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Recaps PopWrapped | Recaps

Shadowhunters: 01x12, Malec

Michelle Dawson | PopWrapped Author

Michelle Dawson

04/01/2016 4:45 am
PopWrapped | Recaps
Shadowhunters: 01x12, Malec | Malec
Media Courtesy of Freeform

One of Shadowhunter's most anticipated episodes finally happened this week and "Malec" did not disappoint! All season long we've been teased with this potential relationship as Alec struggled with his feelings for Magnus, his duty to his family, and what coming out would mean for his career. What we got was a scene straight out of the best romantic drama when Alec's walls finally came tumbling down and he followed his heart.

Jace and Clary are still coming to terms with last week's stunning revelation that Jace is actually her brother (or so it seems). Simon seems to be adjusting well to his new status as vampire hottie. And poor Luke refuses to leave Jocelyn's side although she remains comatose. But enough chatting, let's get to the recap!

We pick up with Isabelle preparing for the wedding and she's oddly excited to decorate in spite of the fact that Alec's wedding is a total sham. Jace drags her away to speculate -- they're looking for the warlock that helped Jocelyn create the spell that put her in a magical coma in hoped that he may have a way to wake her up.

Alec and Clary have a moment as they seem to work towards getting along. They actually thank each other -- Clary thanks Alec for helping get her mom back and Alec thanks Clary for returning the Cup and freeing Izzy. It's a lot of thanking, but it's nice to see Alec smiling and not just throwing shade. Magnus calls Alec to meet with him and Alec assumes that it's news about how to wake Jocelyn or find Valentine so he goes to meet with him.

Alec arrives at Magnus's apartment and Magnus says he's looking into the warlock who cast the spell on Jocelyn. But that's not Magnus's priority right now, he's trying to talk Alec out of the wedding and into following his heart. Alec is upset and confused as Magnus delivers an incredibly passionate argument about love but he stubbornly pushes Magnus away, afraid to take the risk. And Magnus vows not to ask again.

Clary calls Simon and she asks Simon to be her date for Alec's wedding. Simon excitedly agrees and says he'll be there when the sun sets.

Things between Clary and Jace are super awkward and Magnus arrives to break the tension and help find the warlock who cast a spell on Jocelyn. He zeroes in on an old friend of his -- Ragnor Fell. They'll have to confront him face-to-face. Lydia and Alec arrive and the gang briefs them on Ragnor Fell. Alec wants to help but Jace and Magnus refuse because Alec has wedding plans to deal with.

Jace refuses to talk to Clary about what Valentine told them about Jace also being his son.

Izzy and Alec have a moment and she tells him he doesn't need to go through with the wedding. But Alec thinks it's for the best. Making the best of a bad situation, Izzy wants to throw Alec a bachelor party.

Magnus, Clary and Jace portal to Ragnor Fell's home just outside of London and conversation quickly turns tense as Magnus asks about the brother/sister situation. Jace accuses Jocelyn of just abandoning him and Clary leaps to her defense when the group is confronted with a protective ward cast by Ragnor Fell.


Freeform/John Medland

The three pass through the ward but only Clary seems to emerge and Clary goes inside his house. The home appears deserted at first, but Clary quickly spots a painting on the wall, a portrait of Fell. She pulls him out of the painting and he seems genuinely impressed that she found him so quickly. He confirms that he was the one who created the potion that put her mother to sleep and he can help her with an antidote. Clary bargains for the return of Magnus and Jace (who were lost when they passed through the protective wards) and Ragnor says that he will need The Book Of The White in order for him to create the antidote. The problem is that he doesn't have the book anymore. He goes upstairs to retrieve something to help find the book and is attacked and killed by a demon before he can get the object. Magnus orders Jace and Clary back to the Institute and vows to transport everything of Ragnor's to his place  after he takes care of Ragnor.

Jace and Clary arrive back at the Institute and Izzy asks Jace if he will be at Alec's bachelor party. Jace says no, they still haven't worked out their differences and he's waiting for Alec to come to him. But Jace is distracted. He knows the demon attack at Fell's had to come from information leaked from the Institute and he suspects Lydia as the leak. Clary talks Jace into letting her talk to Lydia because Jace is just too angry to do it with a clear head.

Clary talks to Lydia about their suspicions and directly asks her if she had anything to do with it. Lydia denies she has anything to do with the demon attack and Clary makes it clear that she'll do what it takes to protect her friends. Lydia says that she also cares about them and that's why she's marrying Alec. And it turns out that she's aware of Alec's feelings for Magnus but that as Shadowhunters, they understand that duty is more important than desire. Clary and Lydia come to a bit of an understanding.

