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Sleepy Hollow: 03x02, Whispers In The Dark

Michelle Dawson | PopWrapped Author

Michelle Dawson

10/10/2015 5:27 am
PopWrapped | Recaps
Sleepy Hollow: 03x02, Whispers In The Dark | Sleepy Hollow
Media Courtesy of FOX

Things are starting to get interesting in Sleepy Hollow again! Last week, we saw Ichabod and Abbie reunited after several months apart and we were introduced to Betsy Ross (Nikki Reed) and the season's new big bad, Pandora (Shannyn Sossamon). And let's not forget, Ichabod's new haircut which continues to thrill into this week.

The season opener left me wondering how the show would hold up after last season's exit of Henry Parrish (John Noble) and Katrina Crane (Katia Winter). With Irving (Orlando Jones) nowhere to be seen, that leaves half of our core cast either dead or MIA.  As it's turning out, that may not be such a bad thing. The storyline seems less convoluted and I remain hopeful that the show can return to the magic of season one.

This week, we get a little taste of domestic Ichabod as the show opens with him busily cleaning the pretty little house he now shares with Abbie.

Sleepy Hollow

Courtesy FOX

Pandora is up to absolutely no good as she summons yet another demon (I'm sensing a pattern, here) from her box and sends it out to cause havoc. This time, the demon is a black smoke monster that hunts down a guy in a train station as she stands by and watches from a nearby cafe. The victim is desperately trying to call the FBI when the demon suddenly attacks and kills the guy.

Sleepy Hollow

Courtesy FOX

Abbie is called in to investigate and naturally, Ichabod is along for the ride. During the investigation of the crime scene, we're introduced to her new boss and the replacement for Agent Granger (C. Thomas Howell) who met his fate last week. The two seem to have a romantic history and Ichabod gets all kinds of territorial around Abbie. Could this be a good sign of things to come for all those Ichabbie shippers out there?

On his way to the archives, Ichabod bumps into Pandora and he sees something strange on the facade of the buildings across from the train station. They exchange a few words; she's cryptic, he's puzzled and things seem to be set in motion. When Abbie follows, we learn that Ichabod is trying to save the archives and plans to apply to have the building given historical status to avoid it being turned into "another apothecary."

Abbie has gotten a copy of the murder victim's phone call to the FBI and she and Ichabod give it a listen. They discover an ominous  whispering voice in the background and Ichabod tells Abbie of the legend of the Whispering Wraith brought forth by General Howe to root out spies during his Revolutionary days.  The demon moves in shadows and forces secrets from people. In a flashback, we encounter Betsy Ross again as they meet while they are both undercover at General Howe's headquarters New York. The Wraith comes after them as they narrowly escape the pursuing redcoats.

Sleepy Hollow

Courtesy FOX

Jenny is researching the weird black rock, the Shard Of Anubis, from last week when she is interrupted by a phone call. She hustles out to her RV where we meet up with Joe Corbin again. You may remember him as Sheriff Corbin's son who was briefly a werewolf before taking off last year. Jenny's RV has been trashed by someone (who is watching outside) and Joe is asking for the truth about her, Abbie and his father.

Meanwhile, Ichabod and Abbie are heading out to question a person of interest in their case when the Wraith appears and gets into their heads. The suspect flees in his car and the demon pursues, attacking the man as he drives, causing him to crash into a tree and die. Abbie searches the guy's house and finds a panel in the floor. her new boss shows up and yes, there's history. But he's actually pretty boring and NOT Ichabod, so we don't really care.

A weird guy in a muscle car follows Joe and kidnaps him, tossing him into the trunk. He calls Jenny and sets a ransom. She shows up and she knows the dude from her past. She gives him the Shard Of Anubis and he runs after she kicks his ass a little. Joe asks for truth again, but Jenny refuses to tell him anything.

Ichabod and Abbie discover the dead people are connected a scheme to steal millions of dollars from a pension fund and the first man to die was calling the FBI to blow the whistle. They find another name connected to the scam and track her down to keep her safe. They take the woman to an empty warehouse and a room where they can surround her in light to avoid the shadows. The Wraith hunts them down and Ichabod goes after it. The demon attacks him again and he picks up a pipe to fight back (which does no good because...well...smoke monster). Abbie comes in and distracts the demon long enough to let Ichabod go. He remembers Betsy escaped when they were chased down in New York by saying the demon's name, Marcus Collins (a traitor during the war). By saying his name, the demon becomes corporeal and Ichabod is able to kill it.

Sleepy Hollow

Courtesy FOX

In the final scenes, Ichabod is feeling guilty because of the memories the demon stirred up. He confesses to Abbie that he had been captured by Howe and offered clemency if he would betray his fellow spies. His horrible guilt lies in the fact that he actually considered giving in before ultimately refusing and escaping Howe's custody.

Abbie confesses her dark secret; during their time apart, she'd tracked down her father. She watched him and took pictures of him but hasn't yet spoken to him. She hadn't even told Jenny because she knew Jenny would insist they see him right away.

Jenny and Joe have another chat and he will not accept Jenny's answers. She warns him away from the truth but he wants to follow in his father's footsteps and is determined to go after the Shard Of Anubis.

Back at the train station, Ichabod discovers he has to be a citizen to apply for historical status on behalf of the building that houses the archives. He notices the cafe that had been there earlier was now gone and hurries back to look at security footage with Abbie. They see Pandora and Abbie identifies her by name. And the game is now, officially afoot!



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