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Sharmake's Shimmydown Vol. 4 - Gotham Recap: "Arkham"

Sharmake Bouraleh | PopWrapped Author

Sharmake Bouraleh

10/17/2014 11:46 am
PopWrapped | Television
Sharmake's Shimmydown Vol. 4 - Gotham Recap:
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No matter how many times I hear it in the opening, little Bruce Wayne's scream makes me laugh. Okay, so remember how last episode finished off with Oswald showing up at Gordon's doorstep? He just waltzes on in there like he owns the place, making nice with Barbara and acting like he's not doing anything wrong by merely being in Gotham. Gordon takes him outside, slams him against the alleyway wall and reminds him he shouldn't have come back. Oswald apologizes, afraid again, and insists that Gotham is his home and he has nowhere else to go. Gordon reminds him that if Falcone finds out he's alive, he'll kill him and Gordon. Oswald insists that he will be of use to Gordon, that he can't trust anyone and is the last good man in Gotham, and that he wants to help Gordon. He gives him an ultimatum: kill him or trust him. He reminds him that he predicted a war would be coming and that Gordon could prevent it with his help. He wants to ne Gordon's secret agent. When Gordon replies, "'Til Falcone finds out," Oswald rebukes, "No one looks for a dead man." He drops a cryptic line about Arkham when Gordon asks what he means by war, but then a woman screams with her friends in joy down the road, allowing Oswald to escape. Elsewhere, a black politician (what? We exist?) and his black bodyguard are interrupted by a black guy who proceeds to kill them. (Also, I know this is late news but I was wondering where tf the main character was from and I finally recognize him like last week as the main character of the OC. I only watched a few episodes of it, years back, so maybe that's why it took so long. So in case you were wondering why he looks familiar, bam. There you go.) Captain Sarah Essen (Gordon and Bullock's superior who I've previously been referring to as Black Boss Lady because I didn't know her name) assigns them a new case. A double homicide. Bullock groans about how Essen is a slave-driver. credit: Tumblr caption: "Mhm. You hydrate me with them white tears." Bullock says not to worry, he knows just where to start. And the scene cuts to a woman singing in Fish Mooney's lounge. Is Fish literally the only information broker in town? Or the only one willing to kill them one second and work with them the next? Fish is interviewing singers again, and she reveals to Butch that she's looking for a weapon. Bullock and Gordon are interrogating some dude who they suspect to be the one to kill the councilman and his assistant, but Gordon's unconvinced. A box of evidence related to the crime is dumped on Gordon's desk, and finds out there were plans for Arkham. Scene cuts to Mayor Aubrey James is pushing for the destruction of Arkham Asylum, the construction of a mental-health ward in its place, and building up the infrastructure and district it belongs to. Gordon visits the Wayne Manor and talks to Alfred about the Arkham Asylum. They deduce (I think) that the Waynes were murdered because there was another plan, despite the Waynes' plan being backed by Falcone. Mulroney is thought to be the prime suspect, as he is the only one who has enough power to oppose Falcone and get away with it. Bruce talks to Gordon, but is interrupted by a phone call from Bullock who reveals another councilman has been abducted, one of Mulroney's. This guy is lit on fire. Wowzers. I guess Katy Perry was right: Some people are fireworks. Gordon deduces it was Falcone and Mulroney fighting over Arkham, with Mulroney killing the first councilman to sway the vote his way and Falcone retaliating by burning the other councilman alive to 'send a message.' Bullock asks how he knows so much, but they are joined by Edward Nigma (The Riddler). They ask what he's got, and he replies a paradox. He explains how though they were killed by separate factions, the person who did the actual killing was the same. Oswald is snooping about in his dishwasher position in the restaurant Mulroney frequents, and his boss catches him and tells him to keep his sniveling nose to himself. Then two seconds later, he's at it again. Bullock and Gordon turn to a con and bribe him with two cartons of cigars for information. He reveals that his name is Gladwell and where to find him. They head down to the building and ask an Asian woman where they can find him, and she says "Richard" is at the third desk from the back. However, Gladwell sees them arrive and sneaks out the back to prepare his weapon, the small staff-like weapon that extends a metal spike. Just as he's about to encounter him behind shelves, Bullock calls him back and reveals that he found newspaper clippings of the councilman's deaths in Gladwell's desk, linking him to the crime. Gordon hears something at the back again, and as he and Bullock raise their guns and yell, "FREEZE!" a woman shows up with a box of paperclips, claiming, "I-It's just a box of paperclips, I didn't think anyone would mind!" She then screams and runs away. And then I laughed for days. Bruce is dreaming about his parents' murders again and wakes up breathing heavily. Alfred of the Annoying Accent (A3) talks to him and jokes about whether or not Bruce woke up screaming because he was in it. He asks Alfred to get him more files on Arkham, to determine whether or not his parents' murders is connected to the