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Sissy That Wedding: Episode 10 of RuPaul's Drag Race

PopWrapped | PopWrapped Author


04/23/2014 9:23 am
PopWrapped | Television
Sissy That Wedding: Episode 10 of RuPaul's Drag Race
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Boxxa Vine

Staff Writer


Goodbye Trinity, hello body paints. "Start relying on that body" as the girls paint using anything but a brush. The girls get real messy and ruin a few shake and go wigs and once again Bianca Del Rio comes out on top and wins the mini challenge. As the winner Bianca gets to pair the girls up with their new main challenge…dragging up a wedding day and we're introduced to the brides. Shocker (but only if you're slow, or told to be shocked by producers) they aren't putting the women in drag, they're putting their soon to be husbands into drag. Hello grooms. Beards, and brick bodies, and bad posture oh my! Start your electric razor, and my the best makeover artist…win. Adore Delano: Right off we see Adore struggle, but if anyone didn't expect this you haven't been watching the show very well. Doesn't sew, doesn't do other peoples makeup, doesn't know what to do…famous last words for 1,000 please Alex. The bride wants Vera Wang but she's gonna get Gluea Gunn in the end. The struggle is real…and so is the shade at Adore this week. Walking down the aisle I'd think Adore was selling her younger sister into the sex trade. Her groom looks like the 12 year old version of her (including a 12 years olds sense of a fashionable wedding and makeup skills) and Adore once again looks like she just got back from a trip to the mall. Drag Daughter: Honey Bun Delano Ranking: Bottom Two BenDeLaCreme: "First off, how do we feel about shaving" and I was hopping for her groom to say he wouldn't. Now that would have been some Mathu Anderson gender-bent wedding extravaganza! A vision in roses DeLa's groom floats down the runway and they match in color and style. A vision in pink the two play up DeLa's character and add comedy and a sense of love n the runway. DeLa really once again proved you don't need to know how to sew to be a costumer. Hot glue and desperation has never looked better (now if she could only teach Adore how to properly use a glue gun). Drag Daughter: Suzette a la Mode Ranking: High Bianca Del Rio: She gets an amazing groom who is completely into gay rights, getting into drag, and is receptive to everything she's doing. Let's be honest, this is her element, she's a professional seamstress and works with Broadway so she's used to theme wear and putting on a show. The runway proves a true mother/daughter illusion, and we see Bianca once again proving she can do no wrong in this competition. Drag Daughter: Fifi Del Rio Ranking: Winner Courtney Act: "DeLa: Courtney might have a lot more trouble transforming a manly man because Courtney only wears chopstick and mascara" and this says everything perfectly. She clearly has the brickiest man of the bunch and her first attempt at sewing left her just draped in fabric on the runway…don't think he's gonna wanna be in panties and a bra for his wedding…so this might be the fall from grace for Courtney Act. Bring back my Honey Mahogany bed, bath, and Beyonce bed sheet "couture". First rule of a wedding, the bridesmaid gets the horrible dress not the bride. Courtney dropped the ball, but looked stunning, but the challenge was to make someone else look stunning. Should she be penalized for not properly doing the challenge and spending more time making herself look good? Drag Daughter: Rien Act Ranking: Safe Darienne Lake: There will be black. The gothic groom is in the house and Darienne is down for the challenge and luckily her couple is totally into RDR and everything about drag. This could go Carrie real quick and coming out in black and dark for a wedding challenge could have it end very "They're all gonna laugh at you" real quick, or she could take this challenge by working so outside the normal view of a wedding. Down on the runway we see the dark wedding with a twist as Darienne pulls out her camp side to spray the flowers black on the runway. While it was a risk to go dark I don't think it was anything but black on black on black. Not a risk, just a black dress instead of a white one. Drag Daughter: Ann Drogyny Ranking: Low Joslyn Fox: Joslyn is our current engaged beauty so she's so excited for this challenge but her groom is giving her anything but a reach around when it comes down to it. She is working with someone who got roped into this, not someone who wants to be there. She's a little ball of energy trying to make up for her groom but the poor thing really got the shit end of the stick this week. Her bride really needs to stick his foot in his mouth as he spouts off about his teammates (he does sports or something) and how he doesn't like gay men in the locker room…don't worry, if I saw you in the locker room I wouldn't check you out anyways. A really wobbly walk down the aisle brings out the full makeover and shows us why Coco Montrese used so much orange, because looking like a Dorito totally looks better then looking like a robot on the runway. Shasay, shantae, vomit on the runway. Her groom turned bride takes a moment to leave the runway to spill his feeling (and his lunch) during critiques. Maybe he saw himself in a mirror behind Ru. Drag Daughter: Bradonna Fox Ranking: Bottom Two The rankings bring Joslyn and Adores second lip sync for their lives, this time to Aretha Franklin's "think", and both girls use their own style to really kill the lip sync once again. I truly loved seeing Joslyn bring a calm wordy performance this time and Adore really pulled out a side of her that showed how badly she want to stay (and maybe a little desperation) but in the end Joslyn is sent home and Adore lives to drag another day. Eliminated: Joslyn Fox Now let's add in my point scale system ( 1 for eliminated, 2 for low, 3 for safe, 4 for high, 5 for win): Adore Delano: 27 + 2 (LOW) = 29 BenDeLaCreme: 28 + 4 (HIGH) = 32 Bianca Del Rio: 33 + 5 (WIN) = 38 Courtney Act: 28 + 3 (SAFE) = 31 Darienne Lake: 23 + 2 (LOW) = 25 Joslyn Fox: 22 + 1 (ELIM) = 23

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