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Sharmake's Shimmydown: A 'Gotham' Recap Of "Selina Kyle"

Sharmake Bouraleh | PopWrapped Author

Sharmake Bouraleh

10/02/2014 12:57 pm
PopWrapped | Recaps
Sharmake's Shimmydown: A 'Gotham' Recap Of
Media Courtesy of Fansided
Welcome to another episode of 'Sharmake's Shimmydown'. Sorry it's arriving so late, life handed me a shimmydown too.... Aad not the fun kind. Episode 2 opens with Bruce testing his mettle by placing his hand over a candle flame; this confirms he displays early signs of psychosis and is probably secretly a masochist (but that's just my reading). Alfred catches him, is pissed off, and then coddles him; I don't like Alfred's portrayal, he comes off as annoying. Selina is hanging out with homeless kids at a bus station; she's playing with her locket, pawing at it like she's a cat. A weird couple shows up in a bus and offer refreshments and cookies and chocolates (pedo alert). Mackey (played by Kyle Massey) and other street rats accept; Selina refuses, because she's genre savvy. The kids are drugged by having a pen stabbed into their necks, and Mackey gets stabbed but runs away; the homeless guy who watches over them is killed by a shot to the heart (does everyone in this world have amazing accuracy?). "Patty" and "Doug" try to round up the kids, but Mackey runs off (Patty says "fudge"... ok then.) Doug wrestles Mackey through a window of a restaurant. Gordon shows up at crime scene, sees homeless man dead, and Bullock shows up with a coffee, claiming he got Gordon one but it dropped. Gordon gets into fight with cop over how he should've stayed with the crime scene to prevent tampering instead of staying at a restaurant (which pays the cop extra each month to protect it). He deduces that the kid who went through the restaurant's window may be connected to the dead veteran bum's case and he's brought in for questioning. Gordon says the cop is not a bad guy, he's a bad cop and in the ensuing scuffle, Bullock's coffee is dropped. #RIPBullocksLatte (let's get it trending). Mackey explains this to police, telling them to ask "Cat" if they don't believe him; Bullock threatens to beat him, but Gordon says that's not how they do things. He questions Mackey about who "Cat" is. Gordon and Bullock argue over whether or not they'll beat up Mackey, Bullock throws Gordon's supposed murder of Oswald in his face, and get into a fight; Bullock takes his aggression out on a guy whose shoes he scuffed, by kneeing him in the groin. #RIPMansBalls Oswald (Penguin) is seen shuffling penguin-like down the side of a highway 9 miles outside of Gotham City, leg still broken from his abuse at the hands of Fish Mooney. He is trying to hitchhike, wants to hitch a ride but most people pass him except for two trolling white frat dudes who let him get close and then pull up further down the road a few times before finally letting him get in. You can already see the start of darkness in his eyes. He's grateful for the ride, having been waiting for hours for one. They taunt him by saying he looks like he crawled out of a cemetery and smells like it too, telling him to open a window before spraying air freshener right in his face. How far are they going to push this guy? He thanks them for it, and apologizes for his appearance. He assures them it's a temporary setback. They question what happened to him, and he acknowledges it was his own fault, for his "foolish arrogance led [him] astray." He learned his lesson, he'll be back, and stronger and smarter than ever. "Here I am riding around in a lovely truck, sharing an ice cold beer with my new friends. My luck's already turning, right?" White passenger dude does the stupidest thing he could do: "Dude, anyone ever tell you, when you walk, you look just like a penguin?" #RIPDumbWhiteDude
Gotham Courtesy of: moukies
"Oh, you fancy, huh? Real original."