Izzy arrives at the Hotel du Mort to visit Simon, asking for advice on how to throw a bachelor party. And Simon tells her that a bachelor party is all about friends being there for each other.

Ragnor's spirit visits Magnus and they talk about Camille, Magnus's former love. Camille broke his heart and he's finding himself in pain again over Alec.

Izzy sets up Jace and Alec in a private bachelor party so the two can hash out their differences. They have a solid heart-to-heart and Jace apologizes for hurting Alec. Jace opens up about Clary and admits to falling in love with her. He says he thinks he's "sick or something." But Alec reassures him that he's not sick and it's just a confusing situation. And Jace tells Alec that it's important for him to follow his heart and Alec asks Jace to give him away at the wedding. Jace agrees, saying he will always be there for him.

Magnus is going through Ragnor's belongings as they remember their friendship together, talking about old relationships.


Freeform/John Medland

At the wedding, Maryse talks to Alec about how proud she is about his decision to marry Lydia. Simon arrives at sundown looking sharp in a sleek suit borrowed from Raphael. A Silent Brother calls to order the ceremony and Lydia walks down the isle looking stunning and happy. Alec looks terrified. Just when Lydia and Alec are about to mark each other with the marriage rune, Magnus arrives. Izzy admits that she invited Magnus but didn't think he'd show. Maryse tries to order Magnus away but he says he will only leave if Alec asks him to. Alec apologizes to Lydia because he can't go through with the wedding and Lydia is surprisingly sweet and understanding, telling Alec he deserves to be happy. And with that, Alec walks away and goes to Magnus. Alec takes Magnus by the lapels and the two share a kiss in front of everyone. The friends all appear proud and happy for Alec and Magnus, but Maryse is seething.



Alec is a little confused at what he'd done and Izzy is proud. Simon is giddy as he tells Alec and Magnus that what just happened was exactly like the old movie, The Graduate. The pair looks completely confused as Simon acts out the different parts to show them the similarities and Alec finally asks, "Who invited the vampire?" Comedy gold, my fellow Shadowhunter friends, comedy gold...

Jace thanks Lydia for what she did for Alec and asks about her future plans. She says she'll likely head back to Idris, saying she no longer has a place at the Institute. Jace assures her that she'll always have a place with them. Are they setting Lydia and Jace up for a potential romance now that he and Clary are taboo? It almost feels that way.

Jace acknowledges to Clary that he has to come to terms with his feelings for her but things are just very confusing right now.

Magnus gathers the group in another room and places all potential items of Ragnor's on a table that could lead to The Book Of The White. But Magnus is unsure which item will actually do the trick. Clary picks up a bookmark. In the alternate dimension, Magnus had a book of spells that contained the same bookmark. Magnus uses warlock tracking to find the owner of the book. And it turns out, the owner is Camille who is currently locked away in the Hotel du Mort.

Lydia is packing to leave for Idris and pulls the Mortal Cup from a hidden space in the wall when she is attacked by an unseen person. But her attacker is clearly male and wearing a tux. She is knocked unconscious and the the Cup is taken.

Clary shows Jace the box her mother kept with initials JC on the lid. Jace says JC stands for Jonathan Christopher, his full name. Clary assures him that Jocelyn never abandoned Jace. She kept the box of mementoes with her and she carried him with her every day. Jace is afraid that he darkness in him and thinks it makes perfect sense now knowing Valentine is his father. It's all very Luke and Vader.

Maryse confronts Alec, accusing him of humiliating their family in front of the Clave. She can't believe that he would destroy everything, "all for a Downworlder." She storms off and leaves Alec and Magnus with his dad, who seems more understanding. Robert leaves to tend to Maryse. Alec and Magnus agree to go on their first official date and get a drink sometime.

Hodge relieves Luke of his duty watching over Jocelyn, saying he needs to get some rest. But Hodge magically summons Valentine in a hologram-like communication as soon as Luke leaves the room. It seems Hodge is working for Valentine and retrieved the Cup in exchange for Valentine breaking the Clave's punishment rune.

And that is where we leave off for next week's season finale! I can't believe it's already that time, fans! Join us next week when we'll be live-tweeting the West Coast season finale @PopWrapped on Twitter! And tune in to Freeform next Tuesday at 9/8c!


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