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Recaps PopWrapped | Recaps

Shadowhunters: 01x11, Blood Calls To Blood

Michelle Dawson | PopWrapped Author

Michelle Dawson

03/25/2016 9:18 am
PopWrapped | Recaps
Shadowhunters: 01x11, Blood Calls To Blood | Blood Calls To Blood
Media Courtesy of Freeform/John Medland

In another stellar episode of Shadowhunters, we see Izzy go on trial, Alec recruits Magnus for help, and things start to get weird when Jace's father returns -- in more than one way. "Blood Calls To Blood" delivers the goods and we only have one episode before the season finale, so the drama is really ramping up! How will it all end? But enough of this gab, let's get to the recap!

We pick up right where we left off last week as Jace is stunned to see his father, Michael Wayland, stumble out of the metal cage in Chernobyl. Jace is slowly being killed by the demon venom so Michael asks for his stele to reinforce the rune. He fumbles through Jace's jacket and in a blink-and-you-'ll-miss-it moment, Wayland pauses when he pulls out the tarot card with the Cup painted on -- giving us the first clue that he may not be who he says. The three go through another portal and return to the Jade Wolf for help.

Alec is trying to figure out a way to get Izzy out of the trial but Izzy is ready to face what she must. Alec thinks he can make the trial go away if he can get the Cup but they don't know where Jace and Clary went. Izzy is skeptical that Alec can do anything but Alec begs her to let him help.

Blood Calls To Blood

Freeform/John Medland

Simon and Luke are at the Jade Wolf and Luke is trying to get Simon to adapt to his surroundings. Clary, Jace and his father arrive and Luke is stunned to see Michael Wayland. Jace needs a blood transfusion to survive and Simon takes Clary to the Hotel du Mort to get the blood from Raphael. Luke and Michael talk about the past and Michael assures Luke that Valentine would never hurt Jocelyn because he still loves her.

Simon and Clary arrive at the Hotel du Mort and Raphael denies having any fresh blood. Simon pulls Raphael aside and tells him about some gossiping vampires talking about Camille's former bad habits keeping humans around to drink from humans (an offense that breaks the Accords). When Raphael still refuses to help, Simon threatens Raphael with telling The Clave about his part in kidnapping Simon with Camille. Raphael agrees to help and gives Clary a few bags of type o blood. But Raphael refuses to let Simon leave, saying his duties have changed and he is no longer the ambassador to the werewolves.

Alec is trying to convince Lydia to delay the trial until they can find Jace and Clary when the High Inquisitor arrives. The High Inquisitor is concerned that the patterns happening now are what happened when Valentine first rose to power. But Lydia assures her that Valentine had nothing to do with Meliorn's escape.

Back at the Jade Wolf, Jace gets his blood transfusion and begins to improve. Michael pulls Clary aside to chat and he says that he knew Jocelyn was carrying her when she fled from Valentine but he never told him. Clary looks confused for a moment, wondering why Valentine would ask about Jocelyn if he thought she was dead. Michael said Valentine never gave up hope because he loved Jocelyn so much. But Clary isn't convinced and Michael assured Clary that he'll help find her mother.

Clary is confused about Michael's behavior with Jace. She asks Jace about the story of the falcon and she can't understand how a man who was once so harsh is seemingly so loving now. But Jace writes it  off as the Shadowhunter way. Clary brings up the other dimension and what they felt for each other. She wonders if any of it was real and Jace assures her that what they have is real and they share another searing kiss. *swoon*

Clary wonders why Valentine would tell Michael about his plans and he said he didn't, he developed enhanced hearing because of the demon blood Valentine injected in him. Michael tells them they are hiding out in Renwick's, an abandoned hospital.

Izzy is angry and says she would rather be stripped of her runes and cast out than live in a society that sacrifices justice for law. Alec argues that she doesn't understand what would happen were she cast out without her Shadowhunter powers -- she would be helpless against the demons that would surely come after her. Alec argues that she needs an advocate at the trial.

Blood Calls To Blood

Freeform/John Medland

Alec goes to see Magnus on Izzy's behalf and asks for his help at the trial. Magnus agrees to help if Alec will give himself to Magnus but Alec refuses. Instead, Magnus asks for his bow and quiver and Alec reluctantly agrees.

Luke and Clary scout out the hospital and Clary talks about her suspicions about Michael. She asks how long ago Michael went missing, if it was 19 years ago, and Luke says it was 20 years ago. Clary and Luke discover the hospital is swarming with demons.

Blood Calls To Blood

Freeform/John Medland

Jace and Michael are training  and Michael accuses him of being weak. He tells Jace that romantic relationships get in the way of duty as a Shadowhunter but Jace argues that other Shadowhunters have relationships. But then Michael says he expected more of Jace and thinks he's meant for bigger things. Overall, it's an incredibly manipulative conversation.

