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SMASH Recap Of 'Musical Chairs'!

PopWrapped | PopWrapped Author


03/24/2013 4:45 am
SMASH Recap Of 'Musical Chairs'!

Joey O’Hern

Staff Writer

As the episode starts and we get “Bombshell” still in rehearsals, the only thing different, now Tom is in charge and it’s clear from the start that Tom and Karen are not on the same page about who Marilyn is in “Bombshell”. 

Jerry is less than pleased with the new choreographers routines. New choreography? Yes, you read that right and the moves are rough, like D.L. Hughley on Dancing With The Stars rough. With Derek out of the creative team he holds the rights to his choreography, Eileen is hoping that Derek will sign the contracts letting the show use his work. Jerry not impressed with the new moves is becoming less enthusiastic with Tom being the director.

Anna and Jimmy rehearse a new number for “Hitlist”. Scott, the creative director for Manhattan Theatre Workshop suggest them they need to start rewriting some of the show, it needs an under riding theme for it to sell to the theatres subscribers. Jimmy not to fond of criticism (of any sort we’ve started to learn) pushes back at the indication of changing the script.

“Liaisons” is preparing for opening night and it seems Terry Falls has somehow been reeled in thanks to Ivy and her odd connection with him, even though he does have an off the wall suggestion here and there. The show though is still a train wreck…not a horrible train wreck but it’s rough and there will be no survivor that’s for sure. When it gets to opening night there is no mistake how awful the show is, but Ivy has a pretty good suggestion “Hey, if we’re going to go down we mind as well go down in a blaze of glory”.

In the background of rehearsals tension arises around “Bombshell”. Eileen wants Tom to direct and Jerry is sneakily waiting and hoping that Derek returns. Come to find out, Derek never got contracts to release choreography because Jerry never sent them. Eileen feels the show has a hit a dead end and encourages Julia to shut down the show since she has control over the book; Julia on the other hand has other plans. She will take the contracts to Derek herself.

Outside Karen’s very fancy apartment building she finds Tom waiting, after some small talk Tom and Karen decide to work together and try their best to make “Bombshell” successful. To try and convince they are on the same page they decide to attend the “Liaisons” opening night tonight, this doesn’t go as planned when Jerry bumps into Derek and gives him a final chance to return to “Bombshell”. As it was expected “Liaisons” is a complete flop, and after the show when she Karen see’s Tom and Ivy talking it final sinks in, she isn’t “Tom’s” Marilyn. After a slight ah-ha moment Karen does what we all knew was coming, she quits “Bombshell” making the job open for Ivy and Karen open for “Hitlist”.

After the “Liaisons” opening Eileen, Julia, Tom and Katie (daughter of Eileen and real life daughter of Meryl Streep) confront Jerry about working with Ellis to take over the show. Julia quickly informs Jerry that Eileen signed an agreement with the Marilyn Monroe estate, not him. If he plans on using any of the songs, which were constructed from materials from the Marilyn estate, they could be shut down unless Jerry signs the show to Eileen. With a little manipulation he reluctantly does it. With Eileen back in charge, Tom as director and Ivy now Marilyn, is “Bombshell” sure to be a hit?

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