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Sharmake's Shimmydown Of 'Gotham': Vol. 3 - The Balloonman

Sharmake Bouraleh | PopWrapped Author

Sharmake Bouraleh

10/08/2014 10:05 pm
PopWrapped | Television
Sharmake's Shimmydown Of 'Gotham': Vol. 3 - The Balloonman | gotham
Media Courtesy of We Geek Girls
When we last saw him, Oswald Cobblepot (Penguin) was torturing a guy for the lulzies. Now he's in a bustling city with kid pick-pockets, corrupt cops, purse snatchers and hookers. Whoa, when did he get back to Gotham?! And why did he affectionately call it "Home"?! Well, he's not in Gotham. But apparently he's home. In a city, this Ponzi schemer named Ronald Danzer is out on bail for scheming the fuck out of old ladies and bus drivers. He tries to escape through the backdoor because the media are at his front, but he's approached by a man in a pig mask who handcuffs him to some balloons and sends him on his merry way to hell in the sky. Bullock and Gordon arrive at the scene and are perplexed: Gordon is curious as to why someone killed him before the trial, and Bullock tells him it's a public service. Back at the police centre, Gordon meets an asshole of a cop, Lieutenant Bill Cranston, who uses his trophy awarded for years of service to interrogate people. He gives off douchebag vibes. Or maybe it's the mustache. Gordon discusses how much of an asshole Cranston is with Bullock, who considers him "the man, the myth, the legend." Bullock insists justice was served, and Gordon disagrees. Selina Kyle (Catwoman) is brought to Gordon because she has information about the Waynes' murder (aka the cliffhanger last week). Bullock asks her to step away from him, and is confused why Gordon keeps on opening up already closed cases, but Gordon leaves him to track Balloonman while he deals with Selina. Bullock questions where his pen went. Selina asks why he wants to know who killed the Waynes, and Gordon replies he wants to see them brought to justice. She laughs him off, but he reveals it's also because he made a promise to Bruce. Selina relents, and begins to explain how the entire situation went down. She goes over the basics: where the killer came from, how he asked for Thomas Wayne's wallet and Martha Wayne's necklace, before shooting them both dead and leaving Bruce alive. She pointed out where she was perched on the fire escape. Gordon says everyone knew that, and that the man was also masked. Selina counters, saying he wasn't at first and only did so as he approached the Waynes. She says she saw him for a second, and it's Gordon's turn to be skeptical. "You saw him here, in the dark?" And Selina confirms defiantly she can see in the dark. Sounds like a cat. HMM. She realizes that he doesn't believe her, and he questions the possibility of her lying about what she saw or if she was even there. He claims he needs proof, and Selina counters that she stole "some chump's wallet", with Gordon confirming that, yes, the man reported it, with someone matching her description, and yes the timing worked out to allow for her to feasibly be there at the time of the Waynes' murder, but that does not place her here. Selina reveals she dumped the wallet, in the sewer. Gordon cuffs her to a railing and leaves her there, after they make a deal that he will release her once he finds the guy. Surprise surprise, Selina was the one who stole Bullock's pen and is using it to free herself from the handcuffs as Gordon climbs down the sewer. He finds the wallet where Selina said it would be, and realizes she was telling the truth. Before he can talk to her about it, however, she escapes. Back at Fish Mooney's lounge, Lazlo is still beat up and she insists he take a rest. Detectives Montoya and Allen visit her, and say they're there to pay their respects, and to see if Cobblepot was still around. Fish goes, "Hmm, that you mention it, I haven't seen him. Isn't that funny? Almost as funny as two detectives from major crimes looking for a nobody like Oswald." Montoya insists they stop playing this dance and wants to know if he's dead. Fish confirms it, saying it was Gordon who did it. She leads them along on a line of logic to deduce that it was Falcone who had Gordon commit the murder everyone thinks he did, and Allen questions if it's because of the rumour going around that Falcone had her boy-toy Lazlo beaten. Coyly, Fish replies, "I just want  justice for little Oswald." Speaking of, Oswald is now about to mug a food cart with a switch knife...only for someone to recognize him, and wonder why he's not dead and why he couldn't stay away; he reveals he just couldn't, that it was calling out to him, so he returned. Turns out he's in Gotham after all. Oswald pleads with the big strong dude to let him go and not take him to Fish for ransom, but the guy ignores him and his claims that Gotham is in trouble and that Oswald is its future. He claims if Oswald is the future of Gotham, it's in trouble. And then Oswald agrees that it is, before straight up murdering the guy with said switch knife...and then going to buy a hotdog from the food cart with money he took from the dead guy's body. I like that. It shows that Oswald isn't evil for fun, but for the necessity of it. He was going to mug the food cart vendor, but the second he managed to obtain money another way, he paid for his service honestly. Well, as honestly as stealing money from a person you just murdered can be, anyways. Alfred is teaching Bruce to fence. He does so in an effort to get Bruce to do something else than look at dusty old files, which turn out to be on his parents' murders. He's looking for clues. Crispus Allen and Renee Montoya show