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Shia LaBeouf As All 13 Doctors Is The Stuff Of Nightmares

Ross Keniston | PopWrapped Author

Ross Keniston

06/30/2015 12:27 pm
PopWrapped | Celebrities
Shia LaBeouf As All 13 Doctors Is The Stuff Of Nightmares | Shia LaBeouf
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Well, this is frightening.

Artist Brandon Bird is really rather good at what he does, y'know? As an artist, his skills are impeccable and his work stands as a testament to this.

And so last year, when he reached out to his Twitter followers with this tweet -

His fans were well, angry, to say the least. In a 'demanding' kind of way.

Ergo, this startlingly impressive/deeply mentally troubling project began, and it's fair to say the results speak for themselves.

Speaking to Mashable, Bird explains that this project began as an experiment with mashups.

"I've seen mashups go from being weird and unexpected to a kind of lazy 'thing you like + other thing you like' formula. So I liked the idea of flipping that around and doing 'thing lots of people love (Doctor Who) + thing a lot of people kind of hate (Shia LaBeouf).'"

I was renting a cool loft space that I couldn't really afford and he bought a unit right down the hall. He did a curtsey once to let me off the elevator."

Now, as a big fan of Doctor Who there's no denying the dedication that's gone into recreating the costumes of each Doctor and the work is remarkable. It's the LeBeouf of it all, who I'm learning to questionably appreciate as a character study of fame and self-importance once Michael Bay replaces you with Mark Wahlberg. If he becomes the next Doctor after all of this, well, that will be television for the ages.

Still, Brandon Bird's work is terrific and if you're interested in more, be sure to head to his website or to follow up on his 'I shouldn't do this but what the hell here it is' tweets, follow him here.



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