councilmen's. Bankrobbers with pantyhose on their heads (...Really?) do a robbery on the restaurant Oswald works at. Immediately he starts to hobble away. It's kind of depressing and endearing how much he wants to get away but is limited by his bad leg. Oswald's boss is murdered, and the men get away. Mulroney's men come in and inspect the place, seeing even more of their men murdered. They follow bloody footsteps to a freezer where Oswald is cowering in, a bag of money he managed to snag with him. It's all he could salvage before the rest was stolen. They tell him to relax and save it for the boss. Gordon and Barbara talk, and she asks about Oswald Cobblepot, leading Gordon to deduce Montoya had been to see her. Gordon wonders why she's so insistent on popping up, and Barbara reveals she was in a relationship with her. Gordon gets upset because she lied to him, and she apologizes. Mulroney is snapping at his men about how Falcone did him dirty and he wants to get him back. He wants to hit him where it hurts, "the mouth" he said. He summons Oswald and says he appreciates what he's done for him and promotes him from dishwasher to restaurant manager, since there's a recent vacancy, i.e. the other guy just got murdered in cold blood. Gotta love those Italian euphemisms. Gordon and Bullock need to crack down, so Bullock goes to apparently the only information broker in town, Fish Mooney. I'm honestly surprised he didn't go to see her earlier. She seems to be a sort of deus ex machina for our heroes: whenever stumped, just chat with Fish. She's interviewing another songstress, who she then demands to seduce her. She does a bang-up job without saying a word, and leaves as Bullock enters. They flirt and chat, and Fish reveals that Falcone can't afford to let anyone have even a piece of Arkham, otherwise it proves he's old and weak. Bullock asks why she sounds pleased, as Falcone's fall means Fish's. She replies for him to not worry about her, as she always as a Plan B. The camera pans to the songstress, whose seduction is presumably the weapon she was talking about earlier. Oswald calls Gordon, and warns him of a hit ordered by Mulroney because he wants to gain Gordon's trust. He also says there are ways around the police protection. Gordon deduces that the mayor will be the next target and goes to his house to warn him. Gladwell appears soon after Gordon tries to get Mayor Aubrey James to safety, and a fight scene ensues. It ends when Bullock approaches and holds Gladwell at gunpoint before he can kill Gordon. Gladwell questions why they hire a professional, answering because they finish the job as he raises the gun to shoot James. However, Gordon and Bullock shoot him full of lead. Barbara asks if Gordon's alright, and say she should've told him about Montoya, but didn't because he worked with her and because she's a girl. She then asks about Oswald Cobblepot, and Gordon refuses, saying he made the mistake of telling her about his work before. She tells him that she can't live like this, and he has a choice: he can either let her in or let her go. He stays silent, so Barbara reads into it, scoffs, and walks away. Elsewhere, my favourite character (aside from Oswald) Fish is in a warehouse with the two girls she interviewed, the one who can sing and the one who can seduce. She says she likes them both, but she can only take on one so she wants them to decide for her. The songstress starts taking off her earrings without a word like she's about to deliver an ass-whooping, and the seductress questions incredulously Fish if she wants them to fight for it. credit: moukies caption: "Hold my earrings, girl. I'm 'bout to open a can of whoop-ass on her ass. The seductress then proceeds to brutally beat the shit out of the songstress. After spitting out some blood and walking up to Fish, she asks, "So when do I start?" Oswald walks up to an apartment with a small gift, and enters a room with Mulroney's men counting money and raising their guns to shoot the shit out of him, before realizing it's him and laughing at how he scared them. He simply smiles. Turns out he hired those men to kill his manager, rob the store, and plotted the entire thing to get himself the promotion and into Mulroney's goodbooks. This is the dude I've been waiting for. This is the Oswald I want to see, clever little shit that he is and manipulating everyone around him while they all retain the misconception that he is weak and fragile. He offers them cannolis that, from his behaviour, are probably poisoned. The mayor announces his vote, which results in a compromise between low-income housing projects (backed by Falcone) and waste-disposal site, as well as refurbish Arkham Asylum into something more modern and world-class. Mulroney notes this means that no longer will they be starving for scraps, but they will now feast. Fish notes this means that Falcone took shots to the chest, and hopes that the next moves put him on his back. She also acknowledges that this may mean she got her secret weapon just in time. Bruce asks why this is bad news, and Gordon explains it. Bruce then asks if he believes it, if he believes Gotham could be saved. "I believe it's worth trying," he responds, before the episode cuts to black. Not really, since there's another scene with Oswald walking over the corpses of his men, and the cannolis were poisoned as I had suspected. He takes all the money and is in a good place with Mulroney. Things are starting to look up for our little Penguin. :)

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