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Television / Recaps / Celebrities PopWrapped | Television

I Slipped: The Mindy Project Recap

Brittany Jones | PopWrapped Author

Brittany Jones

10/08/2014 4:57 pm
PopWrapped | Television
I Slipped: The Mindy Project Recap | Mindy
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All is well in the Mindy and Danny love world. He gives her apple pie, necklaces, and he doesn't think twice when handing over nose trimmers. That is until Danny "slips" into an area of Mindy's body that he should not have been in.  At work, the two argue about Danny's slip up and he tells her that it was just an honest mistake. Mindy doesn't buy it and she goes to talk to Peter about it. He confirms her thoughts and she makes it her mission to get to the bottom (pun intended) of it. 


: Danny was totally trying to get in through the backdoor.
Danny admits that he's going blind and couldn't see where exactly he was going. She takes Danny to the eye doctor, where the ophthalmologist reveals that Danny's vision is just fine. Forcing Danny to fess up that he didn't think trying out something new would be a big deal because he figured she'd already done it anyway. This is a situation where you assume, just saying. 

Mindy calls on Peter, her "most perverted friend,"  and he ends gives her a lesson in sex since she's not as experienced as she'd like to be. Peter demonstrates multiple sex positions, using a skeleton as a stand-in for Mindy, to gauge just how varied Mindy's sexy-times have been. The sex session does nothing for Mindy, and she turns to Morgan next. She asks for a sedative prescription so she can be sleep enough to get through it, but legally awake enough to not get into any trouble.  

Mindy's plan is to seduce Danny by adopting all of his interests before taking the pill so he can have his kind of, but not really, consensual way with her. Carefree Mindy loves Scotch, she listens to the blues, and she would enjoy watching a History Channel special on Hitler! Instead of leading to the bedroom though, this just leads to Danny telling Mindy it's okay she's not into kink. He compares their relationship like being an old shoe. Smooth Danny smooth.  Danny starts his nighttime routine, but Mindy has already taken her sedative and starts texting Morgan sweet nothings about how much she loves him and they need to go on vacation. Before she knows it though, Mindy is succumbing to the sedative. Mindy falls out of bed and ends up in the hospital, where she and Danny finally resolve the issue and decide to discuss any fun sex things they want to try before actually trying them.  Fun Sex Thing #1: Danny fills his mouth with whipped cream before making out with Mindy, but she is too preoccupied with the taste of the whipped cream and ends up biting Danny's tongue in what was supposed to be a sexy moment. I mean, whipped cream is good, so it's understandable.  Everyone at the practice has taken Peter side in the Peter-Lauren-Jeremy love triangle and have officially shunned Jeremy.  Morgan catches Jeremy singing in his office and decides to invite him to dinner. Unbeknownst to Jeremy, Morgan also invited Peter so the two could talk things out. But when Morgan's away the boys will throw things at each other's faces. After Jeremy gets a face full of water he goes to retaliate, and accidentally throws fire at Peter's face. Which costs him his eyebrows. 
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