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Television PopWrapped | Television

Here Is A Sketch By Sketch Look At Saturday Night Live While In Studio

Rachel Leishman | PopWrapped Author

Rachel Leishman

Staff Writer
05/14/2017 4:14 pm
PopWrapped | Television
Here Is A Sketch By Sketch Look At Saturday Night Live While In Studio | Saturday Night Live

Last weekend I wanted to go to Saturday Night Live because it is one of my favorite shows but more importantly, my favorite actor was hosting. Now to be honest, that entire night is a blur of excitement, confusion, and me asking which writer saw my Twitter account to make this perfect episode for me. But I'm going to give you an indepth look at what it is like to actually be in the audience of Saturday Night Live.

Now, just as a point, these might be out of order from how they aired in the episode. As I said, it was a whirlwind of a night for me so some details are a bit foggy.

Morning Joe Cold Open

I could barely see the Cold Open. Where I was sitting in the audience made it impossible for me to see it since they built up sides so I had to watch it on a television screen just like the rest of the world. That's the fun thing about seeing Saturday Night Live in studio! Even when you think you're at home on your couch watching it on TV (because they have TVs set up around the theater so you don't miss a single sketch), you see the host and cry a little.

Where in the World is Kellyanne Conway?

The minute I saw Sasheer's costume, I screamed. I love Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego? and I often make tweets about it. So when my favorite actor was suddenly in a sketch reminiscent of the show I loved as a kid, I cried a bit. But this one again, was hard to see. The thing about SNL is that they use the entire room. So some sketches have their back to you. Part of this sketch was that way and part was facing us. 

Chris Pine did walk right in front of our section in that lovely fedora so I mean, good things exist in the world.

World Peace Rap

This was the greatest thing to see in studio because multiple people said "what is this" and I was dying laughing. This sketch is one of those that people just don't understand what is going on. Which I get, it's fine. It's a hard one to grasp if you haven't seen the source material. But more importantly, it was like Chris Pine's audition to play Roger (or Mimi if you like) in any future production of RENT: The Musical on Broadway. Also I just love having a GIF that says "So much pain in the U.S.A" with Chris Pine with long hair.

Swat Recon

Lucky for me, this sketch was directly across from me so I got to watch the whole thing live. And while this sketch is perfect and so funny, the best part was that during the breaks when the cameras were not on Mikey Day and Chris Pine, they still kinda kept dancing. Like most the time, when the cameras are not on them, they'll stop doing the funny thing or just stand there. 

But not with this sketch. They kept dancing and bouncing and it was truly a joy to see.

That Boy is Mine

Ever wish you could sing to Chris Pine about how he's yours? Is that just me? Well, when this sketch started my friend said "that's you though" and she wasn't wrong. It got even worse when Chris Pine started singing "Bump-n-Grind" back to Vanessa Bayer because it is like all my dreams came true. This is another one I kind of had to watch on the TV screen. I could see Aidy and Vanessa but Chris was blocked by a wall. It's fine though, I still love it.

The House

I still don't understand what I watched but Chris Pine staring at a wall is brilliant. With the digital shorts, everyone watches them on a TV screen so no special thing here. It's just fun because you get to see all the behind the scene prep while the sketch is happening.

Auto Shop

I cried when this sketch happened because I could read that it was going to be about RuPaul's Drag Race and that is one of my favorite shows. So I was super happy and then seeing Chris Pine lip-sync for his life was an out of body experience. This one I saw the top of. I was in the stage left section of the theater so I was above the sketch and got to see the tops of some heads. It was worth it though.

Call the Police: LCD Soundsystem

Here's the thing about Saturday Night Live: If you like the host and the musical guest, it's a way better experience. The first time I ever went was Adam Driver and Chris Stapleton. I'm not the biggest fan of Chris Stapleton and I went for Adam Driver because I'm a Star Wars nerd. So I was pretty indifferent to most of what happened except for Matt the Radar Technician. 

But seeing LCD Soundsystem live was truly an amazing experience. And their new songs are so incredible! My friend (who had gone with me to the Adam Driver one) even said "SNL is way better when you care about who is here." And I did say that the only other way I'd camp out for tickets was if Chris Pine hosted so I ended up eating my words.

Weekend Update

Weekend Update is usually my least favorite part of the show. But this week, Vanessa Bayer introduced another character that had the audience dying. It was perfect and pretty funny throughout the whole segment. I even liked some of their less favorable jokes. 

The Handmaid's Tale

I haven't watched The Handmaid's Tale yet but this sketch made me want to watch it even more. Especially if Chris Pine played this character in it. Basically some white guys don't understand what is happening to the women and want to be 'supportive' but don't know what they're doing. It's great. It was another digitial short so nothing special to say except that Chris Pine literally hugs and shakes everyone's hands. 

American Dream: LCD Soundsystem

Out of their new songs (of which there are currently two released), this is my favorite. It's a slower song and a little depressing but I enjoy sitting on the train and crying in public to it. Hearing it live was great and truly, if you can, go see LCD Soundsystem perform. They're something special indeed.

Lost Star Trek Episode

This entire sketch you can hear me cackling. I'm the only one so it's both embarassing as well as amazing. I "wooo" when the Enterprise flies, I cackle when Spocko first walks out and I'm the lone laugh at the Star Trek V joke at the end. So, if you can't tell, I'm a Trekkie. But really, I wish you could have heard me whisper "Oh my god, he's doing Shatner" when Chris Pine started speaking.

Couples Game Night

The last sketch of the night was my favorite because I truly think someone went onto my social media and made this specifically for me. Why? Because Chris Pine is singing Sunday in the Park with George. I don't know who saw me and thought "we'll make her year" but thank you. I saw Chris Pine punch through a window and sing. It was truly a joy to be a part of.

So basically camping out for 15 plus hours just to see my favorite actor host Saturday Night Live may seem insane but truly, it was perfect and there isn't a thing I would change.



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