Blood Calls To Blood

Freeform/John Medland

At trial, Magnus swears on the Silent Brother's sword that he will argue with integrity and honesty. He argues that Izzy acted in the interest of the Clave by saving Meliorn and the Accords. He argues further that the whole trial is a charade because the Clave wants the Cup but the High Inquisitor is unmoved.

Clary, Luke and Michael hatch a plan to storm the hospital and use the Cup to control the demons.

At trial, Lydia accuses Izzy of lying about Clary's involvement in the rescue of Meliorn. But Izzy continues to deny she had help and makes an impassioned speech about how the Shadowhunters are all following in Valentine's path by targeting Downworlders for their own purposes and then turning on each other.

Luke, Jace and Michael engage in a huge battle outside the hospital while Clary heads inside with the Cup to find her mother. After they dispatch the demons, Circle members show up and Luke stays behind to fight him, sending Jace and Michael inside to find Jocelyn and Clary. 

Clary makes her way into the hospital and into the room where her mother is being held, still comatose and under Valentine's spell. Michael and Jace arrive and seal the doors closed. Clary panics when Luke isn't there and demons are clawing at the doors and windows. Jace calms her down, convincing her that they will find a way to wake Jocelyn.  

Magnus calls Lydia to the stand and questions her about why she is prosecuting the case. Lydia makes a feeble excuse about the law being the law and then talks about how wrong it is to prosecute Izzy for wanting to save a life. She has a revelation about what the law should be versus what it is. Lydia withdraws the charges but the High Inquisitor renders her own verdict. Izzy is to be stripped of her runes and banished if they are not given the Mortal Cup in 24 hours.

Back at the hospital, Clary pulls out the Mortal Cup and commands the demons to "find Valentine." They continue to pound on the doors and windows and Michael convinces Clary to give him the Cup so that he can try to command the demons. Once he has the Cup, he slices through a rune on his arm and the glamour fades, revealing himself as Valentine. 

Valentine, with the Cup, orders the demons to attack his enemies but Clary only smiles. The demons continue to come and Clary shouts at them to "knock it off, guys." The demons immediately stop trying to crash into the room and Jace and Valentine look confused. She tells Valentine that he's not the only one who knows how to cast a glamour. Valentine is actually holding a coffee cup (the same "World's Best Dad" cup he was using in the other dimension) and Clary still has the real Mortal Cup. Clary asks if they should let the demons take care of him and Jace says no, he wants Valentine and Clary orders the demons away. Jace is angry about Valentine pretending to be his father but Valentine claims he actually is Jace's father. He says that the reason Clary and Jace are so drawn together is because they are meant to be -- they are brother and sister. Valentine opens a portal and Jace loses it and holds his blade to Valentine's throat but he can't seem to kill him. He vanishes through the portal and Luke arrives, completely distracted by Jocelyn and pledging to take her home.

Blood Calls To Blood

Freeform/John Medland

Back at the Institute, Clary and Jace are keeping vigil at Jocelyn's side and Alec is looking pissed in the corner. Jace informs Alec that Clary gave Lydia the Cup and is locking it up before they take it back to Idris. Alec doesn't want to talk to Jace but Jace is still angry that Alec intentionally weakened him through their parabatai bond and nearly killed him. Alec accuses Jace of betraying him and Jace claims that he was saving Alec from himself. He tells Alec that if he had gone through with delivering Meliorn to the Silent Brothers, it would have weighed on his conscience forever. But Alec is too bitter and angry to even consider Jace's point of view. To further twist the knife, Alec tells Jace that he is going to tell his sister she has a future, insinuating that Jace is no longer family. 

Jace is obviously hurt by Alec and returns to Clary and Jocelyn's side. Jace asks how Clary knew Michael was Valentine and Clary tells Jace about the clues. But she felt Jace wouldn't have believed her. Jace is convinced that he is too weak. Ashamed and confused, he walks away.

Izzy and Magnus are waiting together and Alec returns to tell Izzy that she's free -- the Cup has been turned over to The Clave. Magnus leaves and Alec walks him out. Alec gives Magnus his bow and quiver. Magnus argues that he likes Lydia but that Alec and Lydia are both going to be miserable in the end.  Magnus gives him back the bow and quiver, saying he doesn't know what he would do with it and leaves.

Luke and Simon are talking in the Jade Wolf about love and Simon confesses that he thought he'd found "the one" (Clary) but he guessed he was wrong and would always be alone. Then Luke tells Simon about the revelation that Clary and Jace are brother and sister. And Simon is hopeful again. 

Clary lingers outside Jace's door but she can't bring herself to talk to him and walks away, leaving him alone. 


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