Penguin looks at him with the ferocious hatred with the intensity of a thousand suns, and then says, "No, nobody's ever told me that", before straight up fucking their shit, smashing his beer bottle into a shank and stabbing the guy in the neck. Gordon and Bullock take their issue up with their supervisor, who says, "Jim, it's not like I can order you to break the law, but this is Gotham. You don't bend, you'll get broke." Gordon replies to boss' question about where they're at: he says if Mackey's telling the truth, homeless kids are being abducted in numbers by people in vans who claim to be part of the Mayor's Homeless Outreach Project. The adorkable Edward Nigma (The Riddler) creeps up rather cutely on the window and the boss demands to know what he's doing, "Guess what I found" is his greeting, making it very fitting for the Riddler. The blood test done on Mackey found high levels of ATP, a "fast-acting knockout drug", and it was in heavy use at the old Arkham Asylum to bring down troublesome patients. When thanked for his service as code for "Okay, get the fuck out now that you're useless to me", Ed doesn't get it until it's hinted again and again. His adorably socially-awkward interactions give us life. (By us, I mean me and my multiple personalities). Boss lady says to get to work, keep it quiet, no press, not a word. Gordon questions that, believing that public should know what's going on and warn them. "Department policy, we don't advertise this kind of stuff. Causes panic. Headlines'll read, 'Gotham's Kids Snatched'." Which is true, Gordon says. She tells him to shut the actual fuck up (paraphrasing) and follow up on the drug ATP and the Arkham connections. Arkham's been closed for 15 years, but drug suppliers might still be in business. Is there any significance to that number given? Bullock thought it was 10, black boss lady corrected him with 15. Will that become important later on, or is it just to give us a sense of timeline? They note it happened on Fish Mooney's turf, and they wonder if it's safe for them to go back there yet. Fish is enjoying a show at her lounge and Don Falcone visits her. He sits down to have a chat with her and she's kissing ass (no doubt brushing her teeth later). A hot waiter dude is giving her subtle glances that Don Falcone notices; it's clear that they're fucking. Don Falcone says men who are about to die tend to be honest, and says Cobblepot was odd but perceptive when he spoke to him; he said "the death of the Waynes would bring troubled times for our family and Gotham", and that chaotic times were ahead, since the Waynes and Falcones were pillars of the same house, and there would be a power struggle in the vacuum of power soon. He namedrops the #2 "Mulroney" and says if he senses any type of weakness, he and every criminal in Gotham will make a move. She urges him to not lose sleep over enemies, and he says he doesn't; he stays awake at night because of his friends. He reveals Cobblepot said that Mooney said Falcone is "old and soft and ready to be taken out and [she's] the one to take him." Fish denies this, insisting that she would never and that she sees him like a father; an interesting, intentional parallel on her part and flip from what she and Oswald considered each other to be (mother and son). They stop discussing business, and he asks about her personal life; he heard she has a lover (aka the waiter) and she denies it; she says if he means the boy she keeps around for "exercise, my lover he is not." He calls over the waiter, Lazlo, and he says to be good to Fish. Fish is visibly uncomfortable, presumably because she knows how Falcone works and nothing good will come of this. Lazlo gets his ass beat, and Don Falcone thanks her for her "honesty. It shows wisdom and humility" before kissing her hand and leaving. Fish looks visibly upset, in that you can see she is raging beneath her almost calm facade. She screams for everyone to get out, emptying her lounge.
gotham Courtesy of: moukies
"Gurl, please."
