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Sleepy Hollow: 03x04, The Sisters Mills

Michelle Dawson | PopWrapped Author

Michelle Dawson

10/24/2015 8:14 am
PopWrapped | Recaps
Sleepy Hollow: 03x04, The Sisters Mills | Sleepy Hollow
Media Courtesy of FOX

Welcome back, Sleepyheads! This week on Sleepy Hollow, we saw some truths finally come out, yet another creepy AF monster and Crane's awkward (and adorable) attempt at clowning. 

The show opens on two little girls up past bedtime, giggling and playing with a light under sheet. Dad catches them and ushers them into bed. But as soon as the lights go out, one of the girls is attacked by a horrifying monster with grey skin and a long slithering tongue that seems to be sucking the life essence from the child.

Ichabod and Abbie at home together is always amazing. The roommate dynamic that is emerging between them is both hilarious and endearing. They tease each other over text messages and secrets but that only makes it even more frustrating when Crane gets all giddy over his new historical preservation buddy.

Joe calls in Abbie and Crane to investigate when he's a responder on the call to the home where the little girl was attacked. The child is comatose and her sister insists a monster was in the room. They arrive at the hospital with Jenny to talk to the child. But of course, Pandora is lurking around. Without seeing her Crane immediately suspects Pandora is behind everything.

Abbie calls Reynolds (the boss she has a history with)  to let him know she's investigating something apart from the FBI. Because, apparently, you can just NOT go into work when you're an agent. Jenny and Abbie investigate the little girl's room and reminisce about their father. Jenny clearly doesn't like their father and isn't interested in talking about him. So, Abbie continues to hide the truth.

Meanwhile, Crane attempts to connect to the little girl and fails miserably trying to make her laugh until he falls on his head. The little girl draws a picture of the monster she saw with her sister. She claims the drawing is of the tooth fairy.

Crane recalls Paul Revere had a connection with the demon and Betsy Ross was there...again. As much as I like her as a character, the attempt to force a romantic connection to Crane after two seasons of Katrina being the big love of his life, is just weird. It seems like the writers trying desperately to rewrite Crane's history. Crane manages to track down Revere's dentist bag which he thinks holds clues to defeating the demon.

So, Crane and Jenny visit a school where Crane gives a bizarre history lesson and gives a silver coin to a boy to repel the demon. Abbie confesses to Jenny that she knows where her father is and then Jenny admits that she's known for five years.

The little boy loses his tooth and the demon shows up. He wards her off with the silver coin. But the demon knocks out Abbie during a struggle. Abbie is hospitalized and unconscious.  

Pandora gives the sister of the first victim a pouch she says will make the comatose girl better. 

While Crane begins to understand Paul Revere's dentistry tools fit together to form a weapon. Loaded with silver nitrate, the weapon can kill the demon. 

Pandora creeps into Abbie's hospital room and wakes her calling her "Sleepyhead" for kind of a cool fan shoutout. She spins a tale of her own past which, while tragic, is a tad grandiose and very dramatic. She gets inside Abbie's head, trying to mess with her and paralyze her with fear. 

The demon attacks the little girl again and Crane and Jenny fight back with Revere's weapon. They kill the demon and the comatose girl wakes up. 

Crane has an interesting time at the dentist and has a make-out dream with Betsy Ross. 

 And as it turns out, Pandora isn't the mythical Greek one but a Sumerian version, which is the language engraved on the tablet Crane found at his family's estate. Which makes crane wonder if he and Abbie are, in fact, The Destroyers.

The best part of this episode is the chemistry between Abbie and Ichabod. Onscreen, they are perfect together and in the end, that's why I keep tuning in every week. Also worth mentioning, the design and general creep-factor of the demon. The effects team on Sleepy Hollow is amazing. And this demon was definitely nightmare-inducing.

So, until next week, Sleepyheads!



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