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The Shannara Chronicles: 01x03, Fury

Amrita Aulakh | PopWrapped Author

Amrita Aulakh

01/18/2016 7:05 am
PopWrapped | Recaps
The Shannara Chronicles: 01x03, Fury | The Shannara Chronicles
Media Courtesy of TheMovieNetwork

This episode of The Shannara Chronicles, “Fury”, picks up where the last episode left off, with the demon (or The Fury as its called) heading towards Will and Amberle.  Allanon is quick to kill the Fury – seriously badass – and stops Amberle from going back for her aunt. Amberle is distraught to discover Lorin is dead along with all the other chosen. Will comforts her by talking about his mother’s passing and the helplessness he felt in regards to her.

Amberle is quick to get over Lorin’s passing as she reveals she's afraid to go back home because she caused the events that are coming to pass. Allanon collapses from his wounds from the demon he killed at the beginning of the episode. Will and Amberle set off to find some sort of healing mud - Will refuses to leave Allanon behind. We discover Amberle's brother feels guilty for their older brother dying and wishes he had died instead.

Amberle is shocked Will is a Shannara and continues to insist its better she stay away from her home and her people. The discussion is cut short as Will finds the healing mud. Amberle doesn't seem that saddened by Lorin’s death as she readily checks Will out as he strips.

Eretria arrives at the scene and holds a knife to Amberle's throat. Will begs her to let him save Allanon and warns her of the demons that will come after them. Eretria doesn't budge and has the two collared after referring to Will as a mutt and Amberle as a bitch. From the way Eretria acts towards Amberle, it’s clear she has issues with her own self-worth and despises people who act better than her aka Amberle.

Will and Amberle fight about Eretria and Amberle attempts to provoke her but gets promptly head butted and knocked out by Eretria. Will continues to have faith in her and says he knows there's more to her than just being a rover. Cephalo tries to coerce and convince Will to join their rover family. Eretria isn't willing to kill Amberle because she doesn't kill for sport but after being threatened by Cephalo, she seems to have no choice.

Allanon is healed after swallowing; actually...I'm not sure what that scene was about – he was healed by some red dust looking particles. Eretria frees Amberle and demands she escape but she refuses to leave Will behind and instead holds a knife to Eretria’s throat. Will refuses to become a rover and Amberle comes out with Eretria. Cephalo doesn't seem all too sad about the fact that Amberle is threatening Eretria, who is quick to disarm Amberle.  He demands Will use his Shannara Magic - they're interrupted by the appearance of yet another Fury , who heads straight towards Eretria. Amberle saves her life and Will saves them both by killing the Fury with his magic; he promptly faints.

Amberle continues to annoy me by threatening Eretria once again – all Eretria did was ask if Will is still alive. Cephalo comes close to killing Amberle by strangling her, but Allanon saves her just in time (damn it). Allanon gives Amberle a reality check and basically tells her to accept her destiny. Will awakens and the three head off once more. They stumble upon corpses and animal carcasses and Amberle questions if it's the work of demons. Will and Amberle find a man shackled - Bandon, the young seer shown in the previews.

His parents are the ones who locked him up; Amberle decides he's joining them on their journey. Eretria attempts to escape, but Cephalo locks her in a chokehold and threatens to kill her once more. Meanwhile, Bandon sees a vision of Amberle dead when she touches him. Amberle is set to meet the Elvan counsel for they hold her responsible for what's happening and blame her for abandoning her duty as the chosen. Will parts ways with Amberle and Allanon because he refuses to become like his father - Will and Amberle say goodbye by saying each other's full, what was the point in doing that?

Bandon stops Will by telling him something terrible will happen to Amberle - at this point that's kind of what I'm hoping for. Amberle meets with the Elvan counsel and attempts to convince that them the demons are their enemies. The king informs the counsel once more that the Ellcrys will bear a seed and one of the chosen must carry the seed to safe hold (blood fire) where the Ellcrys will be reborn. Will shows up and gives a "heroic" speech in Amberle's defense; the counsel reinstates Amberle as the chosen, but she must enter the tree and pass the ultimate test - if she doesn't, she will die.

Overall, this episode continued to enthrall while also establishing its previously introduced characters. By the end of this episode, I thoroughly disliked Amberle while Eretria became my favorite. There's a difference between being confidant and being a cocky asshole - the latter seems to fit Amberle quite perfectly. Amberle's foolish actions and lack of a reaction to Lorin dying didn't sit well with me - especially since it's blatantly obvious she likes Will as more than a friend. Apparently there's no grieving process for elves.

I'm not one for pitting female characters against each other but...Team Eretria all the way. I hope future episodes will solely focus on her perspective because she's such a fascinating character. While Amberle continues to get on my nerves, I do hope to see her and Eretria get along - the dynamic between the two is electric as it is, how would it be if the two actually got along? And please Shannara...stop this love triangle nonsense - I couldn't roll my eyes any harder and no, you’re not being subtle when forcing scenes between Amberle and Will onto the audience. If anything, the love triangle seems to almost hinder the main storyline.

What did you think of Fury? Let us know in the comments down below!



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