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Sherlock Fans Are In For A Treat: Over 30 New Photos From Season Three Are Released

PopWrapped | PopWrapped Author


12/04/2013 5:28 pm
PopWrapped | Fandom
Sherlock Fans Are In For A Treat: Over 30 New Photos From Season Three Are Released
Media Courtesy of BBC

Abbie Sedgeman

Staff Writer

Well, this has been an exciting few weeks for a Sherlockian. One week ago we were given the official Sherlock season 3 trailer and synopsis, then the exact air date and time, and now this... We have two new pictures! And they feature the Johnstache. In the first released promo picture, there was no sign of John Watson’s new moustache, nor any sign of his new girlfriend, which is played by Watson actor, Martin Freeman’s real-life partner, Amanda Abbington. If you add all the given information for the highly anticipated season 3 together, it is guaranteed that 2014 will kick off with a bang. Obviously, Sherlock is alive. And now, we finally get to find out why he, played by the incredibly talented Benedict Cumberbatch, faked his own death, and more importantly, how. Naturally, everyone has been trying to figure out how Sherlock could fling himself from a building and survive, but no logical conclusion has been reached. It is obvious however, that Sherlock will manage to provide an insanely good explanation though. Cumberbatch wouldn’t give ShortList any spoilers, but did tease that fans are “in for a treat.” As well as giving as a small insight into how this reunion of Sherlock and Dr Watson may go down:  “He is Sherlock, so he doesn’t necessarily go about introducing himself back into John’s life in the best way possible.” Freeman adds: “If you can imagine you thought someone you loved [was dead], and it transpires they’re not, it’s a huge piece of news.” For some fans, this wait has been nigh on insufferable. Co-creator Mark Gatiss, who also portrays Mycroft Holmes on the show, has some comforting words for those fans that have been waiting for an explanation for almost two years: “Conan Doyle threw him off a waterfall and left him for 10 years. We left it two and a half minutes before saying he’s back. And there’s that old adage – ‘the suspense is killing me, I hope it lasts’.” So whilst you are desperately waiting for January 1, UK viewers, and January 19, the US viewers, remember that it could have been much worse. If that wasn’t all enough, BuzzFeed has lovingly compiled a list of 30 photos that accurately sums up all the new information given. There’s some JohnLock, cast photos, and the stand-out photo, Sherlock in a tuxedo. Check out the pictures below, and once you’ve contained your fangirling, let us know what you thought, and how excited you are for Sherlock season 3. [gallery columns="6" ids="22050,22051,22056,22055,22054,22053,22052,22061,22060,22059,22058,22057,22062,22063,22064,22065,22066,22067,22068,22069,22070,22071,22076,22075,22074,22073,22072,22077,22078,22079,22080,22081"]


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