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Sleepy Hollow's "The Lesser Key Of Solomon" Leads To More Mysteries This Week

PopWrapped | PopWrapped Author


10/08/2013 7:21 pm
PopWrapped | Television
Sleepy Hollow's
Susan Booth

Staff Writer

I never thought I'd see the day when a headless person was actually capable of using a shotgun. After that you have a clear idea of how different this supernaturally themed show is compared to others, not to mention a battle with a sleep demon in your wonderful slumber. That has to be the reason that Abbie & Ichabod barely stop to pause when they come across a fountain of evil, or in the case of tonight's episode, magic lava. The Sleepy Hollow gang spent most of the episode tracking down Jenny (Lyndie Greenwood) and they finally find her in a cabin out in the woods (not Joss Whedon's, but that would be funny) that was owned by the Sherriff.  After, a truce was formed between the ever feuding sisters. Ichabod dropped a bomb on everyone by revealing that he in fact organized the Boston Tea Party as a distraction so he could get his hands on a chest that was a British secret weapon. The artifact in question turned out to be a projector of all things, which showed a map to the weapon that Ichabod was searching for. After this discovery, a giant gang of super creepy German's swooped in and took the sextant. Of course, the good guys caught one of the German's and interrogated him. He revealed that the chest contained something that will open a gateway to hell (does this sound familiar to anyone? Almost like a plotline right out of Supernatural?!)  Then we find out that an unknown number of Hessian's has been living in Sleepy Hollow working for demon Abbie. Creepy German dude then decides that after he's revealed his super evil plan, that he's gonna down a cyanide pill and kill himself. Why in the hell did he wait? Abbie wanted to call the infantry, but her sister was completely against it. Good call, considering the Hessian's could track him if they did that. Ichabod puts his photographic memory to work and reconstructs the map, which leads the trio to the spot where those damn Hessian's used an ancient book that opened the portal to hell. After more shooting than I've seen in a single episode of Burn Notice, there is a tense moment where Jenny's life is threatened by the Hessian's, which ends up being an empty threat as the bad guys are killed and the portal is closed. Later on, Abbie makes amends with her sister for denying the demon sighting they came across for all those years. Abbie offers to take control of her sister's convership, which should keep her out of the loony bin for the time being. In the very last scene of this episode, we learn that Ichabod has done some library research and managed to translate the last words of one of the Hessian's being "Moloch shall rise." He shows Jenny a picture of the demon, and it turns out that he's the one she saw in the forest as a little girl. He’s also the one who's been pulling the strings this whole time! Until next week!


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