Renee Montoya and Crispus Allen meet Oswald's European coddling mother, who is complaining in a doting tone about how he's not home because even though "night time is his business, such hours", he always, always comes home to his mother. "His clothes are here. My son would never leave his clothes. So elegant, he is. Yes, yes, I show." His mother is so precious. Montoya believes that Mooney and the cops had Oswald killed. She's right. Sort of. Mama Cobblepot denies the idea someone would harm her saying, saying that a mother would feel that sort of thing, and instead believes some "slut" has him in her clutch. Her reason? "So handsome, he is. And so naive." Can't argue with Mama Cobblepot. She's right. Butch Gilzean (Fish's right hand man) is talking to Fish, and says she moved too soon. Fish says she knows; she needs more money, more men, more territory; she swears on her sainted mother's grave, someday soon she'll kill Falcone with her bare hands and teeth if it's the last thing she does. Gilzean, ever the loyal (as far as we know) consigliere says he'll be holding her shoes. She says she also wishes Penguin was alive, for he has not suffered near enough. She may yet get her wish. Speaking of our cute little oddball Penguin, he pulls up along in the car he took from the hitchhikers beside a country house and asks the guy if the trailer is for rent (as indicated by a sign). He says yes, $100/week, and takes it without inspecting it first, saying he's not fussy. The man almost sees the bundled up bodies in black bags, but Oswald plays it off. The kidnapped kids wake up, and discover they're being kept somewhere. Bullock and Gordon visit Fish, who says she is happy to see them; she's quite fond of Bullock and Gordon intrigues her. She said she knew she'd regret killing them as soon as she gave the word, but dismisses it as her being feisty. Gordon asks straight away about the couple kidnapping kids on her turf, and she questions "No foreplay with you, hm?" She taunts him about killing Penguin, and she says she's surprised. Gordon says she misjudged him, and she agrees she might have. "You're just a little sinner, like the rest of us. I'm almost kind of sad about that." Gordon outlines who they're looking for, and Fish says that "used to be a market only for nice-looking girls. But now there's a new buyer overseas that will take anyone young and healthy." Gordon asks who it is and overseas where. Fish replies, "Nobody knows." When he asks what do they want the kids for, Fish again emphasizes, "Nobody knows." And that no one cares to know. Gordon has a date night with Barbara, reveals that the GCPD is covering it up, and Barbara calls it in anonymously to a newspaper. Boss lady snaps at them for their failure at keeping it quiet, and when asking Gordon if he did it, he (truthfully) says he didn't. The creepy lady and man (Patty and Doug) are speaking with a guy who supplies them the ATP and gives them a lair, and he is worried about the "heat" coming down on them via newspapers. He wants another $5,000 from them, but they don't have that kind of money, so he threatens to take away the "merch" as they said (the kids). Patty reveals they have an obligation to deliver, as the Dollmaker doesn't tolerate failure. Gordon and Bullock pull up, and they see it on the TV. They talk to the dude but ultimately it ends up in a gunfight, with Patty and Doug fleeing. The guy tells the old man assistant to get rid of the evidence, but Gordon puts a gun to his head. He follows the old man and before the man can kill the kids, he is shot through the heart, with yet again amazing accuracy, by Gordon (how many heart kills is that?). Mayor holds conference saying kids will be taken care of and justice will be served. He reveals in private that the cute, sociable ones will be put in foster homes to be adopted, while the others will be sent to a juvenile detention facility. Gordon calls him out on it, and the mayor says he appreciates his input. (He doesn't appreciate it.) Alfred comes to see Gordon, who agrees to talk to Bruce over tea. Selina is put in a bus with other kids to be sent to a facility, and she comforts a young boy who is afraid. It seems everything is okay, but the bus is run by Patty and Doug (whom Selina recognizes from the alley). Mayor Sleazebag grills Boss Lady over the missing bus-full of kids, and how it could be potentially the kidnappers from before who stole them. (Hint: it is.) Gordon and Bullock interrogate the accomplice guy, who is getting beat by Bullock with a phone book. #TeamYellowPages. Accomplice guy cracks and says he saw a logo on the truck, a blue plate and a silver fork, a la a catering truck. Gordon has him draw it. Kids are taken to facility, but they seem to be one short (Selina); Patty checks the bus, where Selina is hiding; when she's not looking, Selina slips off the bus and rolls under it. Patty chalks it up to a mistake or counting error; they're pretty pleased, either way, and Selina slips out when they're not looking. Gordon and Bullock are calling places, and there are no company with a plate and a fork as their logo. Gordon realizes it's not a fork and plate, it's a trident (Trident Intercontinental Shipping). Back at the