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Recaps PopWrapped | Recaps

Shadowhunters, 01x13: Morning Star

Michelle Dawson | PopWrapped Author

Michelle Dawson

04/08/2016 11:20 am
PopWrapped | Recaps
Shadowhunters, 01x13: Morning Star | Morning Star
Media Courtesy of Freeform/John Medland

After a stellar first season, Shadowhunters ended with a bang, and a wicked cliffhanger, on Tuesday night with "Morning Star." The episode had everything; heartbreak, betrayal, love, and the general bad-assery of the best new supernatural-fighting team on television!  We laughed, we cried, we cringed -- what more could we ask for? And now, we brace ourselves for the inevitable withdrawal as we await the new season. It's okay...we'll get through it together, I promise.  And don't forget, Friday (4/8) at 10:30/9:30c on Freeform is the Superfan Suite: Shadowhunters special!  But until then, let's recap, shall we?

Jace is still super-pissed that he didn't kill Valentine when he had the chance. He's afraid that because Valentine raised him, he could be like Valentine. Clary does her best to talk him down, eventually convincing him that they just need to focus on the mission and wake up Jocelyn. The key to doing that is in finding Camille and The Book of the White. Camille, of course, is imprisoned by Raphael in the Hotel du Mort so Clary and Jace ask Simon for help. Simon agrees to set a meeting for them with Raphael.

Morning Star

Freeform/John Medland

Alec tries to talk to his parents. As it turns out, Maryse isn't angry that Alec is gay, but upset that he chose Magnus. His parents tell him that Magnus has a reputation as a Lothario, warning Alec that there is a lot he doesn't know about Magnus. But Alec is determined to get to know Magnus and goes off to find Lydia, to thank her for "saving his life" at the wedding.

In the corridor, Magnus is pacing nervously as he awaits Alec. Alec is convinced that his parents will never forgive him, but Magnus reminds him not to underestimate the love of a parent for their child. Magnus worries that Alec may regret his decision and Alec is less than convincing that he doesn't. Magnus suggests they slow things down and just go out on a date and Alec agrees. The couple discovers Lydia, semi-conscious on the floor, her only word is "Hodge." 

Morning Star

Freeform/John Medland

Magnus tends to Lydia's wounds as the team gathers to look at surveillance footage from inside the Institute to see who attacked Lydia. Refusing to believe it could be Hodge who attacked her, the team is stunned and hurt when they witness the video of the incident and realize they have been betrayed. They watch as Hodge activates his secret communicator ring and talks to someone the cameras can't see. But the team deducts it has to be Valentine. The team realizes the ring was smuggled inside the Institute during the earlier forsaken attack, when Alec was injured. 

Hodge is lead to meet Valentine on a ship parked in the harbor. He hands over the cup and Valentine "purifies" a tank full of blood with the cup. He fills the cup and feeds the contents to a man who immediately collapses but then stands again. Valentine hands him a Seraph Blade and the blade glows -- he's a new Shadowhunter.

Morning Star

Freeform/John Medland

Jace and Alec arm up to go after Valentine but Clary worries that Jace is letting his emotions get the best of him. His anger is clear and Clary is definitely right to worry. Even Alec looks a little nervous about his parabatai's emotional state. But Jace tells Clary to focus on waking Jocelyn and leaves.

Jace calls Luke for help tracking Hodge. Luke sends his pack to hunt down Hodge and take him alive. 

Valentine marks the new Shadowhunter with a run of The Circle and then orders the new recruit to hunt down Jace and Clary. Hodge is confused about why Valentine needs Jace and Clary since Valentine has the cup. But Valentine brushes him off and tells him to leave. Hodge is angry that Valentine is going back on his word to protect him from The Clave. But Valentine simply says that now that he has the cup, The Clave's days are numbered. He doesn't trust a traitor like Hodge to be one of his people.

Morning Star

Freeform/John Medland

Izzy, Clary, and Simon meet with Raphael but he refuses to give them access to Camille. Simon tries to talk Raphael into letting them talk to her, but Raphael says Camille is far to dangers to let out. Raphael agrees to let the group go through Camille's things and Clary argues that the spell book isn't something she would have just left laying around. 

Hodge stumbles across Luke's wolf pack as they're tracking him and Jace jumps him. He's tells Jace that he's too late, Valentine already has the cup. Jace asks Hodge why he betrayed them, saying they treated him like family. But Hodge tells Jace about the Lightwoods cutting a deal with The Clave to have him punished for the crimes they committed. He argues that he was never their teacher, but just a prisoner. Hodge and Jace fight it out in a pretty intense battle, ending in Jace cutting off his hand and nearly killing him before Alec can step in and stop him. Alec treats Hodge's wound with his stele while Jace steals the communication ring on Hodge's severed hand. He slips it on his finger and Valentine appears and speaks to him.

