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The Shannara Chronicles: 01x05, Reaper

Amrita Aulakh | PopWrapped Author

Amrita Aulakh

02/01/2016 6:49 am
PopWrapped | Recaps
The Shannara Chronicles: 01x05, Reaper | Reaper

This week’s The Shannara Chronicles opens with a flashback that introduces the audience to Amberle’s father Aine, while delving into the guilt Ander feels when it comes to the death of his older brother (Amberle’s father).

Due to Ander’s carelessness – which included him distracting Commander Tilton from her night watch duties - a Gnome is able to sneak into the sanctuary and attack King Eventine. Aine comes to his father’s defense and is killed by the Gnome; the Gnome is captured and imprisoned, but unfortunately Aine’s life could not be saved.

Back in the present, Eretria continues being dragged along and Wil comments she would see the hospitable sides of people if she stopped lying and cheating. I couldn't help the massive eye roll Wil's lines induced. I like and appreciate Eretria more than the others, because she's a flawed being; it is obvious there's more to her than meets the eye - I just wish Wil and Amberle acknowledged that instead of resorting to snide remarks. Wil does come to Eretria’s defense more often than not, but it’s almost like he wants her to be a perfect individual and we all know: nobody’s perfect. So why is Eretria being singled out?

Of course, I’m completely biased because Eretria is my favorite character – to me, she can do no wrong.

After his talk with Eretria, Wil tries to get Amberle to free her; his request falls on deaf ears. My opinion of Wil continues to shift with each scene; I find myself liking him one minute and then I simply don’t care for his character the next. His constantly shifting feelings for the two ladies in his life certainly don’t help his case. I remain unsure of exactly how I feel about Wil’s character, and with the show now reaching its half-way point, I’m hoping to form some sort of a solid opinion about him.

Amberle continues to push Wil away and he attempts to get closer; he admits the reason he didn't tell her about sleeping with Eretria was because he was embarrassed. Before the two can talk any further, Cephelo arrives with his Rover crew in tow. More drama ensues with the Elessedil family as Eventine continues to disregard Arion’s counsel as he insists they protect the Ellcrys. Bandon and Catania share a cute moment and it becomes apparent that a romance of sorts will take place between the two.

Bandon receives some much-needed screen time as his storyline connects with Allanon’s, who serves as a mentor of sorts for Bandon and asks for his help to contact Amberle through the Ellcrys. Allanon remains patient with Bandon and the two continue to try and control his abilities. Will and Crispin, the expedition Commander, along with the other elf solders, are left to die via a creature that will be lured by the scent of their blood while Amberle is taken by Cephelo.

Amberle offers Eretria a hefty reward for her assistance, but Eretria leaves after getting what she wants from Cephelo. However, she doesn't remain gone for long as she doubles back for Amberle and saves her from being raped. The two take off, bringing Cephelo along with them as collateral; Eretria says it's better than having him constantly hunting them.

Although Eretria claims to have come back for the reward Amberle offered, I believe she came back because she knew it was the right thing to do. The chemistry between Eretria and Amberle continues to remain electric and now that Eretria has saved Amberle, I’m hoping the two can actually be friends.

Amberle and Eretria are soon reunited with Wil, Crispin, and the scouts. Wil remains harsh towards Eretria and Eretria responds to his attitude by giving him his elf stones back. Can't we get past the animosity and be nice to Eretria? The group stumbles towards a poisonous pit but, luckily, only one scout loses his life.

Meanwhile, Bandon finally touches the Ellcrys and sees Amberle dead at the hands of the Dagda Mor. Allanon is quick to pull Bandon’s hand from the tree as his eyes go pitch black and another leaf falls from the tree. Team Amberle's luck continues to sour as the group encounter a demon that looks like he belongs in the realms of World of Warcraft.

The team is then forced to split up: Eretria and Amberle head off together, whereas Will is stuck with Cephelo; after his elf stones fail to "activate," Wil and Cephelo head back towards the forest. The two draw the demon towards them by cutting Wil’s hand; his blood ends up attracting the demon’s attention. The pursuit continues and the duo is able to blow the demon up (by drawing it to the pit from earlier and lighting it on fire).

While all this is happening, Ander seeks answers about the Dagda Mor from the Gnome who killed Aine – much to Arion’s disapproval. Ander offers the Gnome a perfect deal: his freedom will be granted if he helps Ander find the Dagda Mor. The Gnome agrees and Commander Tilton joins Ander on his journey. I’m slightly curious as to how Tilton ended up with Arion when she was previously in love with Ander.

In a shocking twist, Eventine is murdered by the shape shifter - who takes on the form of Arion; the shapeshifter then transforms into the King and states, “Long live the King,” before the screen cuts to black.

Overall, “Reaper” was yet another strong episode that provided some much-needed spotlight on characters such as Eretria and Bandon. I wasn’t fond of Ander’s storyline, simply because I don’t care for his character yet. I would much rather have the show focus on the main three, along with Bandon and Allanon. Eretria remains a huge positive in the Shannara universe and the episodes to come are bound to be even better than the ones that preceded.

What were your thoughts on this week’s The Shannara Chronicles? Let us know in the comments down below!


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