plant, one of the guys (Ash?) gets his eyes clawed out by Selina. They go to look for her, with Patty asking him to move his hands from his eyes and let her see. Both his eyes are destroyed. She blatantly lies and says it's nothing, just a scratch, they'll take him to the doctor and he'll be right as rain in no time. However, she points her gun at him and shoots, but it only clicks (which was amusing; her luck and bumbling nature with Doug, as they both try to be "bad" and be taken seriously, is hilarious and adorable), prompting him to wonder what that was. She tells him to hang on, she cocks the gun again, and then shoots him in the head. Patty plays a game of cat and mouse with Selina in a storage/crate room, and it's Selina's locket falling that gives away her position. Before she can shoot, however, Gordon knocks her out. Gordon asks Selina's name, and she questions why is that his business. Bullock appears with Doug at gunpoint. Gordon demands to know where the kids are. Scene cuts to Gordon at the Wayne Manor, and Alfred of the Annoying Accent (A3) is talking to him. He reveals Bruce doesn't sleep, but when he does, he has nightmares. He says he won't get him a psychiatrist, like Gordon suggests, because Papa Wayne insisted that Bruce be let to choose his own path, as he is a Wayne. Gordon asks what he wants, and Bruce says it's that he expects him to talk sense into him (Gordon to talk sense into Bruce). Startled, Alfred tells him to stop creeping up on people like that, as it is "bloody rude." I may grow to like Alfred, if he continues to call Bruce out on his shit. Until then, no. Gordon says it helps to talk about troubling things, and Bruce turns it right back on him, asking if it helps him to talk about the terrible things he saw in the war. Gordon says yes, but it's unconvincing. Bruce says Gordon's not a very good liar. (I liked that. I like that mini-whammy of a moment.) Gordon insist Bruce is hurting himself, but the boy says he's testing himself. Bruce says he has been following Gordon's adventures in the newspaper, and is sorry to hear about the children. He will give Gordon some money to give to them, but Gordon says that's not how it works. He says the children need someone who cares for them, like Bruce has (aka A3); money won't buy that. Did he honestly think money solves everything? Maybe I'm just being too harsh on this naive little kid because rich people rub me the wrong way. (a.k.a. when I'm not naked and covered in oil and rolling in piles of money.) Bruce insists "there must be something [he] can do"; perhaps clothes, because they "all looked awfully ragged"... probably cause they're living off the fucking streets? Gordon agrees. Selina questions why they're being sent up state after everything they've been put through. The police guy calls her Selina, but she insists it's Cat. The guy humors her, and says that she has no guardian, just a deceased mother and that being sent upstate is for her own good. She demands to speak to Gordon, lest she claim the guy touched her. He questions what she just said, but she says either he gets Gordon or she'll "scream in about three seconds." The guy goes to get Gordon. Penguin is in the trailer, laying on his back and staring at the pictures, snippets, and texts cut from newspapers he's overlaid on a map of Gotham. Pictures of Falcone, the Waynes, and others are present. By Fish's picture, he's written "Bitch!" and has a knife on her head. A phone goes off, and he answers it: it's the mother of the man he kidnapped and whose friend he killed, the two frat dudes who picked him up earlier in the episode. He wants to demand a ransom, but she's incredulous and doesn't believe him, thinking it to be a prank. Kinda makes you wonder what kid of stupid shit her son and his friend have put her through. Oswald struggles to establish the fact he's being serious, saying that he sent a video and that he was dead serious, and that if "$10,000 was too much, I'm sure we can...hello? Hello?" She hung up on him, and Oswald goes to the dude tied up and says, "Well, that's disappointing. She didn't believe me. You must be quite the scamp." The cop man brings Gordon over to Selina, and he asks what she wants. He looks up her file, calls her Selina, but she insists it's Cat. He recalls Mackey had a friend named Cat, and he deduces that she's survived two attempts by those people, commenting that she's quite the survivor. She says he has no idea. She wants to strike a deal, posing a hypothetical scenario as him supposing she had something big for him, that he really wanted: could he get her out of there? He asks what it is, and she says she's been watching him, that he's a friend of the "boy" (Bruce), and not like the rest of those crooks (i.e. GCPD). He asks if she means Bruce, and instead she says that Mario Pepper was a "patsy" (i.e. scapegoat). He asks what makes her think that, and she asks him if he could get her out. "It's possible," he says. Selina reveals to Gordon what he's been waiting for: "I saw who really killed the Waynes. Saw him clear as day." Wha-bam. Way to end the second episode. Thoughts? Comments? Concerns? [yop_poll id="50"]

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