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"Smoke Em If You Got Em" On This Week's Sons Of Anarchy

Shane Avery | PopWrapped Author

Shane Avery

10/15/2014 2:54 pm
PopWrapped | Television
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Sons of Anarchy, Episode 6 - "Smoke 'Em If You Got 'Em"

Holy...... SHIT. Guess there really wasn't any better way to explain to all of you how I felt watching this episode. Keeping things tense throughout, this week managed to have possibly everyone on the edge of their seats! Am I right!? Sons of Anarchy made it to the half way mark of their final season with yet another stellar episode, and it was one HELL of a cliffhanger episode. Next week can't come soon enough. You all want to discuss this week, though, right? The episode kicked off by revealing Gemma's fate from last weeks standoff with Juice, as she made her way to a diner on the outskirts of Charming. The Teller matriarch was joined by special guest star Lea Michele as the waitress. In a quite eerie scene (but one we've seen before), Lea's character Gertie caught Gemma talking to Tara, although she claimed she was tired and rambling to herself. The "conversations" that Gemma has with Tara continue to haunt yours truly and really drive home the fact that there is absolutely no remorse in what she did. While I would have liked to see the actual conversation between Gemma and Juice, her arriving at the diner all dirty and tired and scared (I could go on) was more than enough. Now, I can't lie to all of you, so I'm going to keep this very real: All of the moving forward with the Grim Bastards, the Niners, Alvarez, and the Mayans, Tully (Marilyn Manson) confused the CRAP out of me, but it did appear to cap off a few of those stories. With Jax playing every single charter, he managed to get a van full of dead Niners on the doorsteps of August Marks, which is pretty much setting up Act II. We know Marks is far more dangerous than Pope ever was, because he's smarter, so this can't bode well for the club. Gemma's lies are finally catching up to her, though, and this episode really moved things along. Juice attempting to find an escape through the Mayans showed how desperate he truly has become, because it didn't take long for them to sell him out the SAMCRO, and more importantly Jax. Seeing Juice get screwed like that sent a fear of despair into my heart, because next week could truly be the end for him. Before we get to the shocking cliffhanger though, we need to discuss the story moving forward on Gemma's lies catching up with her. With Juice trying to get help from the Mayans (and failing), Nero was also a guest of that club. Alvarez took Nero prisoner as collateral, as he waited to find out if Jax was screwing him around. Juice didn't spill anything to Nero when they were locked up, but he didn't have to. After Alvarez handed Juice over to Jax and the club, he let Nero go..... Only for Mr. Padilla to spot Gemma's SUV parked in the garage. He questioned why his lady love was there, but Alvarez notified him it was the vehicle Juice showed up in. The wheels were clearly turning in Nero's head, but he had questions. He hightailed it over to TM, after Wendy and Unser had retrieved Gemma from the diner, and sat down with his girlfriend (HA!) to question her about the vehicle. Now, if Katey Sagal didn't blow you away with this scene, you're just not a fan of the show. The reaction and fear came pouring out of Gem, as she collapsed in Nero's arms, and he realized she had been hiding Juice. But why? All she managed to get out what that Jax could never learn what Juice knew. This is the closest we've seen Gemma come to confessing since the start of the season, and it was truly a treat to watch Sagal in fine form. The episode left us with one big question however: Will Jax and the guys kill Juice? That was the cliffhanger as they led him out of Alvarez's garage and the screen faded to the reaper..... And we have to wait until next week. Some Notes: 1. I'm done with the scenes of Wendy proclaiming she still loves Jax. They won't end up together so what's the point!? Will they.....?? 2. Nero is the wild card during this final season. We all know Jax is a bomb ready to go off when it comes to the Tara reveal, but where does Nero fit into it? This family has taken a lot from him and he's fully involved now. Will Gemma tell him the truth?  3. Speaking of Gem: her kicking Wayne and his trailer of the TM lot was harsh. Her giving her statement to Jarry was a joke, but it HELPED her stay clean of it. My guess is that because Wayne's so heavily involved now, Gemma wants him far away. 4. That cop talking to Wayne is bad news for the club..... 5. Anyone else still REALLY not trust Jarry!? Just me?  6. Marks is going to retaliate in a HUGE way......and I doubt all of SAMCRO will make it out alive. 

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