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Recaps PopWrapped | Recaps

The Shannara Chronicles: 01x04, The Changeling

Amrita Aulakh | PopWrapped Author

Amrita Aulakh

01/22/2016 4:25 pm
PopWrapped | Recaps
The Shannara Chronicles: 01x04, The Changeling | Changeling
Media Courtesy of TV Equals

This week’s episode of The Shannara Chronicles, “Changeling,” begins with Allanon stating that if Amberle succumbs to her fear then she will die within the tree. That's Allanon’s dire statement as Amberle ventures through the Ellcrys. The Ellcrys, or a flower within the Ellcrys, leads Amberle to a bloody battlefield where she's confronted by Lorin - who claims she never loved him and accuses her of loving Will. The show seems to be indicating Amberle is falling in love with Will - really? She's known him for how long again?

Lorin disappears and in his place, Will appears. The quest is more important than any one life - with that statement, the two begin to fight with Amberle eventually stabbing Will who congratulates her and says she's passed the test, "Don't let anything distract you, not fear nor love." Amberle asks the whereabouts of the blood fire and she immediately has a vision - in the vision Will and Eretria are present. Amberle now has possession of the Ellcrys seed and she must venture to the blood fire and complete her destiny. The changeling communicates with the head demon in charge, who demands Amberle be killed before she starts her journey to the blood fire. Amberle remains mum about Eretria’s involvement in future events, much to my annoyance.

Amberle draws a picture of what she saw in her vision (a symbol on a stain glass window). Amberle begins to push Will away by being her usual crabby self-times 10. Meanwhile, Eretria sneaks into the castle while Amberle has a heart to heart with Catania; she recounts seeing Lorin while inside the Ellcrys and admits she never loved Lorin. She is then escorted back to the palace after someone is found dead. Bandon tells Will that he saw a vision of Amberle and another girl dead - the other girl being Eretria. Bandon is yet another fascinating character who I wish to know more about. Eretria successfully sneaks into the castle and follows Will to his room.

More Amberle family drama ensues and quite honestly - I didn't care for what took place here. Eretria tells Will that Cephalo isn't her father; he bought her when she was little and spent her entire life fending off his men. She tells him she wants a new life, one away from Cephalo. The two then kiss and proceed to sleep together; then she steals the elf stones. While it’s true she came there for the elf stones, I do believe everything she told Will beforehand.

Bandon sees a vision of Eretria killing Catania after she bumps into him, but what he fails to realize is that it was the changeling who shapeshifted into Eretria’s form. He manages to stop the murder from taking place, but poor Eretria is arrested for attempting to murder Amberle. Even Will condemns Eretria and insults her, but he starts to have second thoughts after Eretria asks him what real reason she would have to attempt to kill Amberle. Eretria may be a lot of things but she's not a killer. Her complexity is what makes her stand out as a character in comparison to the others.

Will tries to defend Eretria and asks Amberle to reconsider. This would have been the perfect moment for Amberle to reveal details about her vision. Honestly, Amberle continues to make foolish decisions that make it hard to like her as a character. Allanon also believes Eretria is innocent and wants to draw out the real killer. They used Bandon’s abilities and from what he sees (from Lorin’s memories), Allanon is able to figure out it’s a changeling response for the murders and attacks.

They decide to use Eretria as a decoy and love triangle shenanigans take place - I really do feel bad for Eretria. Will seems to be treating her like a regretted one night stand and a dirty little secret while pining away for Amberle. I always end up liking the less fortunate individual in any love triangle. Allanon is able to kill the changeling who was taking on the form of Will.

Amberle admits she saw Eretria in her vision and thought that meant she's evil. Allanon tells her she needs to trust the Ellcrys and says the three of them are meant to go to the blood fire together. The three set out on their journey, but not before Amberle sasses Eretria while Will watches on in worry. Cephalo spots the trio and says "don't worry, daddy's coming.”

The episode ends with the reveal that the changeling is very much alive. The next episode will deal with Cephalo and his rover company; it looks like Cephalo will attempt to rape Amberle; I'm hoping Eretria is the one that saves her - it'll only be fitting that she be the one that takes down her "father.”

The Shannara Chronicles continues to impress with the stunning visuals, but its main positive comes in the form of Eretria whereas the negatives are encompassed by Amberle. I really, really, really don't like Amberle; her better than thou attitude is starting to fray on my patience and I can't help but wish for her to receive a good ol'Rover ass kicking. That’s not to say I’ll dislike her forever, but the show’s portrayal of her isn’t a very good one. Fans of the books claim she’s better on the show than she is in the actual source material; this worries me for I can’t stand her the way she currently is.

There is so much character growth needed for me to fully like Amberle and her role in The Shannara Chronicles. Honestly, her thought process and behavior in regards to Lorin is what really irks me along with her flaming hatred towards Eretria. That’s obviously completely biased of me because I like Eretria, but hey: I hate who I hate. Also, how can Amberle be “falling in love” at such a rapid pace when she just lost her boyfriend? I’m having numerous issues with this especially since Lorin was nothing but a sweetheart when it came to Amberle. Let’s hope The Shannara Chronicles will change my opinion of Amberle with each passing episode, but with the show almost being at its half way point it’s not looking likely.

What did you think of “The Changeling?” Let us know if you enjoy how The Shannara Chronicles are developing in the comments down below!


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