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Television / Recaps PopWrapped | Television

"She Said Ok" On This Week's Episode Of Girls

PopWrapped | PopWrapped Author


01/20/2014 12:25 am
PopWrapped | Television
Media Courtesy of HBO

Caitlin Swift

Staff Writer

It’s a family affair on this week’s Girls. While getting his haircut from Hannah, Adam receives a phone call from his sister and it’s not long before she ends up on their door step. It’s easy to see that the relationship between Adam and his sister Caroline (Gaby Hoffmann) is strained. Hannah takes pity on the wounded Caroline while Adam wants her gone. While Hannah and Adam deal with family strife Marnie has her hands full with a video going viral. It seems Charlie uploaded a cover of her singing ‘What I am’ to YouTube and all she wants is the video taken down. After yelling at someone on the phone it seems that she will forever be part of the corny covers clan. Hannah gets sucked further into Caroline’s trap and invites her to her birthday party that Marnie and her parents are throwing. Adam is less than pleased. They all head to a club to let loose and have a good time. Marnie is using the party planning to distract her from her break-up. Jess and Shosh are waiting in the back of the club and they girls are reunited. Shosh points out how little they’ve all accomplished since they graduated college and they all disagree. Marnie brings up Hannah’s 21st which was apparently a blast, complete with a RENT sing –a-long. Caroline sets her sites on Ray, who is less than thrilled to have to be in the same place as Shoshanna. He politely declines her advances to which she responds by biting him. Ray makes his way to the bar and meets Colby, who was there with Shosh. He downplays how he knows her but you can see the hurt and sadness behind his eyes. Poor guy.  He sees Shosh having a cigarette outside and he decides to be the bigger man and say hi. He is now managing the new Grumpy’s and moved into Adam’s old place. During all the small talk he realizes that he just can’t do it. He can’t be her friend. He leaves and she looks hurt. Out of nowhere Hannah’s editor shows up and is clearly on some sort of drug. He instantly asks for a bottle of still water and a phone that will let him download Grindr. This is turning into quite the night. Back in the back room Marnie makes her way to the stage and praises her friend Hannah and even though Hannah begged her not to sing , she insists they recreate her 21st birthday by singing ‘Take Me or Leave Me’ from RENT. Hannah is less than amused. Lucky for her a fight erupts in the other room and everyone takes off to go see. David, Hannah’s Editor, ended up punching Ray in the face. It all started over proper DJ etiquette and waiting your turn in the queue. It just seems like it is not Ray’s night. After the commotion dies down Hannah and Adam head home. Adam presents Hannah with a gift, a necklace made out of his own (or maybe his sister’s) tooth. She is more than touched and things are started to get intimate when Hannah runs to the bathroom to find Caroline. Caroline is standing bottomless in the bathroom with a glass in her hand. Upon seeing the couple she shatters the glass in her palm and Adam rushes to her aide. With the mood now killed they tend to Caroline and put her to bed in the spare room. Hannah tries to restart the flame but Adam deflects her advances. Hannah was right when she said that she always has terrible birthdays. This one wasn’t so bad, but family drama never makes anything pleasant.


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