mixes up a potion to restore his power but it doesn't work. Clary takes off her necklace and when Magnus touches it, the energy sets off his power and he can locate the portal -- in the basement of The Institute. Luckily they have access at the party later that night.

Alec confronts Izzy about Jace taking the Cup and Alec hits the roof. He wants to track down Jace but Izzy says he's in the Seelie realm and can't be tracked through traditional means. But Alec plans to use his parabatai bond to track Jace, which poses considerable damage to both Alec and Jace and could potentially break their bond. Alec is willing to take the risk, claiming he doesn't trust Jace anymore.

The IA officer wakes to find Simon threatening to drain him of blood with a pump -- pretending to be the demonic killer. Simon does an incredible job of acting crazy until Luke shows up to save the cop and shoots Simon several times in the chest. 

Clary arrives home to find Izzy panicking because she decided to go to kickboxing class and ended up with a black eye. Clary fixes Izzy's black eye with makeup and then asks if Izzy can get Magnus on the guest list.

The World Inverted Freeform/John Medland

At the party, Valentine is schmoozing (turns out he's a tech guru) and Izzy is standing close by as his developer. Clary's mom shows up and he immediately stops to dance with her. It's kind of lovely to see him not evil and the two of them happy and in love.

Jace shows up, asking Clary why she's acting strange and Valentine does the overprotective dad thing with him...and again, it's kind of sweet to see. Jace is really clingy in this universe, asking why Clary left so quickly that morning. Jace and Clary dance and again, Clary loses focus and fails to even recognize Magnus when he arrives.

Back at The Institute, Alec prepares to use the parabatai bond to track Jace against everyone's advice. Alec is very angry, saying he's not going to let Jace sacrifice his sister for "his girlfriend's pointless crusade." And even Hodge is surprised at Alec's harshness. Hodge agrees to help Alec as long as he doesn't let it go too far and let the parabatai bond break. But Alec doesn't care, saying Jace is dead to him.

In the Seelie realm, Jace and Meliorn fight off a demon attack and Alec chooses THAT moment to distract him with his tracking attempt. Jace falls to the ground in pain and unable to help Meliorn fight the demon who punches out Meliorn and escapes into the portal.

The World Inverted Freeform/John Medland

In the alternate universe, Magnus is trying to get into the party but apparently, his name isn't on the list. Alec is nearby and spots him, and tells the doorman to let him. Alec gives him a drink and toasts, "To us." But Magnus is distracted looking at Clary when Alec tries to flirt with him. Magnus leaves and Alec watches him go, saying, "Playing hard to get. I love a challenge." Words Magnus once used talking about Alec.

Clary and Jace are making out on the dance floor when Simon pulls Clary away. Apparently, they are really good bros in this universe and even have a special high five thing. Weird. Simon tells Clary that he's asking Izzy to move in with him and she's really excited.

The World Inverted Freeform/John Medland

Magnus grabs Clary to look for the portal and she doesn't seem to recognize him. Clary tries to get away with him and he shows her images using his magic to snap her out of it. They make their way to the basement and Clingy Jace sees her go, immediately getting jealous.

In our realm, Luke and Simon have managed to successfully fool the IA officer with their act and Alaric is grateful to Simon for saving Luke telling him, " The pack is indebted to you." Could come in handy in a pinch!

In the alt realm, Clary and Magnus find the portal in the basement and Jace comes floundering in being Clingy-Pouty-Jace . They are attacked by the demon and Jace has no idea what to do.

In this realm, Jace asks Meliorn to grant him entry into the alt realm to catch the demon that passed through. Meliorn warns that he won't have his Seraph blade and demons don't disintegrate in that realm. Alec and Lydia arrive too late and are unable to follow Jace through the portal.

In the alt world, that Jace is freaking out and then suddenly calms as our Jace takes over his body. The demons attack and Jace and Clary fight it but it stabs Jace in the neck with its tentacle thing. Jace is infected with demon venom but they have to get through the portal so that he can draw a rune on his body to stave off the venom. Jace warns Magnus to close the portal to protect that world from demons. Magnus thanks Clary for giving him back his magic and they pass through the portal.

Back in this realm, Alec is upset that he couldn't get to Jace, saying their bond was too weak. He tells Izzy about his plan to get the Cup to trade for her freedom. But Alec says they have to go forward with the trial and Izzy assured him that she understands.

Jace and Clary land in Valentine's factory hideout in Chernobyl. Jace draws a rune on himself to slow the spread of the demon venom. They discover a table of potions meant to create an army. The factory seems deserted but something is banging on a metal door to escape. Jace opens the door to find a man huddled inside -- his father.

And now there are only three more episodes this season! Be sure to tune in next week to Freeform at 9/8 c for more Shadowhunters!



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