Valentine is being uber creepy, talking about how he raised Jace and how The Clave has failed humanity. He's determined to stop the spread of demons with the cup and tells Jace to come with him.

Izzy is looking through Camille's things, but not very carefully. Raphael gets suspicious and asks where her friends are.

Simon wheels a coffin into the room and a vampire confronts him, asking why he didn't know about a new prisoner. The vampire goes to find Raphael for confirmation. Raphael realizes Izzy is stalling him and goes after Simon and Clary. Clary gets out of the coffin and she and Simon look for Camille.

Alec is talking to Luke about his concerns about Jace's mental/emotional state. Luke warns that it sounds like the same pattern he saw in Valentine so many years ago but Alec argues Jace isn't Valentine. Luke agrees but says they need to keep an eye on Jace. Naturally, they turn around and Jace and Hodge are gone.

Simon warns that as soon as they open Camille's coffin, everything they've done to unite the Downworld will be undone. Clary argues that id they don't stop Valentine, there won't BE a Downworld. Simon and Clary open Camille's coffin and she hisses at them. But Clary stops her with her blade while they convince her to hand over the Book of the White. Camille agrees to take them to her apartment where the book is stashed if they free her.

Alec calls Jace to convince him to come back but Jace refuses, telling Alec to help Clary because he's going after Valentine alone. Jace tortures Hodge for information about where Valentine is hiding. 

Simon, Clary, and Camille are confronted by Raphael. He declares Simon has betrayed them and orders his vamps to kill them. Izzy shows up and cracks a hole in the wall, letting in the sunlight to block Raphael from attacking. 

Camille demands Simon sign a document saying he asked to be turned into a vampire, essentially pardoning her from killing Simon in the first place. They agree to her terms and go to see Magnus so that he can draft the document. Magnus is NOT happy to see Camille but agrees to help. Clary tells Simon that he doesn't have to go along with Camille's demand. But Simon says the most important thing to him is waking up Jocelyn.

Camille toys with Magnus, spouting off some jibber-jabber about immortality and love. She tells Magnus that he doesn't know how to love someone and detects the scent of Angel blood (Alec) on him. She grabs him quickly and kisses him just as Alec and Izzy walk in the room. Magnus pushes her away but Camille just won't stop talking, doing her best to push everyone's buttons. 

Alec briefs Simon and Clary on Jace, the cup, and Valentine. Camille agrees to lead the team to her apartment to retrieve the book.

Hodge leads Jace to the harbor where the ship was docked but the ship is no longer there. Desperate, Jace contacts Valentine again and tells him he wants to join him. But Valentine, being one step ahead, says that he'll meet up with Jace but he'll do it by tracking down his friends. Jace tries to call Clary to warn her but she doesn't pick up.

In Camille's apartment, Simon signs the contract and pardons Camille. Clary and Simon demand the book but Camille doesn't know where the book actually is. Dot hid the book somewhere in her HUGE apartment, among thousands of books. Jace finally gets in touch with Clary and warns her that Valentine is on the way. He tries to convince her to leave for her own safety but she refuses. Simon and Clary find a cookbook that Jocelyn used and inside, they find a piece of the bookmark. Clary sets their piece of the bookmark inside and the book magically transforms into The Book of the White. Izzy comes in to get them, saying Valentine has arrived and they have to leave. 

Valentine comes through a portal in Camille's house with several of his Circle cronies. Valentine is about to kill Simon when Jace arrives. They have a dramatic back-and-forth as the Circle members each take one of the team hostage. Clary offers up the book for her friends but Valentine refuses, saying he wants Clary to wake up Jocelyn because he's convinced they'll eventually join him. Jace makes Valentine guarantee his friends' safety if he goes with him. Jace leaves through a portal with Valentine.

Back at the Institute, Hodge is in custody and Clary is stricken over Jace. Simon consoles her, promising they will save him. They tell each other they love one another and share a hug.

Magnus does his best to reassure Alec that Camille doesn't know what she's talking about in terms of Magnus's capability to love.

Magnus performs the spell to wake Jocelyn and she opens her eyes, falling into Luke's arms (and yes, I cried at that moment). Clary and Jocelyn have an emotional reunion.

Valentine and Jace are on the ship with hundreds of new Shadowhunters and things are looking really...really scary now.



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