up to interrogate Gordon. They seem to want to give him a chance to tell them his side, but he's not having it. Oswald is applying at a restaurant for any job, including dishwasher. The manager dismisses him, but he says, "I only ask a chance to prove myself." He is told he doesn't even have the right shoes for it, and he glances down at someone's comfy shoes and smiles. Gordon and Bullock have a tense moment and tensions run high, but ultimately they go to interview the owner of the balloon factory. Oswald shows up at night with the guy whose shoes he was eyeing at earlier (who worked at the restaurant). He asks about the size of the shoes, and when it's confirmed that it's size 9 ("What a coincidence!" *evil cackle*), and it's then implied Oswald killed him. Cranston is walking down a street at night when he encounters the Balloonman, under the guise of a hot dog cart. He puts up a good fight, but is cuffed around his legs, so he's fucked. #ByeByeDoucheMustache Next morning, Bruce is reading a newspaper article of "Balloonman Kills Dirty Cop." Good riddance. Alfred tries to talk some sense into Bruce again, but rich boy isn't having it. A meeting with black boss lady reveals that two more balloons are left, which means two more targets. Gordon and Bullock get to twerk. Oswald is washing dishes and bullied by his boss, until boss man leaves to go talk to "Don Mulroney" or something. He notes that it's a great opportunity, hinting he might try to do something with Mulroney. Bullock and Gordon track down Carl Smicker, but a tall black lady opens the door. She tells Carl to run, and an ass whooping starts between her and Bullock while Gordon takes Carl. Bullock is getting his ass whooped, but Gordon comes to his rescue, allowing the surrendering lady to get a punch from Bullock. At Fish's lounge, Lazlo voices concerns to Fish. He seems to have developed a stutter, poor guy. She reminds him that it wasn't him Falcone wanted to hurt, but her. She dismisses him, before calling over someone else and saying that Lazlo's lost his spine. "Not everyone's built for a beating like that." She asks about a girl Falcone's been seeing, and instructs that she have a little accident, which is a shame (according to Fish) because she was such a pretty girl. While he's at it, he is told by Fish to get rid of Lazlo because he's "bringing down the mood." Barbara's coming out from a shower and runs into Montoya at her apartment. Apparently Montoya still had a key. They have a conversation, and it's revealed that they were together at one point. My gaydar is accurate, if you'll refer to the first Shimmydown. Turns out they were both druggies, and now sober for a year (aside from Barbara who indulges in marijuana). Montoya reveals she can't stand Gordon and insists Barbara deserves better. And then kisses her cheek. Barbara insists she leaves now. Interviewing Carl reveals that weather balloons don't stay up in the air forever, like Gordon and Bullock thought. Geez. And these guys are cops? Cranston's body falls onto a lady walking her dog, killing her. An article on his body, a paper, has Gordon's name on it. He then claims he knows who the Balloonman is. Oswald is treated kindly by an Italian gangster who seeks to take over Falcone's position. He's paid to keep quiet over what he heard, and is treated kindly for once, so I actually like this dude. He also respects people who values their mothers, like "Paolo" (the pseudonym Oswald went by). I like happy Oswald. It's nice. :) Of course, that can't last, mind you. But it's nice. Fourth victim is a Cardinal priest who got too friendly with kids. Gordon believes the child services dude who dropped off Selina earlier is the killer, especially since he called back later when Selina ran away and the department never heard of him. They track him down to a factory and he holds Bullock at gunpoint. Turns out he's being a vigilante because he's tired of dedicating his life to the children and child services and making 0% difference and these children being harmed. He wants justice, and he'll have to take it for himself. He basically parallels a potential path for Gordon to take as a vigilante if he wants justice done, and in the ensuing struggle, Bullock cuffs the guy to his own balloon. Gordon jumps after him, latching on. The only way to get them down was to shoot it, which is what I was thinking the entire episode. Why didn't Lieutenant Douchestache shoot the balloon before he got off the ground? Are you not a cop? Do you not have a weapon? Or did they not do so in order to surprise the audience at the end with an easily plausible "deus ex machina"? I considered the possibility of helium in the balloons, and was unsure if they would explode if a bullet hit it, but then they did it anyways...? I thought it was pretty dumb, tbh. Or at least the characters are. Falcone is at Fish's lounge, and they play coy with one another. Turns out Falcone's girl Natalia had an accident: a mugging. She had it ordered by way of retaliation for what he did to Lazlo. He asks if she thinks Mulroney, his second in command, had something to do with it. He says people are being crazy and crazy's bad for business, to which Fish deduces he's speaking about Arkham (which is the title of the next episode). Gordon and the killer exchange words, about how there will be more of him. Gordon says not if he does his job. The killer says he's had his chance. Alfred and Bruce discuss the killer, with Bruce saying he's just as bad because he killed. Gordon discusses how sick the city is. Someone knocks on the door. It's Oswald. Holy. Shit.
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