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Recaps PopWrapped | Recaps

Sleepy Hollow: 03x03, Blood & Fear

Michelle Dawson | PopWrapped Author

Michelle Dawson

10/17/2015 7:01 am
PopWrapped | Recaps
Sleepy Hollow: 03x03, Blood & Fear | Sleepy Hollow
Media Courtesy of FOX

Welcome back, Sleepyheads! Some interesting stuff happened in our favorite New England hamlet tonight with Pandora getting up to all kinds of mischief and giving a new slant to a historic serial killer. So, let's get right to it!

Ichabod gets frustrated at a government office during his attempt to file paperwork to save the archives from demolition and gives a rousing speech worthy of any battlefield, referring to the office as "An abyss of red tape and apathy." The requirement still stands that he must be a US citizen for the government to release the funds to save the building so he decides to finally become a citizen.

Meanwhile, Pandora is up to no good at all and her box gives her a freaky knife while she chants under a weird dead tree.

A nerdy guy in an office building strikes out with a cute girl in the elevator so, later that night, he goes to a club to drown his sorrows. Pandora finds him and you know he's screwed. And not in the fun way. The next morning, he wakes up in bed alone and on the bed stand is the weird, freaky knife.

Jenny fills in Abbie about the Shard Of Anubis and everything that happened with Joe. But of course, Abbie is still not telling Jenny that she's found their father. Pretty sure she'll be paying for this at a later date.

Later that day, Abbie and Crane investigate the murder of a man in the office building where the nerdy guy worked. The victim had been stabbed and all of his blood drained. The appearance of the victim made Crane recall an incident when he was young and attending University. His best friend had been murdered the same way. He refers to the killer as The Ripper.

The FBI forensics team is able to recreate the shape of the weapon from the wounds of the victim and Crane is able to determine the blade turns the user into a Ripper, giving them a thirst for blood that feeds the blade.

Abbie's boss asks her to dinner to "talk" and Abbie agrees. Again, dude needs to beat it; Ichabbie all the way!

Meanwhile, Crane has an admirer; a young woman trying working to preserve another site and she offers to help him become a citizen after much eyelash-batting.

Pandora gives the new Ripper a pep talk and sends him after Ichabod and Abbie.

Jenny and Joe track down muscle-car guy from last week's episode so they can steal back the Shard Of Anubis but they encounter a girl in his motel room. She fools them into believing she's just a hitchhiker, telling them the guy is out getting ice. They leave to find him when Jenny realizes they've been conned. The girl steals the muscle car and speeds away.

The Ripper goes after the girl who rejected him but the cops get to her first and take her into protective custody. Meanwhile, Crane and Abbie figure out that because the blade feeds on blood, tainted blood will "kill" the blade. So they set out to acquire some.

Jenny and Joe track the girl to a diner where she confronts the girl. She has an attitude and isn't very forthright about herself. But Jenny isn't intimidated. She takes back the Shard and tells the girl to stay away. Naturally, we'll be seeing her again.

The blood is loaded into darts that Crane will use to fire into the Ripper, tainting the Ripper's blood and the blade at the same time. When they confront the Ripper, all does not go to plan when the Ripper is able to shield himself from the darts. He and Crane fight and the gun breaks. Crane is able to recover the dart but the Ripper stabs him. The blade becomes contaminated and you see Crane has injected himself with the tainted blood. The Ripper in incapacitated.

Crane is badly injured and Abbie is holding him. Pandora shows up and taunts her.

Jenny decides to investigate the strange girl. She thinks the girl was trained by Corbin and that he never told her.

Abbie chats with her boss and they agree to "have each other's backs" in order to help one another get ahead. But they agree that anything intimate that may have happened was in the past. But I get the distinct impression her boss has other ideas.

Crane wakes up on the couch in his and Abbie's home with Abbie at his side (having cancelled her dinner plans). He is hooked up to an IV bag. The blood he'd injected himself with had been contaminated with malaria. He scoffs, saying his regiment built up a tolerance to the disease during the war while the British wasted away from it. Groggy, he expresses gratitude that he and Abbie found each other again but she looks shaken and unsure. And Pandora, watching through some magic portal, looks very pleased.


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